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  1. mierlarosie

    mierlarosie Forum Apprentice

    I didn't know where to put this...there is not "complain about dwarfs" topic in this forum. I have been playing this game for about 4 years with a 2 year gap. That means i know how the game used to be at lvl 45.

    I don't remeber the exact patch but dwarfs have now 100% damage on each tourett. 110% if they chose the right skill and don't get me started on what happens with a dwarf with q7 set. That means, that a noob dwarf is able to use 300% of his damage at any time. Other classes have to get special gear for that.

    When the game was lvl 45 dwarf could not bring out 2 tourrets unless he got a special skill from pvp.

    The tourrets also have to much HP...i mean really, mage guardian and rangter dogs die imediately and they have latent time, dwarf tourrets are really strong and they can be brought out imediately. this is just not fair. Mage isn't able to bring out 2 guardians nor is the range able to bring out 2 trees. Mage guardian give 60% damage if he choses the right skill.

    The tourrets are also able to hit their targets without any aid from the dwarf. Most of the time, the tourrets have better aim than the dwarf.

    I know now that this game will never agree to dwarf nerf, so i suggest for upgrade on each class. Mage should be able to give 2 guardians and ranger should get more dogs or 2 trees.
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Let's take a look what we have here... Another rant?

    Before I start explaining why you are terribly wrong, tell us what level are you currently, with what class... and where do you see the problem? PvP or PvE?
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  3. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    Players are already quitting this game by the day, why do you think thats happening?
    BP doesnt have time for you or for any honest feedback
    Either quit and switch games or start fresh as a Dwarf
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  4. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I am also a mage lvl 55. Everybody knows that dwarfs are the strongest characters of this game in pve and pvp, there is no point in arguing.

    In pvp, at this moment dwarf is the strongest and war is the weakest. At pve, dwarf is the strongest and mage is the weakest. Because of the new ressistance values given to final bosses, mage becomes almost absolete specially at Sigri and Mortis.

    I know why dwarf is the best, it's because Fidelis (the game designer) plays with dwarf. When Grieg was a part of the team, all classes were balancesd correctly.
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  5. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    LMAO(said from mage, cuz mages can't shoot out 3 ice shots per second) .Not my fault your characters sucks and you are blaming dwarf class
    Go Ahead create a Dwarf and after one month show us your godlike stat
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  6. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    thats a very immature response.
    i understand that maybe you are a dwarf and feel protective.

    try to understand, we are not here to bash dwarfs or players or ask for a dwarf nerf.
    we are not targeting anyone here.

    the motive is to let BP know that the classes are screwed big time and anyone who is not a dwarf is just in a [EDIT].
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    IKILLGIANTS Active Author

    Another noobish rant!!
  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    So many people who first talk and think not-at-all...
    Ok then dude. Go start as a dwarf and show us a video about how you destroy everything... with a no-unique toon.
    Also wrong. PvP is OHKO anyways, it's hard to tell whether one class is better than another... and certainly DK is not the weakest.
    And also wrong... without the sets, it's mage=dwarf=ranger<knight, and that's because every class has the same bases for crit and dmg.
    Do you even know what you are talking about?
    1. Sigris is not really that of a problem... You have meteor, fireball and guardian of flames, combined with MC and singu you are able to perform well, even without q7 set.
    2. They said they would give more possibilities to deal elemental damage to every class. Let's wait for it... (dear mods, please push them for that).
    3. Mortis has the same resistance against every element, so what are you talking about?
    Nope. We have never had a balance here.
    The problem we have now is that for 3 classes one build has a great edge over any other character building method, also giving them power over the 4th class.

    Since the OP hasn't replied to my question, I'll reply to his concerns now.
    1. 100% base dmg per hit on mechanical turret, but that can attack only one enemy at a time.
    2. 110% with the talent, true... but still only enemy.
    3. Q7 set is a whole different problem... you don't understand it, do you?
    4. "noob dwarf can use 300% base dmg at any time" you what? What does it have to do to what you said earlier?
    5. Oh, yes DK doesn't have BWS+FotD+smash for over 400% dmg a second... SW doesn't have FS for over 400% dmg a second... ranger doesn't have HT+net or BD and then ToT+PS for 300%+300% per every kill...
    60% without talents and 100%+burn with 5p. talent.

    Dwarf is supposed to be a kind of summoner/engineer class, the turrets are his playstyle.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not a rant it is the reality.
    I will just paste few quotes from my feedback ...
    Add to this ... the huge damage from the turrets and the midget itself
    You can't even hit a midget (without using turrets) ... even though the designers say "the range is equal" , well it is not. They can hit you at same distance as you are ... but you can't hit them. And no it is not related to the ranged bug with their weapons ... which was let go and it has not been fixed INTENTIONALLY for few months.
  10. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Here we go again dwarf is OP,mage is OP,ranger is OP,tank is OP......well can't wait for "naked" pvp (I personaly will add only attack with basic attack).And if turrets is problem just remove them from dwarf and add something else (be free to add some options).
  11. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    It is a rant. Where does he say a single thing about range? Point me that place. He is only crying about skill damage, which is balanced (character damage is not and that has to change).
    And PvP is simply so messed up that you can't really say "this class is OP and that is weak". Not to mention the cheaters, buggers, exploiters and other losers who are trying to increase their self-esteem by making the PvP even more messed up than it would be without them. A not-cheating dwarf is in fact not hard to kill, wreck his turrets a few times to make him go out of steam and the unleash the hell on him. If he is not hiding behind and goes forward at you... the range problem is irrelevant. A cheater has infinite steam and perfect timing, so he just replaces his turrets when they are almost dead... or after they die, since that doesn't matter anyways. If he can't catch you up, you get (completly coincidentially) a major lag and die standing in place or running into a wall.
    You're saying that QS and HS have higher reach than other classes' skills... gonna test it right now and I'll update you. I have never felt it that way, to be honest.
  12. mierlarosie

    mierlarosie Forum Apprentice

    Yes i forgot to add about the range...trakilaki is correct in every aspect of it. That combined with the skill damage makes dwarf much better than any class. I made this topic in order to keep the disscussion going. Right now, dwarfs are good just because they are dwarfs....other classes need items, sets, high tier sets and good crafts.

    I mainly play with a ranger lvl 55 and i also have a dwarf. With the dwarf, tourrets do everyting...i don't even have to play.
  13. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    Lot of people say that playing with dwarf is easy (ofc without video),so if it is not problem can you show video where you play with dwarf/ranger?So I can see how faster/easier will be with dwarf (chose PW)
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  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    I have said that dwarf is a summoner class... and if you play with just the turrets, I am wondering how come you are doing so well...

    As @Purgerzg said, please give us a video on how OP and strong a dwarf is in PvE... without Q7 set, which is broken, of course.
    Or even better... compare a Q7 dwarf to Q7 ranger. Both are broken anyways.
    Make sure to show the stats of characters you are comparing.

    Damn... I have no idea how I haven't noticed this earlier... Range of QS and HS in PvP is noticeably a lot higher than that of ranger's arrows (all of them) and mage's spells (not sure about CL). This has to be fixed.

    PvP is crap anyways: broken OHKO, full of players who are abusing various exploits (and legacy twinks, when under the cap lvl).

    Guess what? My main character is a lvl55 mage, and I have all the other characters too... I don't see the dwarf as a significantly stronger class in PvE than the others (without the Q7 set of course).
    Bollocks. Bollocks. Once again, bollocks. Let me guess... you are comparing the strength of an average, levelling (maybe even under lvl30) dwarf against normal-mode monsters in regular maps to the strength of a ranger who probably has just arrived at the level cap, maybe even without full new gear against PW monsters in painful? Or maybe you don't know how to play your class properly? After all, the best ranger playstyle (not counting in the broken Q7 set) contains a 1h weapon - longbow (even currently)... and people had been whining for 2h weapons since I remember, and for sure for a lot longer time. Well, you finally have your hoaxbows and you can run with them, seeing that they give you nothing and you are still weak... in turn complaining about other classes.
  15. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Very bad arguments here. A friend of mine who plays with me every day doesnt even activate q7 just the turrets adn q8 outdamages a 34k dmg mage with max crit and crit dmg and the dwarf has 25k dmg and 290 crit dmg with 75 % crit on inf 2 ..... i mean ...... 10 k dmg is not a difference for this class even without q7.

    Second... mage has guardian of flames for sigrissmar ? even though guardian ahs fixed 1.0000 atack speed so aka only 10 atacks.
    Fireball has base 170 dmg even vs ice boss its still 250 at best while dwarfs have 2 turrets and their q7... not to mention the turrets have q8 on top of that and return the cooldown of q7 FOR EACH HIT so aka 6 sec PER SECOND while mage gets like 1 second per 1 second....... hmmmmmmm so for now i see just how op the mage is for sigrismar.

    On mortis it doesnt matter he is just neutral boss and takes reduced dmg in half since mages can hit him with "super efective dmg" while as the dwarfs also do they just have the number adventage of being able to hit from 3 different places to compensate for the dmg.

    As you said Bollocks its actually not true.
    Mage range and rangers range got reduced while dwarfs can still shot turrets in a range which also have even more range aka the turrets hits you you cant hit the dwarf and he is a safe position. While you have to fight the turret he throws a second one and he also starts atacking. Even with 3.0 atack speed your character is not fast enough to attack and dodge attacks from 3 different angles. And lets not forget the fact that + q8 and the fact that they can crit just makes its absoulutely impossible, the game mechanics dont allow outplay to this mess.

    If your dwarf is not as strong asw your mage then i suggest you gear him up and proceed to leave the mage.
    Mage is good for map farming. Dwarf is a little , just a tiny little but worse but he compensates and outright goes above the mage and ranger because he just demolishes and oneshots the boss with blitzcrieg kind of fighting style vs bosses]

    If you are gonna cry about q8 spammability for mention ill counter it beforehand by saing its just 3 x30 percent and if 1 of the doesnt crits its worse than magic missle adn second it doesnt aplly on bosses so ye tahts it

    dwarfs are a summoner class ? they are everything.... crit on basic ,crit on turret ,healing, infinite q7 spam ,infinite jumps, cooldown refunding skills ,turrets that deal dmg while not visible ( mechanical in pvp)
  16. Bubi30

    Bubi30 Forum Greenhorn

    STOP cry dwarfs are low clas in pvp...dwarf have no chance against mage...dwarf have 1 jump 1 stun each othere class have 2. If i stun enemy in pvp and use heavy shoot i miss for sure couse very slow animations of skills. Mage destroy turet in 1 shoot so dwarf lose steam,dont have steam for spawn again turet...only nob mages,ranger,wars cry about dwarf!!!
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  17. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    Dwarfs are just too op in pvp, In high end pvp only dwarfs can kill wars with 200k hp in 2-3 sec. No other class is able to do it tells a lot about their 2h dmg. And 1h with q8 set gives them infinite jumps which no other class have. 1v1 vs war in 1h wars have no chance even the dwarf go afk its how bad it is at the moment.
  18. aleksa1277

    aleksa1277 Forum Apprentice

    stop crying and go and play until you learn to play with a class you have chosen yourself, and if you do not like make a class that you think you are number 1, dwarft is not the strongest class of pvp, mage and rengers always have priority and I do not understand what your problem is no one makes you play with a mage or an archer , make dwarft after you think he is strong
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    IKILLGIANTS Active Author

    When dwarfs jump they can take damage while other classes dont,slow animation and skills so please find a different aproach...most of the moaners are the ones who never change their strategy and if they lose they have the feeling the winner is OP...and why im i hearing crys about dwarf crit???you are the same moaners who were complain that why dwarfs dont build crit LIKE EVERYONE ELSE
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  20. Shansurri

    Shansurri Active Author

    In the interest of simplifying future complaints, I'm going to suggest the following fill in the blank form:

    "Hi, I play a (insert class here) and I've noticed that the (insert other class not played here) are way stronger and cannot be beaten in PVP. I think this is really unfair and I want to see (insert other class not played here) reduced in power, while (insert class played here) deserve to be upped in power.

    Please adjust (insert preferred set here) 's unique values to give me 400% more power, and resistance to all of (insert class not played here)'s attacks. It's only fair after all. Here are my numbers and stats which prove that what I say is true. I made them up or grabbed them from wherever, but I believe they work this way regardless."

    Admins, feel free to incorporate this form somewhere on the website, or Traki can take it and use it to help people with class complaints effectively word their deep abiding problems with the current day's pvp results.

    (insert sarcasm font)
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