Bug Dwarf's Essence bug (the king of bugs)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sebastian_fl, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    So I thought I will never post on this forum again, as it is worthless, but I made a discovery that got me nuts, and I wanted at least share it with some respectful folks over here who might have been blind as I was.


    Essences, such as Essences of Combat, War and Destruction boost Dwarf's damage output on Mechanical Turret and Machine Gun Turret beyond defined by the description of the skills. Essentially, when the above essences are equipped, they multiply the damage output of the skills in question by 2x, 3x and 4x respectively, instead of working against Base damage of the character (ignoring the increased damage % attributes of items, sets and talent bonuses), despite the character window still showing the correct info and other dwarf's skills working normal.

    [Edit2. Other users report that Tesla, Dwarf in the Box and Tactical Turret are also affected by the bug.

    Shrapnel shot to be tested.]

    The bottom line is the end game 'crafted' dwarf plays on Blue like he was using Red essence.

    EDIT: Even worse, with Herald's set, the essence bonus works on top of the Herald's +150% bonus.

    As most of you probably know, essences do no count towards % increased damage attributes. So if Joe A. has 1000 of base damage, also using the 50% increased damage from the Wisdom tree, and also having single increased damage % stat on his weapon (50% increased damage) the following applies:
    1. His damage shown in character window would be 2000 with no essence. (1000+500+500).
    2. With blue essence equipped - 3000. 1000+500+500+1000.
    3. With purple - 4000. 1000+500+500+2000
    4. With red - 5. (1000+500+500+3000)

    It all works perfect with ever class and the character window shows correct information.

    Should Joe A. have more items with Increased Damage, the boost from the essences would be much lower. For example, in case of my mage with 17.5k dmg no essence, I only have ~35k on red, thanks to 4x dmg belt, 4xdmg torso, 1x line on weapon, and 50% Attack bonus from wisdom tree.

    Dwarf's character window also shows the correct info. But the correctness ends here.



    And finally the fun part

    1. Remember the 25x Attack talent being used, so it adds 50% more dmg.
    2. The base damage without attack bonus is 62
    3. Damage with Attack bonus - 62+50% = 93. {Correct}
    4. The damage shown with Blue essences - 62+(50%+100%) = 155 {Correct}
    5. The damage shown with Purple - 62+(50% + 200%) = 217 {Correct}

    The damage of the Machine gun turret is 175% per second. It delivers those 175% in 3 separate hits (3 times per second). The mobs resist/armor is 50%.

    Machine Gun Turret No Essence Damage - Expected:
    93*1.75 / 3 / 2 = 27.125
    27 {Correct}


    Machine Gun Turret Blue Essence Damage - Expected:
    155*1.75 / 3 / 2 = 45.2
    54 {Incorrect}


    Machine Gun Turret Purple Essence Damage - Expected:
    217*1.75 / 3 / 2 = 63.3
    81 {Incorrect}

    Mechanical turret delivers 65% of base dmg (no extra talents used)

    Mechanical Turret No Essence Damage - Expected:

    93*0.65 / 2 = 30.225
    30 {Correct}

    Mechanical Turret Blue Essence Damage - Expected:
    155*0.65 / 2 = 50.375
    60 {Incorrect}

    Mechanical Turret Purple Essence Damage - Expected:
    217*0.65 / 2 = 70.525
    91 {Incorrect}

    I don't have red essence to show the screens, but you can guess the output, tested by other people already, as well as every dwarf out there obviously knows about the bug, and is quietly abusing it.

    The numbers are small on the screen, as this is a few days dwarf without Increased Damage items. But guess what happens with an end-game dwarf. Lets take my Mage as a baseline for a mythical dwarf.


    As you see, with Red essence equipped, my poor mage's skills only hit 2.05x times harder comparing to no essences.

    Now imagine this being a dwarf. This dwarf turrets hit on red as his damage was 70260, not 35912. This dwarf's turrets hit on blue, like Mage's/Ranger's skills would on Red essence.

    Herald Bonus:
    I dont have lvl55 dwarf and dont own the herald set, but few friends already told me another insane detail.

    So the following applies to that mythical dwarf with my mage's stats.
    1. No essence dmg shown is 17565
    2. With q7 bonus damage shown is 26738
    3. On red with q7 bonus shown is 45085

    4. actual damage output of turrets is if the damage was !!!! 106952


    I really don't know what to say. Everyone told you about the balance already million times, everyone mentioned the dwarfensang, you've seen the chat asking for 4th dwarf, you've seen videos of littlelady killing infernal bosses in seconds (including the infernal II grimmag with less than 100 red essences).

    Everyone told you about the infernal debuff. this game was dwarfensang before, with that debuff you made it worse. and now as we know further debuff is coming.

    but this bug is just killing it... this is incredible for how long and how many dwarfs kept this secret

    There are also a bunch of videos of dwarfs killing bosses, having the stats shown. Check those out, from LittleLady (thx for sharing). The youtube channel name "Alincoln DSO". She (or he) also has a video named "[Drakensang Online] Q7 Set Buff Bug - Dwarf", where you can clearly see all the numbers of turret's damage with and without q7 bonus, with and without blue essences. The description of the video is hard to understand, but the numbers on screen speak on themselves.

    For instance, with the max damage shown in open character window:
    30822 (after blue and q7 bonus)
    Speed: 1.78
    The damage output on turrets is 34409, while it should not exceed

    30822 * 1.78 * 2.3275 / 3 (ticks per sec) / 2 (mobs armor) = ~21282.33
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  2. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    You are correct. I tested this with my dwarf.
    I didn't realize this before until you brought it into attention.

    My dwarf has a base damage of 2500, and was doing about 600-900 damage from machine gun without essences to monsters.
    I equipped blues, my character window shows damage as 4000 (which is correct), but now I am doing 1400-1800 from machine gun to monsters. Exactly double the damage when without essences.

    If you ask me, I prefer this aspect for all classes. That is how it should be. I hope BP will fix it the right way. Not nerfing the dwarfs but make the same thing for all classes. So with reds you will do 4x your final damage.
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  3. Nyo321

    Nyo321 Forum Greenhorn

    Look at this Brazilian topic and understand a little how the tower works Mechanics

    [Link removed]
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  4. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    1. why would anyone point to a portugese post on EN forum? do you want me to post a Czech link in reply or what?
    2. why wouldnt you read the original post first? it has nothing to do with the attack speed mentioned in that portugese discussion.

    I know exactly how the turrets work. have been testing them for hours today. The bug is confirmed by multiple dwarfs including the dwarf of the dwarfs, the little lady.
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  5. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    Wow, this is just absurd. Admittedly I thought dwarves were OP before this was even known..
    1. Can switch to ess only to drop turret and switch off and still get the ess boost (can potential deal 1million+ dmg in 5 ess, where other dps would take hundreds of ess).
    2. Most powerful ability (turrets) completely unaffected by the critical debuff in infernal modes.
    3. A class that completely neglects 2 entire offensive categories (critical rate and critical dmg) without penalty, allowing full allocation of resources and enchants into damage.

    And now there's THIS on top of it all??
    Just amazing. The evidence is indisputable, and yet nothing has been done with the majority of the community complaining for a year.
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  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    LittleLady does ~140k per hit with machine gun turret on red. Thats 140k*30 per one turret used, above 4 million damage on a skill that doesn't require any skill. And there are two of those, so 8M+ in 10 seconds for nothing. Even without that bug this is beyond ridiculous, yet there are also mechanical turrets, Tesla and rain none of which require engagement in a fight. Grimmag infernal II below 100 essences in a matter of seconds.
  7. Erebus

    Erebus User

    @Nyo321, although sometimes we allow links from other forums in this one when they add valuable input to the topic at hand, after having read it all, the thread you shared has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand here, also, try keep your posts friendly and abide to our Forum Rules, best regards.

    I'd also like to remind the rest of you, that this thread was created by @sebastian_fl to report an apparent bug, which we will escalate properly with all the data, not to be another long thread of rants that add nothing valuable to include in the reports or to escalate, this is an only warning, I understand this is a hot topic but that doesn't mean we'll let the forum rules be ignored because of that, best regards.
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  8. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Thanks for confirmation. I have tried to explain the essence nerf multiple times to Haruki in the past, once they just released lvl50 with all those increased damage bonuses. Since that time essences didn't add much value as they used to pre lvl50. But she confirmed it is working as intended, as it has always wokred, and essences are on purpose treated as another 'increased damage' bonus, so should not work on top of the others.

    In other words, even though I would also prefer essences double/triple the mages' damage like you dwarfs have now, I believe they will stick to the 'dwarf nerf' in this case to align the dwarf with other classes, not vice versa.

    As a side note, could you please, or anyone else, test other dwarfs skills that come after lvl32, like Tesla? Are they also impacted by the bug?
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  9. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    I've just asked to my guildmates to test it... o_O
  10. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    From my tests all the summoned skills have this bug.
    Dwarf in a box
    Tactical turret

    I'm lead to think that it occurs for all the summons (including guardian and wolfes).
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  11. GigaRe

    GigaRe Forum Greenhorn

    I just tested with my lv38 dwarf... without ess and 24 points to attack (48% more dmg) it has 135 damages, also I removed the talent wich increase machine gun tourret's damages by 33%.
    I went to Sigris (normal diff) and I set a Machine gun tourret, wich was dealing 42 dmg per hit. Then I switched to blue ess (226 damages) and I placed another tourret wich was dealing 85 damages.
    In the end I tryied with red ess (408 dmg) and the machinge gun tourret was dealing 169 damages.

    So I can confirm what @sebastian_fl is saying
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    When testing don't forget that Shrapnel Shot is dealing 100% fire damage and Tesla Coil is dealing 100% lightning damage. XD
  13. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    bump, huh?) Nice one.

    My dwarf is still lvl32 or something, I can't test it.

    Kindly ask other dwarfs to check it out. Will also test the miserable guardian, and perhaps some ranger can test the wolves/tree)
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Don't forget that their description is incorrect.
    The guardian is doing 75% lightning and 25% physical damage ... while the fire guardian 50% fire and 50% physical damage
  15. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    It is irrelevant. Mobs have 50/50 resist and armor. And who cares, as we only need to test delta between the noess and blue. Is it exactly 100% or less
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not quite ... if you compare it with Magic Missile the guardian(75%/25%) is doing less damage than the missile.
    The magic missile is doing 69% base damage as a physical damage ... if you select the "Increased Focus" talent that is 100% base damage. The guardian is doing 100% base damage as well ... but the Magic Missile is always dealing higher damage than the guardian.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
  17. Erebus

    Erebus User

    If you have screenshots like the ones provided in the first post, we'd appreciate you share them, a written claim with no data or proof to back it up probably won't make a significant impact.

    Also, @sebastian_fl if you'll be adding data from other classes' skills, please edit the title accordingly or start a dedicated thread for the SW/RA skills, I'd suggest (and prefer) the latter to avoid the data from the tests mixing together, best regards.
  18. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Tesla Without ess


    Tesla with ess


    Dwarf without ess


    Dwarf with ess


    Tactical tourret without ess


    Tactical turrets with ess


    BTW Herald set has no bug (it simply stacks with the other % DMG buff and it's then multiplied by the ess just watch the video mentioned and you clearly see 16.2k dmg with set buff and 32.4k dmg with set bonus + ess) and shrapnel shot is not affected while I'm pretty sure it's something affect any summoned skill that follow the "no crit dmg calc".
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
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  19. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Thanks for sharing. I didn't say Herald set is bugged, I said essences work on top of it, which you confirmed. And this is insane.
  20. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    The topic you mentioned is entitled "BUG in A7 set" (or something), I don't care who said it's bugged, it simply isn't.
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