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  1. -Harlequinn-

    -Harlequinn- Forum Apprentice

    I am sick and tired of your [EDIT]. First you introduced us to play at Dragonrise SEA from your Drakensang facebook page. After 8 months of playing and spending money there, you shut it down and gave us a news letter to join Dragonrise Korean Server instead and start all over from the beginning.

    SO we did. Now that we have spent time & money again for almost 8 months in KR server, it seems so easy for bigpoint to just shut the server down once again without any consideration to the community who have invested time and money to the game.

    When DSO Arabic version closed, they were given the opportunity to join server 816 - Werian.

    It is only FAIR and the RIGHT thing to do that you transfer our accounts to any of the 5 servers as well considering that this is the 2nd time you shut a server down.

    Telling us to start all over again from the beginning for the 3RD TIME!!! is a definite NO and very unreasonable. Giving us EPIN refunds will serve us no good. You do not care for your longtime loyal customers at all.
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  2. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Harlequinn,

    We understand the frustration this may cause and if there was a way that we could measure the subjective amount of effort invested by every individual player on their account or a means to transfer accounts from KO server to the EU or US we would do so.

    However, we can only refund what we can check on our payment system as stated in the Korean Forum.


  3. -Harlequinn-

    -Harlequinn- Forum Apprentice

    Character transfer is not impossible. You have done it before and transferred characters from Drakensang - The Reckoning to dragonrise korea server and that was year 2015.

    Since you mentioned if there is a way to measure our individual account, you would do so. What if we provide you a video of our character and it's inventory? would you consider that?

    There are only a few of us are willing to continue if our character stats gets transferred. And I think that request is not so difficult and not even close to unreasonable. Majority of the korean community will not transfer.
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    HELL NO!

    It is one thing to give the Draganrise players an equivalent amount of ander on their new server of choice based on what they bought on the Korean server (which is what they did for the Arab players). It is a whole other thing to suggest that those accounts be transferred over with a copy paste job. That server had access to the "Official BP Bot" and most of those 8 month old accounts you are talking about are more powerful than people who have been playing for four to five times that length of time on the original Euro and American servers. It is amazing how strong an account can get when it farms 24/7, and it is not right that people without that "advantage" have to compete with those that did.
  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I agree with Baragain. These Dragonrise accounts are botted accounts and Drakensang is a non-botted game. They should not be allowed to transfer to the Drakensang game unless is a gear naked transfer.

    Permitting gear transfers from a botted server will be the end of my patronage of this game.
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  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I also agree, no transfer. Way too imbalanced.

    I'm all for giving players back their money spent on moving to another server. I wish that Tegan players would get this option.
  7. -Harlequinn-

    -Harlequinn- Forum Apprentice

    Players that I had seen for 8 months in my guild and other guilds who auto play 24 hours in DRO kr did not improve at all since they can only auto play in ( stillwaterbay / tiwlight ) to loot resources such as potions, essences just to survive playing in painful & excruciating mode in pws. That is not an advantage.

    The only advantage I see are players in DSO servers who have been in the game for 3 - 6 years. Even if our accounts gets transferred there, you still have the advantage in terms of speed runes, sapphires & other runes / unique items that are no longer attainable. DRO korea do not have community challenges & rewards, we only have 1 bonus codes for the entire 8 months. DSO have bonus codes and mostly during events. We could not compete with that.

    I am only talking about account transfer who are less than a year in KR server & the minority victims of the server shut down because we were redirected to the asian server base on our region. The few of us started from Agathon, Tegan & Heredur server. We were redirected first to Dragonrise SEA server to play for 8 months, it closed, most quit the game when we were given instructions to start all over in Dragonrise Korea and now that we have spent almost 8 months again. history repeats itself. BP wasted our entire 1 year and 4 months there.

    99% of the Korean players will not transfer at all and I guarantee that. Why? they do not speak english and most of them hate foreigners like us. It is very rare to find a nice korean player there.

    The only way you can become strong is manual grinding and constant hunt for gold stats, crafting & a little luck. You do not get that from autoplay at all if that is what everyone in dso is worried about. You can only autoplay in 1 map at a time. There is no way to autoplay for example Q1 map1, to alliance hall, to grimmag. That is illegal with the use of bot. If you see someone scores 50Million in the span of 1 week in pw leaderboard, it is just simple to ban them.

    Besides we are from the other side of the world, what threat does it pose to DSO players, most of you play in a different time zone. Are we not here to play instead of competing?
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  8. nico77

    nico77 Forum Greenhorn

    I can accept from scratch
    But can we use multilingual chat in the game? (for example:Korean 、Chinese.....)
  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You don't see how its an advantage? Let me open your eyes.
    What are three of the most useful resources in this game? Gold, glyphs, and andermant. Gold is needed for crafting and is often a limiting resource. I am almost constantly at less than 50 gold because of all the crafting I do. If I could run a bot all night and wake up with 200-300 gold that I didn't have to work for, I would call that an advantage. Same with glyphs. An overnight bot could easily farm a couple hundred thousand glyphs overnight. Over the course of a month, that is equal to millions of glyphs. I have friends that play daily, but only 2-4 hours a day. Their toons would be significantly stronger if they were getting resources, even when they weren't playing. Also, ever notice that in pretty much every Draganrise video on YouTube, every character has full LVL 60 gear. Finally, andermant. Do I really need to explain to you why a couple hundred free andermant a day would be significant to players, particularly F2Ps?
    Then good riddance. There are already enough people like that on the servers, we don't need more.
    Finding gold lines for crafting is easy. Finding ingredient items for crafting is easy. As said above, farming enough gold to do the crafting... now that is the hard part.
    Every server has people from around the world. I've been online at 4 o'clock in the morning and there are still tons of people online. Time zones mean very little to a globally accessable online game. And when I say "compete," I mean it in the same way as "we shouldn't have to compete with people who use illegal bots," or "we shouldn't have to compete with people who use exploits." Unless DSO brought their bot to the original servers for eight months while blocking former Draganrise players from using the bot, there is no way to argue that a straight out transfer would be fair. There is no argument that will change my mind or the minds of the those who've been playing DSO for years. I'd total support the Draganrise players getting the same deal as the Arab DSO players did, but a transfer... No way in hell.
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  10. -Harlequinn-

    -Harlequinn- Forum Apprentice

    Let me enlighten you, You don't get a single andermant from the "autoplay" feature. It is easy for you to say everything since you are not a victim. If you put yourself in our situation, and BP tells you to start all over again for the 3rd time, do you find this fair? with all of the time, money, efforts we have spent on this game setting aside the autoplay? we can only get little gold, glyphs, essences as soon as our inventory gets full in autoplay.

    What you are talking about is straight illegal, those bot users who are using exploits / another program to farm those items to melt for glyphs. Like I said earlier, you cannot become strong with just the default autoplay feature in dragonrise. I don't even bother trying to be on top of the leaderboard because of those users who uses exploits.

    I am also very reasonable and I know your frustrations, I do not have any problem if DSO decides to add the "autoplay" feature to DSO servers and us dro players who get their accounts transferred to DSO won't get any autoplay feature for 8 months.
  11. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Whether that was the legal bot or not, it is still an advantage over those of us that has never used one.

    You main complaint is the money (which you will get back), time (your auto bot put in some of that) and effort (no way to justify that) so how would moving you to a regular server be "fair" to those of us that have never used or wanted to use a bot?

    While I do not support your idea of moving bot players to regular servers, I do feel sorry for you that you've been on two dead servers and I understand why you are upset with having to start over again.

    However, if changing the minds of the people who make these decisions were easy, many more of us would be much happier than we are currently.
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  12. -Harlequinn-

    -Harlequinn- Forum Apprentice

    My main complaint is the time consumed on building our toon. We don't want the money that is why we want the character transfer.

    This is getting off topic, and I want to ask again since @Oessian mentioned if there is a way to measure our individual account, you would do so. What if we provide you a video proof investment in our character and it's inventory? You would do so right?
  13. Even if you had a video of every one of your items, there is no way for support to create items with the specific stats. For example, if you had a torso with 4x gold % Increased Damage lines, there would be no way for support to make that item. So, on top of it being impossible to measure the subjective amount of effort (or luck) in an empirical way and compensate users for that luck and effort, it is also impossible to manually copy over characters.

    Earlier you claim that character transfers are possible and you reference a transfer from the SEA server to a brand new Korean server, both of which were owned and operated by another company. This is not the same as transferring characters to an established BP server from a server that is owned by another company. There is no method of transferring accounts at this time and that is why it is still a highly requested feature.
  14. Darkmae

    Darkmae Forum Apprentice

    not to accept bot players.It is illegal unhealthy ... it will steal our food our bed that we sleep and our wife..... Let us know who we were playing in Dragonrise, what was our help with autoplay. I did not want to become the strongest. I just played because I liked. I never played pvp because I was bored. If my account is transferred what disadvantage you will have ??what you thought the game was our life? At the time we were happy to play . We changed 2 servers and only the weapon we made level 59. not even 60.so dont be so negative for us.i know that i have to start form the begging again..i dont like what i hear fron other players.its just a game..keep herald set and blood rune weapon for u.

    i see a lot of players said here that the servers have bot users.nooooo..liars.we are the bot users.kill our fun.
  15. Mr.eggplant

    Mr.eggplant Forum Apprentice

    I think you guys got a wrong idea how dragonrise auto-play works.

    1. You can only use Auto-play in dungeons(wilderness included)but not inside the boss room or town. (NO auto repair and NO auto Sell)
    2. When Auto-play is active your character will attack monster and pick up loots until it clears the map and just stand their doing nothing once the dungeon is cleared. You need to manually re-enter again then activate the auto-play feature.
    3. When Auto-play is active in Wilderness Dungeon, same as stated above. it will continue farming until all its item got broken. If that happen it will stop moving right after respawning.
    4. If you die while auto-play is active you can set it to respawn automatically in the same area or go back to town. You better be a member to fully enjoy this or you can say goodbye to your andermants if you want to respawn again in the same area. Going back to town means your character will just stay there until you manually move it.
    5.when auto-play is active drop rate of equipment,gems and wisdom is lower. But dont worry youll be freaking rich with realm fragments(its open for debate but this is what almost all of us noticed)
    6. When auto-play is active your character become a stupid failure.
    a.Attacking obstacle wasting essence so its not suitable to use in some events.
    b.Going in circle like a lost kid. Making dungeon runs longer to complete.
    7.When auto-play is active monster WONT drop andermant.

    I think thats almost everything. Probably. Anyway Its not A GODLY BOT Program so stop exaggerating things. Well its good for leveling up your toon as long as you are member so you can always have free respawn. Making your character strong is a different story. Goodluck getting stronger if you rely to much on auto-play which is not gonna happen but dont worry atleast you can enjoy REAL life while your toon makes baby step on getting stronger(or not).

    P.S At When im playing DRO I mainly use auto-play as an auto-loot hotkey. When im farming, i just press Z(auto play key) when picking up items, then manually move my character again. I think Dso need this feature a hotkey for picking up items.. Manually picking everything is hard. click click click click click
  16. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    I agree.These accounts that were boosted through bots and not actual playing the game will be way too OP.If botting was not allowed there id be ok with this but since most of them if not all of them acquired pretty much everything excepting few items here and there through botting then it wouldnt be fair at all for those who played fair on DSO.If you start copy - pasting accounts from a bot server here i expect to receive 5-6 times the ander that ive farmed so far, 5-6 times the glyphs that ive farmed ...gems,essences, gold, realm frags, MF, drakens and pretty much everything that exists in DSO so it would be fair.A normal player spends few hours in the game while a botter can stay on 24/7 and get 4-5 times the stuff that a normal player gets.It would make sense to either compensate those from normal servers where botting was not allowed (which i doubt that will happen since DSO ppl are greedy as hell) or not allow those who gained stuff through botting get it on normal servers at all since that stuff was obtained through unfair ways.
  17. Mr.eggplant

    Mr.eggplant Forum Apprentice

    Now tell me what would BP give us compensation for this mess.

    This is the 2nd server I played where you shutdown the server
    1st in DRO SEA server, it shutdowns after 8 months(That was on April 2017). Then BP invited us to play in dro korea gave us a voucher code and andermants.
    Now after 7months of playing in dro korea once again It shuts down.. Cmon.. EDIT?
    Dont tell me after 7-9 months dso is next? LOL
    While its good that we will get vouchers for our money spent in game(vouchers you can only use in bp games-_-)
    The main issue here is you guys wasted our TIME not once but TWICE you better give us a compensation fitting for this EDIT mess.

    If we are gonna start a new character again for the 3rd time, You better give us our Farmed CLOVERS, Farmed and Bought anders(like i said above "ANDERS DONT DROP WHEN AUTO-PLAYING")
    CLOVERS cannot be bought using money, speed-stone doesnt exist anymore. When i played in DRO KR Speed stones doesnt drop anymore so i farmed those clovers, waiting everyday for it to be an available reward on my DQuest. Well after all that you shut down the game again FOR THE 2ND TIME around.

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  18. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I would like to see our other brother from another mother here with us, a 8 months bot account cant match a 5 years account.
    You all old players that want to keep the supremacy on servers and you are afraid of new accounts invasion, you should be shamed, because in 5 years you had the opportunity to exploit so many mistakes so you are not the one rightful to trow the rock.
    You had so many events so many possible runes, gems, why you are afraid?

    Is just a game, we should be thankful that servers are still populates, they have so much room on Agathon or Balor, i dont understand why you cant see the double opportunity here.

    BP should be shame for the fact that they made a bad franchise contract that lead to this situation. They have earn money from that players (% from franchise) and they can be new clients for them so there is a win-win situation.
    BP should obtain the data necessary for them to copy paste the characters from that servers, at least for players that pay with real money at least once. They should have done that after they had make announcement for the first server that has been shut down.
    Is the same game, they use the same type of files and database so i cant see a problem there.
    When they make the copy paste maybe they should put some max value on Gold, glyphs, and andermant to minimize the bots
    Or they can give players that pay, some standard characters and send them via mail like they did on test servers, anyway they dont have so many runes in one year of events, but definitely they should give them a new fresh start on servers less populated.

    (I can see like that : they get a link to make an account, that will be directly linked with that mail from start and when they make a character they get that at lv 1 but after they exist in grimag they get lv55 experience and glory, equiped full wih legendary lv 55 items , half or full inventory unloked and 1k gold 10k andermant plus one stack of each essence ,500 from each cores for a first transfer,300k matery fragments, 300 potions, 10 revival stones and maybe few other small things.)

    We have our bots under our nose and no one ban them so why you are so bad with players that used a legal bot that has restricted features vs normal illegal bot.
    Human nature is so mean and bad.
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  19. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Its still a Huge advantage for glyphs and drops. I'm one of the better/older players on Agathon, and I'm running around with level 50 and 55 gear mixed in with glyphed gear, not glyphed up 60' s everywhere. If I could have autoplayed tier IV stonekeep runs and only touch the computer 3 times an hour while working my job (9 hours a day), that would result in me having a pretty serious collection of level 60 tier IV gear.

    Also, do materi frags drop during autoplay in the pws? If they did, that would be even more distorting, because you could autoplay for those frags and just buy when you're actually playing and optimize full tier V level 60 pw sets in a short period of time.

    Edit: Also, what happens in a map like Great Desert in Drakenrise - where the monsters respawn endlessly? Can you set it to run for 10 hours overnight in that map and farm gems? We use the anders mostly for gems in Drakensang - and we have to play to get those to get the gems. Even if you can fill up your inventory, can you keep running and stacking gems? If so, those gem drops are essentially the same as ander drops for a drakensang player because anders mostly equals gems in this game.
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  20. Mr.eggplant

    Mr.eggplant Forum Apprentice

    Why dont you try it and see it for yourself. the server is still running. Then you can compare auto-play 10hours to farming manually in 1 hour.
    You do the math of its drop rate. Compare all drop rates gems, wisdom, equipment rarity, etc.
    If your still not satisfied with youre findings go ask BP how much Less drop rate they put in auto-play feature.

    Oh and 10 hrs auto-playing is not possible by a few hours all your equipment is broken so your character will stop moving.
    Yes you can auto play in pw. Only if you can actually kill the mini boss without dying in auto-play mode because if you die it will heal and youll end up fighting him endlessly. But same as above, seriously low drop rate. Maybe if you spend 6 months of auto-play in pw you can buy a tier 3 ring. Ofcourse auto-play mode only works per dungeon, let auto-play clear the map. Manually go to the next dungeon floor or re-enter, sell and melt.

    It is not an efficient way to farm items. We grind cores, gops, crafting materials gems, etc manually. But i think the best feature that auto-play can give you is leveling up your character.

    Beside no matter how much i explain it to you, you wont even bother believing it until you see how it works. So go see it for yourself.
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