Droprate of PW-uniques

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FAALHAAS, Mar 21, 2020.

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    FAALHAAS Active Author

    I'm really tired of this. Why Bigpoint can only lie to us

    So far I killed 234 bosses on Fatal and INF1 (only counting last 2 PVE seasons) and im still waiting for adornment. All im getting are uniques that drop in every map...

    Without better critrate I am unable to do higher difficulty, since I really need extra crit.

    Its pretty damn clear, the droprate has not been increased (yea for a couple days and then lowered to impossible rates again). You removed shops and made bosses harder with the damn PROMISE you increase the droprate.

    Ever since that stupid patch im tryin to get adornment and yet fail fail fail and waste my time.

    Keep your damn promise please!

    When asking around, other people seem to get decent droprate, but Im getting 0.00000000000000000000. Im out
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  2. vkillerx

    vkillerx Active Author

    Nope Q7 2Hs are rare as hell not specially my case as i don´t need it but i see dozens of people struggle in my guild or anywhere else simmilar w Q8 set grimmag´s robe etc.
    I´d like to see them keeping their own promises welp some stuff is just abstract isn´t it

    FAALHAAS Active Author

    Well im not talking about q7 2H weapon....im talking about q8 adornment.

    Not that it matters. No matter what PW-unique, they arent dropping. Only drops you get are the ones that drop everywhere.

    BigPoint is just a failure with keeping their promises.
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  4. vkillerx

    vkillerx Active Author

    I know but you ge the point just today i did like 5 runs w guild mates in hope of Q7 2H still nothin :D Q8 is even mroe terrible as i´m a mage and ice resistful mobs uuuuuh
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  5. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Expert

    If I remember, their promise was rather vague: They increased unique drops in that release, but didn't specify what type of uniques.

    So, we assumed they were going to increase the Q sets uniques, but instead they increased universal uniques (e.g., the Sparks set, which drop at a rate of ~3% to 5%). The PW "Alliance" and "Untouchables" sets drop at a similar rate. But the items from the various 2-item Q sets drop for me at ~1-2% (2% when including non-Q set unique rings).

    That's my experience averaged across all Qs, but my sample size is small: Maybe 400 runs total, roughly half of the runs before the nerf and half after.

    Oh, and I call it a nerf because my drop rate of Q-specific uniques (again, including rings) was ~3% to 4% prior to the release, when I was running Painful exclusively (I started adding Excruciating the previous PVE season, and now run primarily Excru, with a few Fatal runs mixed in during the current season).

    My Fatal drop rate is much higher as I dropped a T3 Arachna 1-H weapon in ~5-6 runs total across several Qs (Arachna, Heredur, Sigrismarr, Medusa). Whether that's due to drop rates increasing by difficulty, or just random luck and I should anticipate 80 or 90 more Fatal runs before I drop another Q-set unique, I'll have to wait and see.

    And, no, I've never dropped any Q-specific uniques (set items or rings) from Q5, Q7, Q8, or Q9.
  6. Javah

    Javah Forum Great Master

    Furthermore, the drop is not balanced between different bosses. Q7 set drops quite often in my experience, Q4 set is much rarer than it, to don't mention of Q4 ring.
  7. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Connoisseur

    You are wrong but not by much. Difficulty level doesn't influence lootrate values. It may be not actual anymore since latest patch so I feel I can share lootrates. Of course officially it's just mine "theory" ;)

    Basic lootrate in DSO is 2% and from that there is couple brackets based on initial value. So we have 2x, 0,5x, 0,2x and 0,1x brackets.
    Every item has its own shuffle and once shuffle is succeded and any other shuffles are left odds are halved.

    Specific Q rings had historicaly 0,2% chance from mini bosses and 1% from bosses but with one of releases it was moved to higher bracket so up to last patch was 0,4% from mini across the board. Alliance and Untouchables had 2x lootrate so 4%.

    As for q7 2h or q8 ado idk but definitely is either 2%, 1% or 0,4% bracket.

    Once again up to latest patch.

    Mine own theory of course ;):rolleyes:

    FAALHAAS Active Author

    To the MOD that keeps deleting my posts: Without giving a reason, I got no clue why. Im just guessing youre bored and love to abuse your ow so great mod powers.

    I replied to multiple posts here and you delete it for bad language, while i cannot remember a bad word anywhere. Yet even if so, you delete the entire post, instead of removing that ''bad'' word. Just pathetic.

    I show my myself out here. This forum is useless anyway.
    No decent guides anywhere (all made by traki on his fanwiki...without him, this game would die out i think).
    No honesty in patchnotes --->Bunch of ninja-patches not mentioned anywhere
    And like mentioned before mods who abuse their powers.........
  9. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Mister, first you need to read the forum rules. Second, when mods are deleting posts or threads they are sending proper notifications, please learn to properly use the forum and all its functions before start actively using it.
    You also have a right to contact support and report an "abuse of power" if you really think it is the case.
    Now, let me show you how bad at lying you are.
    as you can see both the reason of deletion and notification has been sent.
    was it deleted without a reason?
    At last,
    you have been notified properly with the reason of the action.
    I have no need to give you any explanation to you or any other forum user, you need to learn all the rules before you start using the forum.
    Now, I strongly suggest you to contact support and report the case, because If you do not do that I will.
    Please DO NOT reply to my message, it will be deleted as spam.

  10. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Duke

    [content removed - mods are not teaching internet technologies]

    Now as for the actual thread's purpose...

    The actual drop rate of the PW unique items was actually effectively reduced while the drop rate of the generic unique items that almost nobody wants was heavily increased (which further reduces the PW unique rate).

    Now how was it "effectively" reduced? Glad you asked. See, when they removed the merchant Grema with r220, they also made the bosses and leaders/champions much harder. The result is that it now takes much longer to make the full run and much longer to kill the boss so the players get to reach the drop of the boss less often than before.. which means less drops and drop chances... which means less possibility of the PW unique items dropping.

    Personally I went from an Infernal 3 Bear run in 14-17 minutes to run in 45-60 minutes. This equates to a 2/3 reduction in drop rates.

    I've been trying to get Sigrismar's weapon adornment for over a year. I got one drop on fatal about 2.5 months ago that was single digits on 2 of the base lines and barely 2 digits on the other. It turned to glyphs the first time I tried to refine it. :(
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