Dragan event: A venomous influence quest

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Slack83er, May 3, 2022.

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  1. Slack83er

    Slack83er Forum Greenhorn

    Howdy folks. I got a severe issue with part 1/3 of this mission. I'm not playing in english, but I'll translate what it says: Obtain Dragan's order from venom spitters and halberdiers in the sulfur desert. Now.. there's only 4 of 'em, one for each corner of the map, and the drop rate is awfully low. I killed almost 50 of them to no avail. All this while the very ground kills you while you stand on it. Please tell me this is a bug.
  2. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Junior Expert

    It took me awhile to complete this 1 single quest.
    I left it and came back later until I got it to drop

    It is ridiculously low now :(
  3. doctormaz

    doctormaz Forum Apprentice

    There have always been problems with that mission in the sense that dropping orders on that map has always been a problem in recent years. Usually 4-5 steps were enough if you were lucky.
    Given the boredom that this game generates, I decided to stop with this event that is repeated over the years more or less identical. New this year are the kilometric bars with my brain refusing to become an automaton so I stopped at 1/3 of the first bar and 2 chests at the dragan excavation (lightning map).

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