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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Masamune56, Aug 20, 2014.

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  1. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    i just fixed some calculations errors on damage formulas thanks to Goodmood youtube.

    @ Baragain: Yeah i noticed those discrepancies about HP and armor when percentages are involved, trying to find an example to work from... can you provide me a video (or pics) showing each equips stats so i can try to reproduce ?

    EDIT: i found you forgot the % symbol on yur weapon for the stats "weapon damage enhanced by X%"
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  2. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hi all,

    New update this morning with :

    - missing regen for Gorga scale
    - added new stat "Item armor bonus" to account for the Defender belt and Fortification gems.
    - editor: removed useless 5th enchantment slot
    - minor modifications on database and user interface.

    As usual, please report any mistake

    Have fun ! ^^
  3. harquina

    harquina Forum Apprentice

    Hey Masamune56,

    The new Optimizer looks great and worked very accurately for me! :)

    Here are some [Ranger] errors I ran into:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Witch Chaser Pauldrons: lvl 45 default base armor always = 26 (incorrectly listed as 42). [26 Armor value may be a DSO error, but it's been around ever since level 45 was introduced]
    • Witch Chaser Jerkin: base armor = 89 (incorrectly listed as 70)
    • When switching from shortbow > longbow: the off-hand slot is replaced with the longbow.
    • Solstice Star gem: +1% life points does seem to have any effect.

    Translation mismatch (English):
    • Northern Star (gem) > Solstice Star
    • Jewel of Fury > Jewel of Rage
    • "Solar Leather" (all level 45 gear) > "Sunleather"
      • Solar Leather Belt > Sunleather Headband [actually, DSO should be the ones to change the name to 'belt' since 'headband' is incorrect and confusion]
      • Sunhunting bone > Sunbone Hunting Bow
      • Longbow of the Sun > Sunbone Longbow
      • Solar leather shoulders > Sunleather pauldrons
      • Solar leather vest > Sunleather jerkin
    • Dark Wings > Dark Pauldrons
    • Life points > Hit points
    • Dark magic resistance > Andermagic resistance

    - Another stats row for mana/conc./steam/rage pool (and refill rate). Especially when tweaking attack speed, resource availability may also be taken into consideration.
    - Bow of the End of Time (old version): Not really important, since it is outdated, but the 10% faster travel speed can still be relevant for PvP, and travel speed can't be added directly through the weapon options.

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  4. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hi Harquina, been some time ^^

    Thanks for your nice report and cheers, i fixed them all except i followed your advice for "Sunleather BELT".

    Regarding the travel speed stat, the stat is available under defensive stats in dropdown menus 'enchantments'.
    The only case were stats arenot alterable is when the item is an unic... so if you want to build an item not existing in database, you have to create it from a Lv45 white item.
  5. Xx_charles_silva_xX

    Xx_charles_silva_xX Count Count

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  6. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hi all,

    sorry for the delay, i'm currently fixing this issue with boosts for specific skills...
  7. Durrendal

    Durrendal Padavan

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  8. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    This is English forum and only English language is allowed.
  9. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    I also noticed that the pet I have wasn't listed (any of the Essence pets) and there may be others. What about a generic box for "Pet" and then chose the benefit gained from that pet? Just a thought. Love the tool. Thanks for hosting it!
  10. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hi all,

    Ammon set fixed (specific enchantments skills should be augmented properly and not hang anymore)

    fixed as well some blank fields on editor.

    the current dropdown menu for pets (below your PvP level) already does what you suggests (i put there only one representative pet)
    The essence pets all give HP+X%, but given the large availability on the HP+5% ones, i didnot feel relevant to put the 1% 2% and 3% ones XD
  11. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hi all,

    Added speed tiers : check the radiobox in the skills header for the extended mode.

    Merry Xmas ^^


    - optimized icon sizes, for hopefully faster loading time
    - fixed a bug with Lv45 Gnob's version of Witch Hunter set bonuses (the site were using the Lv40's set bonuses)

    Happy New Year ^^
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  12. Xx_charles_silva_xX

    Xx_charles_silva_xX Count Count


    When is available the new lvl 45 itens/sets update on database to select and equip on the char?

    Thanks for your work.
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  13. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Would you repost the old DSO_calculating_character_strength2?

    It is not as detailed as the new programs, but gives quick calculations of offensive and defensive total values. Together they give a balanced figure for survival and progress.
  14. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice


    i don't understand how yu got 517-648, my formula calculates exactly like yu said and obtains 507-650, and i didnot touch formulas since 1st release ...
    Test naked (besides mace), knowledge Lv30, pve mode, no talent selected.

    are you sure yu using the correct official adress @ drakensang.optimizer.free.fr, and not my beta test version @ drakensang.optimizer.free.fr/Test ?
  15. Piipero

    Piipero Junior Expert

    Great optimizer! Allthough it seems to be missing the basic (legendary) glove for dwarves :) among with the glove from Andrakasch (bought with andermants, giving 30% crit dmg)
  16. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice


    @ Wizzo90, edit yur weapon and look at stats, there are 2 errors:
    - yu selected "Damage" for "Weapon damage enhanced by X%"
    - yu put 50 min base damage instead of 51
    This looks like a bug from reusing old profiles after some update i did around october 2014.
    i suggest you (and yur friends) to rebuild yur profiles.

    @ Pilpero : the database is missing lot of translations for dwarf pieces, and the site don't display items with a blank field as translation. I'll have a look at those you mentioned.

    Additionnally, i fixed database typos on sets Automated / Mechanical / Machine / Steam, where ring and weapon decoration not counting toward the set bonuses.
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  17. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hello all,

    small updates:
    - removed effect of equipped essences when "PvP mode" is selected
    - added the 30% crit dmg bonus gloves from Andrakach
    - added the Premium Cubes Uniques (Agathon, Grimmag, Lehaine and Orsha)
    - fixed typo in database for basic dwarf gloves

    Have fun :)
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  18. Xx_charles_silva_xX

    Xx_charles_silva_xX Count Count

  19. Masamune56

    Masamune56 Forum Apprentice

    Hello all,

    a user reported me a bug (thanks to him !) :

    - fixed bug where the autocomplete input field in editor wouldnot retain any custom name given to item.
  20. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I have found a bug with the belt.

    How to reproduce,

    Chose class: Spell Weaver
    Chose equipment: belt
    Enter name: Brocade Sash

    Enter first attribute: Damage = 2

    This kind of makes the UI unresponsive and when you mouse over the belt slot it shows damage = +200% which is incorrect.
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