Suggestion Drakensang improvement before lvl 50

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Guarddd, Mar 4, 2015.

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  1. Guarddd

    Guarddd Forum Greenhorn

    Ability to see players items and stats, crafting cost reduced for premium and less reduced for f2p, orange dot on map for legendary items/cubes-white/uniques-white. New rarity, past legendary, Black items called Exotic seems nice, mentioned by someone else. Guild
    raids. Hunting arrow concentration cost lowered but not eliminated. Group finder but for dungeons/bosses. I.E If you wanted to do Sigris hard you click Sigris
    hard and it will match you up with equal lvl players that want to do it. Same lvl gems stackable, at least in bank. Glitch for my ranger in temple run i start
    glowing/flashing pink and it doesn't stop until i leave/reset. When my ranger attacks while lagging no damage is done. Spellweaver whirlpool nerf. It has armour break,slows, and damages. PvP
    Shortcuts or speed boosts in urban areas. Ability to remove glyphs without melting weapon. Players shouldn't stay in group after log off, leading to many offline groups in the group finder. No potions in PvP. Possibly an average item lvl for matching pvp players and or average glyphs. Black screen hasn't happened as often but it still does time to time. This next one is going out on a limb but along with boss difficulty maybe add an extra boss? I.E Two Gorgas? Never mind on that last one. Game needs to be smooth before lvl 50 expansion ect. Also if a server goes down, the daily shouldn't be reset for anyone. For more publicity because i barely found this game, maybe just one commercial for USA on the T.V would bring thousands of new players. As long as your current servers can hold that many. Wow a bunch of ramble hopefully some of this is taken into account. I disagree with player trading or trading systems iv seen it collapse games. Also Lvl 50 ideas. I agree with either Dark underground mysterious places or somewhere high above. Minotaur, Scorpion, Demon,Stone giant, and of course a big dragon would be cool also. I also agree lvl 45 needs more areas first. High above should be holy type landscape and down below the opposite. Maybe you guys can do both?
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    so you are suggesting vouyerism.
    Nothing is enough for P2W players ... what would be your next suggestion for "improvement"? Limit the farming of the F2P players to 1 minute per day? :D

    I see no suggestions for game improvements here ... only rant.
  3. DesertKoala

    DesertKoala Forum Pro

    Next time, please consider posting with some carriage returns and line feeds. The mega paragraph above is really hard to read.

    There is no legitimate reason why you would want to snoop on other player's gear. A marginal exception might be allowing your Guild Officers to see your gear on demand. (BUT) There are plenty of legitimate reasons why a player may want to show you their gear.

    You have some other interesting ideas in there but it is too hard to parse. Please add some line feeds next time to help some of us with older eyes.
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