Dragon Skill Hability of War´s.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by akostorrao, May 21, 2022.

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  1. akostorrao

    akostorrao Forum Apprentice

    Hi all, i am a war and i notice that dragon skin dosent work removing any prejudicial efect like its expectes to do.

    Does it happen to you too? Maybe a bug no?

    I have writen to suport and they told me to post her for the devs to respond.

    I would apreciate any kind of answear.
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  2. kri100f

    kri100f Forum Apprentice

  3. akostorrao

    akostorrao Forum Apprentice

    Thank you so mutch for the answer. I didnt now because in dragon skin hability descrition it still says it releases us of all stun efects. welll

    Now we have a 13 seconds cooldown time for our hability that unstuns while all other classes have a 5 seconds cooldown for untistun hability.

    Great balance not to speak that we wars are the only class that dont shoot from far.

    I see mages that can take more damage that wars.

    Well i think i will pass pvp, dont like to lose all fight because cant unstun...

    What you wars think about it?
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