Feedback Drop Rates Have Lowered Substantially

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Ba_dum_tss, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Ba_dum_tss

    Ba_dum_tss Forum Apprentice

    I gotta say I'm quite disappointed with how things are going. Ever since R139 with the introduction of mysterious cubes, all dungeons have seen lowered drop rates. In the general areas of Crypt of Kings, Prison of Souls, Fortress Teganswell, Iron Forest, and Temple Sector; all these were touted as good farming dungeons. I've farmed each of them several times in the past few days, and they hardly drop any blues or better per run. I've noticed cubes are rarely dropping nowadays. I didn't pay for premium only to see maybe one cube per hour of pure farming. Also, I should mention drops in general have decreased. The drop rate for blues, pinks, oranges, yellows have definitely plummeted. Come on, at least I should see a couple blues here and there. :(

    Makes me think BP has contempt :mad: for some of us users who have voiced our opinions of discontent (by screwing with our account's drop rates), which is not fair and unlawful in any circumstance. In any case, shame on you BP for screwing up a game we 'used' to love. If none of you agree in the slightest, I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter. I play several hours everyday so I see these changes and how they affect my farming.

    To Mods: I have no idea where I should post this. Maybe "Dungeon" subcategory? General Forum is where most everyone looks. :confused:
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  2. DOOMGuy07

    DOOMGuy07 Forum Apprentice

    Well I can't say anything on cube drops since I don't pay for premium. But I can both agree and disagree with your point. I play an average of 4-8 hours a day. (sometimes 4 or less due to most of the PW areas being broken. :/)

    I've noticed less blues than I used to get but I've seen a definite increase in ex and leg item drops. (but then again I do spend most of my time in PW areas where those drop allot) I've seen about the same on potions and realm fragments though.
  3. Ba_dum_tss

    Ba_dum_tss Forum Apprentice

    PW are more likely to drop ex and legs, so that's not really a fair comparison if you mostly farm in PW. I was talking about normal dungeons and some wildernesses, those drops are worse in my findings. Legs dropping in regular maps hasn't really increased, even though drop rate was supposedly increased by 200%.
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  4. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Regular maps drop rate for legs is 100% increase not 200%. The 200% applies to PW's. The 100% increase could be quite difficult to notice. Farming regular areas; if you got 1 leg item every 3 days before, now you should get 2 in that 3 days. That is a 100% increase, and so insignificant it would take a data regression to recognize.

    Not sure what level you are, but I will speculate in the 40's based on your listing of Temple. Cube drop rates are significantly lower for areas below your level. That is not a change it has been that way since they were released. I farm a level 40-41 area daily and have only ever seen 1 cube there. The 43 area I farm I have seen 5. The 45 areas(PW) I get 2 or 3 a run and only clear a path to the bosses. You may be in a slump or they have in fact made a change, but I have not seen a decrease in any areas I farm. This also applies to the colored items. I have seen no change other than more leg's in the PW's. This is very noticeable.
  5. Kohn_Hamper

    Kohn_Hamper Junior Expert

    I was farming Crypt of Kings normal today for about 6 hours of pure farming, about 20-25 exos dropped and 3 legs. I can't complain
  6. DOOMGuy07

    DOOMGuy07 Forum Apprentice

    I found my first EVER leg item with my steam mech in eternal watch last night. Also a leg and 2 ex items of one run of temple sec with my ranger tonight. Sure that's a fair comparison. ;)
  7. Ba_dum_tss

    Ba_dum_tss Forum Apprentice

    I wasn't sure if it was 100% or 200% for normal, now that's cleared thank you. Anyway, I guess my luck is terrible compared to the comments I'm seeing here. I have few toons I play with that range from Crypt to endgame maps, so I've noticed all of them aren't dropping well for me over the past few weeks. Typically, as for cubes, I farm my lvl or higher and still rarely see one if I'm lucky.

    Wow, that's great. Hope it keeps going for you. Guess my luck is bad or something.
    Alright, fair enough. But how long did it take you to acquire them all (so I can compare for when I farm again)?

    Thanks all for the input.
  8. Bearer-of-Death

    Bearer-of-Death Exceptional Talent

    Hi Ba_dum_tss,

    If you or any other player believe in every word that BP announces, than it's time for BP to build a church and start a religion, due to so many believers here in the forums!!!

    R139 statement "might" be true, but you're already playing the R141, so....!!!
    Did you thought that the dev team would announce in the R140 or R141 that they reduced the drop-rate of any item to 85% or higher??? think again.

    Before R139, my average was 1 legendary item per 3 to 5 runs in any dungeon, so every 30 mins in PvE.
    After R139, my average is 1 legendary item per 25 to 45 runs, so every 8 to 12 hours in PvE...the problem is that i don't play that much any more(30 mins per day only) so, it's 1 legendary item every 4 to 5 days.

    So, if you want stuff keep on paying or you want get anything!!!
    or go F2P and play well over 8 hours daily and you might get the feeling that you're getting somewhere, until you step in the arena and get killed with one shot.:D

    This is a P2W game, if you want something...than you must pay, if you just want to cruise around and kill some time before going to bed...then go F2P.
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  9. Balram

    Balram Forum Apprentice

    Drop rate is TERIBLE i get 90% regular item,8% green item,2% blue, rest is %.
    Its boring to play that way ,yust boring . I try on all serwers & same drop rate FOR MEE .
    If i hawe nothing to melt or sell what is the point to run all day for nothing .
    I doo daily challenge , make few runs if the rate is same i dont play .
    Peace !!
  10. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    It seems to me that DSO cuts back the drop rates everytime they have lag and server issues, which now is all the time, big time.
    If they are having trouble with communications between the servers and the users, cutting back on the amount of data (like drops), would be 1 way to keep running the game. It doesn't do the players much good, but it would be better than going completely offline.

    Another possibility is that they are starving us of decent drops, to get us ready for the new gear in the 1st or 2nd quarter of the year. No one ever accused DSO of smart planning in that respect.

    One demonic possibility is that they are shafting their customers on purpose, just to reduce the load they can handle. They don't seem to confront the issues directly, or for long.

    We keep waiting for tomorrow, but it never arrives.
  11. Balram

    Balram Forum Apprentice

    I am not addicted to this game , i meen if something not fulfill your expectations u will try somethin else .
    That is my point .

    Starving can have contraefect .

    If they are having trouble with communications between the servers and the users ,yust put announcement i wee will understand that .
    But i thik that Bearer of Death is 100% wright.
  12. DOOMGuy07

    DOOMGuy07 Forum Apprentice

    On my steam mech I really wasn't farming. Was doing quests in eternal watch. lol But found it on my second run I believe. With my ranger I was on my way to go spam kill gorga hoping I might get lucky and finally get yachak's awakening (which I didn't :p) and got a set of leg arrows on the way from one of the lvl 40 gorgan bosses.
  13. Ba_dum_tss

    Ba_dum_tss Forum Apprentice

    As much P2P minded they are, surely they have enough revenue to afford up to date servers and pay for highest bandwidth from their ISP. That's priority in any gaming business. I don't give a care to them if they are skimping on bandwidth cause of their cheapness, they need to pay up and give us compensation for the [insert] we have to deal with.

    I never once thought R139 would be "better" for us all. Like a lot were saying, there were hidden caveats to this R139 scheme; and well, they pulled it off whether we liked it or not. I keep playing in hopes that perhaps some devs will be replaced with better ones that actually take a hint from the community. They claim they're doing these changes based on feedback (apparently feedback that trumps our community here and that think differently from us real players of the game). 90% of the changes from R139 and on are a preposterous joke. Never had so much lag and bugs since like 6 months ago.
  14. Balram

    Balram Forum Apprentice

    And that*s why new f2p will not go to pvp, and newer reach lvl40 & they will say this game is too S....d . An there will bee only old players (whoo is invest toooo much in this game to stop) and few new p2p players whoo will play awile & than compain that is imposible to kill flag bearer or marshal--> old players is bored ,all events are old,nothing new,noone whants to play with us because wee will kill him in a 1 sec & make all (emotions) to piss on him,because (hee must know where is his place) and i forgot hee will call him a noob for like 20 minute. That is realy hilarious ,(guy run over town & call other guy noob or cash noob) for like 15 min trash talk. :)
    Anyway i saw this many times in online games,few of them are dead now.
    My conclusion is if there is not enough f2p players the game WILL eventually die . I seen this many times .
    New p2p players hawe noone to kill,except each other and that is hard work .
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  15. marhun

    marhun Junior Expert

    I have been relativity happy with the drop rate in farming areas for GOPS/ander/gems i have really seen a increase in the reward in general farming.
    However i have done Khaly and Mortis a few times (obviously Khaly many more times) and the drop rate it pretty bad i must say... I am not talking about unique drops even though i dont have any uniques you cant go giving these to ever tom/richard and harry.... But the issue is if you use 400 blue to kill khaly and you can get 3 green items, where as you can not use blue and kill a mini boss in HOD and grab a minimum of 1 pink gems sometimes a legendary item there is missing some king of sense of reward do you know what i mean.....
    There is a lot of talk at the moment in tegan DK's wont go to mortis and use 1k of blue for 1 pink or 3 green items at worst....
    The issue is you need somewhere for people to farm Glyphs of Power and HOD is that place as it takes so long to farm a million GOP to upgrade a weapon... But if you are going to use resources like health potions and essesence you need to be rewarded appropriately, Not necessarily uniques but more leg and pink items.
    anyway that is my 2 bobs worth
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  16. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    i agree with you @marhun on the part of less gain for more loss of resources they need to figure something out for that give better drops as in legs or make monsters less stronger
  17. Ba_dum_tss

    Ba_dum_tss Forum Apprentice

    I think PW dungeons are ok for now, nothing drastic has changed to my knowledge. I guarantee you that if you start a brand new toon and try to get decent gear as you lvl up, that's just not gonna happen with the way things are going so far. In my opening post, I only mentioned dungeons on the regular map so I wasn't really including PW. Pre lvl 30s are gonna have it rougher and longer grinds for the gear that others (let's say from last year) have found in 50% (just an example) less time grinding. I went farming on my lvl 45 in Grim for the powerful frags, and I can say the drops seem fine. BUT, if I were to take my low lvl (lvl 10-20) through the regular Crypt of Kings area, I would maybe see a few greens, 1 or no magic, no extraordinary, no legendary (my typical progress from clearing everything, but granted I have seen some extras in about 10 runs or so). That's where my complaint is. What's in it for low lvl farming if nothing hardly drops? I just don't think is fair and realistic compared to older players who didn't have to put as much time into grinding as latter day players. Believe me, I've try with my lvl 30 toon in Torstrond, Iron Forest, Eternal Watch, all require hours or farming for maybe 1 decent item. Cubes don't drop much either. Anyway, thanks for your input about PW cause I can agree with you for the most part.
  18. Knightofyourlife

    Knightofyourlife Someday Author

    In game Players seem to say different things to me. some tell me that they get legendary drops all the time and the boast about all the items bosses give them. Other player (more than the other) tell me they get only rubbish and are sick of hearing about how great the the drops are for one person they know who is the one that get all the great drops in party or on there own. Is there any chance that big point give different players different drop rate percentage? from what you have all said premium accounts get a different drop rate. could it go farther than that? could there be favored and un-favored players. for example if a player is very unpleasant in game all the time and its been noticed could his/her Drop rate be lowered? and if another player only helps other and is nice when possible his/her drop rate is increased?
    You may all tell me I am talking rubbish (may be I am)

    Have fun
  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I started the game in March and have created about a dozen alt characters in that time when my main toon gets bogged down in the mind numbing grind, and with my latest alt (since R139) I haven't noticed a real difference. The unique drops are still non existent, the desire to get somewhat decent gear still requires a ton of grinding the same map over and over and over until you simply quit and do something else.

    Within 5 days of casual play you can level up to 30 with ease, then the game shifts completely to grinding.

    The game is based on "computer generated" luck so it makes it really impossible to tell when the dev's make adjustments to the drop rate. They can claim it was increased and some report that, but the vast majority haven't supported that claim.

    Now in the end game maps (specifically) HOD there was a slight increase as far as I could tell, but nothing to write home and brag about.

    The shame of it is that DSO really could be a great game that people would flock to with some very minor changes, but as we have all learned they aren't interested in that. The goal seems to be increased grinding to the point where players quit.
  20. Knightofyourlife

    Knightofyourlife Someday Author

    The shame of it is that DSO really could be a great game that people would flock to with some very minor changes, but as we have all learned they aren't interested in that. The goal seems to be increased grinding to the point where players quit.[/QUOTE]

    I Do not Agree that the Idea is to force players into grinding until they quit. Its Like the accusation that judas priest put subliminal messages in to there music to cause there fans to commit suicide. Why would they sabotage there own wage packet? But I do 100% agree with you when you say a few minor changes would cause people to flock to this game. It is already good enough for use to be here and it could be great enough to make us all stay for quite some time.
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