Drop rate is TERRIBLE!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by XenaGirl90, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. XenaGirl90

    XenaGirl90 Advanced

    It's not even good... what happened to the drops? like the whole game... every area... nothing... i'm not the only one... every time i farm even a boss it's like low level magic or greens, only kinda... decent thing we get is splintered gems, but other that... even in area for our level it's like nothing... all it's good for is farming for glyphs but you can't at all upgrade your armour, shield or weapons... nothing... why is it so bad? because of the new area for level 50? are they trying to figure out another type of armour or something?.

    I definitely don't want to level even to 40 yet, i haven't even reached Atlantis with my Ranger, i mean i had to go for the Undefeatables Event because it leveled me to 38 so i had to go to Gorga, but even then with Gorga the drops were pathetic really... when will they return to normal?, i just can't do nothing in the game except level but i'm just not going to.
  2. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    In my experience, it doesn't get any better at levels 40+. Eg, even in Stalgard, even from the bosses, I rarely see blues and pinks; have yet to see one legendary or unique.

    Currently working my way through Ocean of Bones to get to Halls of the Dead, and OoB is also proving to be just another chintzy Skinner box. Even the drop rate for Quest items is awful (eg, gotta kill at least 10 cold death knights to get 1 mark of mortis ... and you need 50 MoM's to complete that part of the quest).

    I don't even bother with the special events anymore (save for the current LorTac one). Rewards are not worth the resources.
  3. XenaGirl90

    XenaGirl90 Advanced

    It's even on my lower level DK and Mage though, DK is like 28 or something like that, mage 30, currently they are giving people A LOT of XP to try and make them level to 45 but it just doesn't make it fun or a chalange leveling so quickly... they want us to test the new area but i will get there when i want to realy, maybe it's why they took away the drop rates? i've no clue... but it was so much better last year, even regular monsters had the right level magic drops, now it's all low level drops that's only good for 25 and under, even extraord... very bad... i just don't know how i'm gonna play the game if i can't even upgrade my bow, shield, weapons etc... it's a real dead end right now.
  4. dannyy868686

    dannyy868686 Someday Author

    imo the drops while lvling have always been really bad, drops start to come at end game, halls of the dead has 5 boss's in side it I think and they always 100% drop a purple items, sometimes leg's, and ofc events like dark dwarf heist and dragon have amazing drops also, best thing you can do is lvl to 45
  5. XenaGirl90

    XenaGirl90 Advanced

    Nah i won't level as id just be put off the whole game... and the drops weren't always bad... even last year i was still getting good stats on magic drops, even on the odd green items and good drops on some extraord, but now... nothing... on my DK and Mage i only just got past Prison Of Souls, even in there it's now low stat items and Khalys drops nothing worth keeping except maybe a gem... it's just not up to scratch with the stats we need for anything past level 25 and i know i should of at least got something more than just a stronger shield, chainmail and axe, soon as i got those it's like nothing else... before i could upgrade everything every 3 - 5 levels but now there is nothing to fill that gap so as you level the gap gets bigger and bigger, you go to different areas but yet if you level your going to be using level 25 items still... fighting with a level 25 weapon lol, so they have obviously done something to the drops to make it so bad.
  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Drop rates aren't good until you get to map2 (Halls of the Dead). In map2, I probably get 1 or 2 legendaries every 5 or so runs.

    And of course, Mortis drops a legendary more than half the time in my experience.
  7. Goddfree

    Goddfree Forum Greenhorn

    Drops have been bad since they got rid of the cot system.
  8. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Sometimes a lower level weapon can very very powerful if upgraded via the glyph system. You will find that you lvl 25 axe can grant you worthiness into the upper level 30s if you spend enough melts. Just hang in there help others and ask for help. Also farm gold and use the workbench to obtain legendary items if needed.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    When you will understand that getting to cap level ASAP is the best thing you can make in this game?
  10. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    even hod is going to be near impossible...already insane number of mobs and not much healing sphere drop in groups
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Like I said in the other thread ... healing orbs are dropping only if YOU kill the monster not other players from the group. That means you are unable to kill many monsters therefore you get less healing orbs. Try in group with less powerful players and you will get tons of orbs.
  12. XenaGirl90

    XenaGirl90 Advanced

    It seems the drops are seperate now, not shared like before, but even 1 other person in the group does lessen the drop rate of other items, especially when farming for adermant, so i tend to solo it when looking for good drops (if i can do), it appears though that i'm not getting even a single better drop unless i'm doing a quest, even the drop frequency is higher in those areas of the selected quest and the chance of getting at least 3 or 4 slightly... better items is much higher, but then when your not doing quests you've just no chance... and it takes at least half an hour to an hour of fighting fighting green or yellow monsters till the frequency does higher, but that's just gonna make you level when you don't want to... sneaky...
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Normal maps had that drop in groups since long time ago. Why would anyone want to play the normal map in group anyway?
  14. XenaGirl90

    XenaGirl90 Advanced

    Nvm it was down to them doing all the stuff like the new skills, they must of temporarly stopped drops so they can sort out the new items in the new area :p now i'm dropping more again. No not even normal maps had seperate drops until last year or something, even on normal maps we could all see the same drops, except for adermant and maybe drops from bosses, but other items and coins we could all see them but now it's completely seperate to make it more fair.
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