Droprate Dragans uniques

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by perrush, Jun 21, 2014.

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  1. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    Its stupid! I am wery angree! Last 7 days i get 1 cloak- thats not normal! This evening i maked again 14 runs - 14 helmet 4 plaudons no cloak again. Its imposible mission to get set! Its no reason to waste time in this acton!
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  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I have now done 32 runs on Dragan, 30 helmet, 6 pauldron, 11 capes.
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  3. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    I have stopped the event don't wanna stress my self over $%&* cape ,those who have it (believe me drop is not random for some ...) already dominated arena in 5v5 ,this game should give us some fun and
    all i heard is " i can't get cape" "i can't get unique weapon "
    well i have enough my luck is >>>>>0.001 after 2 years on my current char half way field marszal i can't get anything ,newbie 3rd round khalys predator :eek:
    This the way balance is brought to dso .
    Attracting new comers and rejecting old good players
    if off topic delete i don't care :p
    ps.i really don't :D
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  4. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    76 Drakans killed:
    27 pauldrons
    6 cloacks
    i will not get it at this event.. i asume it :(
  5. Wishou

    Wishou Exceptional Talent

    I have stopped event for the same raison xD
    I melted my unic item, that's all, i had upgraded my ring, who is a low level.
    Maybe if you're courageous, you can continue this event, after more of 100 Dragan, i stopped definitively.
  6. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    I said in the other feedback thread ....... I believe this will be an ongoing event like Sargon. The drop rates are much too low for anyone (normal) to complete a set. So craft the best helmet you can, possibly pauldrons too, and then keep items until the event returns.

    @moby31 - sorry, but no one is going 'dominate 5v5' because of this cape alone.
  7. -Zackharias-

    -Zackharias- Forum Apprentice

    The drop rate is totally strange.
    My total runs changed in 6 runs:
    -4 helmets
    -4 pauldrons
    -2 capes
    This looks pretty good. I am confused about others huge amount of runs and their so low drop rates.
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It's simple... there is something called randomness.
  9. [kreg]

    [kreg] Someday Author

    crying and more crying. let it go. it is called a unyx. not all will get it. get it? most likely not. maybe i need to stop reading forums. hmmm
  10. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    U don't understand do u... drop is assigned to your char and this has nothing to do with randomness .
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  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I understand more than you'd think. It is a combination of a drop table and a PRNG. The PRNG will often generate "random" numbers that are similar if produced near each other time wise if using the same seed. And without specific knowledge, I'd bet the drop tables change periodically, but not continuously. That would be the easiest way to control the drop rate. That is why some people have "streaks" of "luck" while others have "streaks" of "bad luck" that seem to come and go for no reason. For example, I found that I could go 15-30 runs without a single cape, and then 2-3 in 5 runs.
  12. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    To be specific i'm not talking only about cape drop ,whole system needs to be rebuild ,i can hear u but i still claim that drop rate here and its randomness is far away from being random .
    It's random when it comes to leg items or amount of pinkies and others but when it's comes to unique things are different .
    exp unique weapon drop per servers i would say 2 per day for each class
    why those who already got it keeps getting it over and over again ???? and
    those who farm for it since ages can't get it ,my friend ranger have got 4 predators 2 of them in the same group with me ,we have done some tests and reached to a very sad conclusion
    u have "luck "to either defensive or offensive gear and yes we can try our luck after an update when drop rate is completely mess up or at least we had a chance coz now it seems that everything is strictly controlled .
    That was random ,pure random :)
    I suggest Devs should rewrite their scripts so every one could have the same chance .
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  13. GamesShortCut

    GamesShortCut Exceptional Talent

    The key to to be successful is to keep yourself motivated. Go play/farm whatever. But do not expect to find a unique. Then you will find one.
    If you pushing yourself to hard and didnt find something, you might be demotivated.
    >Which means you play less efficient then before.
    >And that means you farm slower and you farm less.
    >That bringst you to the ultimate status:
    Less uniques
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  14. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    Well u're so right about this :p
    we only go bosses to help our small friends now once a week even less ,joking about drop :D
  15. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    The randomness of this game is crap. It's ruining all the fun.
    After the last Sargon event when I farmed every day for 9 days and still didn't get his Horns I stopped caring for uniques. I have a life and I don't want to ruin it for a string of ones and zeroes on a piece of hard drive somewhere in this world that is not even in my possession.
    From this event I will keep the helmet. It looks cool and brings a little upgrade in my string of ones and zeroes.
    And the best thing : I will not her stupid people calling me noob because I wear a lvl 40 extraordinary helmet.
    Cheers :D !

    in 14 runs i have
    14 helms
    8 shoulders
    2 capes
  16. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    112 runs:
    35 pauldrons
    11 cloacks
    seems i will must reach 170 dragans for 16th cloack, but have no time.. next event ;)
    (sigh).. patience hehe
  17. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    In the past, I remember forum suggestions for an alternative droprate mechanism similar to fragment drops in the parallel world. You can see a similar system in this event.

    Although the droprate for cloaks may not be ideal, many of the dedicated players have successfully completed the whole set with time to spare. Also take into consideration that you have the opportunity to complete the entire set over the duration of one event instead of waiting extended periods of time for the event to reoccur. Your dissatisfactory feedback will be taken into consideration when planning future Dragan event, but uniques are intended to be difficult to obtain so you can still expect to work hard to find them.
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  18. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    yea, i have no problem with drop rate, i have a problem with timeline event hehe, i need 1 more day to complete the cloack. I recognize the effort of dedicated players who have completed the set, but i have no so much time to play when i come back home from work :( .
    But anyway, i find this event awesome, good drop (crystals, anders, gems, ess, potions...), i get a lot of candies like raven pet, gem skull, 3 fragments for onyx dragon, Dragan pauldrons and helm, and almost the cloack (12 currently), and tons of drakens :)
  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    In the 4 runs we did last night....

    I got 4 Helmets, 2 pauldrons and 1 cape. This has been normal for me since day 1.

    The cape isn't as good as my Gloom so it's been going for melt.

  20. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I can't agree with that statement - not at all. 5% travel speed, 5% all resistance numbers, +100 all resistance, 30% more block rate (3-piece set), 30% more mana (3-piece set) would be much more valuable to me than 3% HP, 3% travel speed, 3% attack speed and 333 andermagic-only resistance.

    I wouldn't have melted those capes. I would have saved the cloak of gloom for certain situations where you might have trouble with andermagic attacks (like Khalys), but tried to make the warlord's cloak and had the 3-piece set.

    Well, anyway, I hope you're combining the cloaks you find 4-into-1 before melting. They're worth over twice as many glyphs of power combined into second-tier than they are melted alone.
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