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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Apr 19, 2019.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Firstly @Mal3ficent you might consider putting in a lot of edits in this message.
    I would ask you to carefully maybe consider not to, but only after reading the post, maybe let the dev team and more read this?
    Now bear in mind you are reading a thread posted by an ARPG veteran.
    Someone who played diablo way back when it was the very first ARPG
    Someone who played Sacred 1 and 2 and someone who considered Sacred 3 crap.
    Now I am from South Africa, I originally went with Agathon server years ago <- all because of stupid reasons.
    Before I continue.
    Over the past 2 months I also played Mu Legend and Wolcen and guardians of ember too <- you might think it awkward that I mention these games on here, but let me tell you.
    They are nothing in comparison to Drakensang
    Mu legends' and GOEs' crafting system is pathetic, wolcen doesnt even have crafting...
    It is always the same with most games, you can make everything + + +
    Max in Mu Legend is +12
    But there is so many other games that use that system.
    Drakensang online is the game with the best crafting system I've seen yet
    Drakensang online is the game with the most events I've seen in any game
    Anyways I have all but left the game for the most part.
    I did not do this because I was bored.
    I did this because I used to get 330 to 380 ms at good times on Agathon and more in the direction of 900-1100 ms at Magotina and Kerabosa and for years I just kept accepting this
    I accepted not being able to play Q1 Q5 Q8 and more in a group.
    There comes a time though when you are tired of battling such horrible latencies.
    So after 2 years of spending 8 to 15 hours a day, struggling at event and pw bosses in groups I gave up.
    Anyways I have more recently returned to the game, this time however on the Heredur server.
    Now everything I have done on Agathon seems like such a waste.
    The latency is 192-232 on Heredur for me
    Which I believe will yield me much better results at event bosses and PW.
    I can honestly say that DSO is an ARPG very well above the bar and you should put it on Steam because it will beat almost every other game in this category on there.
    @ the Dev Team I saw the behind the scenes video
    If there ever is a DSO 2.0 you should consider unreal engine, as it will allow you to develop much faster
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  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    I will leave the post as it is, for the time being.

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  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I can make a list of how bad games out there is
    Diablo 3:
    1 event per year and its a tribute to the original diablo
    The rest of the way its just endless paragon grinding
    Same maps no events no nothing
    Their seasons are not that amazing either and they randomly change uniques then you have to change your build over and over again.
    Path of Exile:
    They have this system where you can make new builds and grind an event then transfer the uniques etc to your main build
    However they bring out tiny expansions once every 12 weeks and bigger tiny expansions once every 24 weeks
    But still nothing compared to DSO
    They are well aware that their players do not stay entertained for longer than 3 weeks at end game which is why they make these tiny expansions.
    Either way their runing system though considered powerful, it does not give a player what they want in most extents.
    Has been a semi fake game and never complete for about 4 years now
    they dont have crafting
    they dont have events
    they have nothing
    Mu legend:
    Game is generally known to be a cash grab by the publishers and if you play it you will notice it is just a cluster bugger of boosts with no actual crafting except the + items and bad bad implementation of gems and runes.
    Guardians of ember:
    Attack speed is irrelevant in that game
    Even though it is there it is useless the players dont even use much main attacks
    and the whole game seems more like a gaggingly desperate cash grab than anything else.
    End game has 2 maps
    it does not boast any unique items so per sè.
    The original publishers was banned from steam for getting fake reviews and the new publisher is being scolded for not delivering fast enough.
    Maple story 2:
    Kinda fun but it is too kiddy like, and no OP crafting system.
    I could mention Titan Quest:
    But it does not even have an end game
    Drakensang online:
    End game leaves you wanting more!
    Has an amazing rune system.
    Has an amazing crafting system.
    Has a gemming system that does not make a player too strong too soon.
    Has bi monthly events and a whole array of events right through the year.
    The premium price tag is minute over cash grab games <- so even if there is a pay to win system it is not overly expensive
    A player can still get strong on free to play.
    Can leave a player playing for years on end.

    So which one would win?

    PS: I have literally considered copying this game full maps and items on a unreal engine build.
    In the end it would take me too long to learn xD
    Only changes I would make is implement epic and mythic items with 5 & 6 enchantments iow extending the crafting system
    And I would extend critical damage to 900%
    And I would implement a item dismantle system on top of melting enabling both glyphing and making a weapon + 5 max for example x amount of parts needed for +++
    And cloak drops greens blues etc iow enabling cloak crafting
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