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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello heroes!

    In celebration of the International Family's Day (May 15th), your moderation team has put together a new contest for you to have a chance of winning sweet prizes for your character. This time we'll have a story contest for all you creative writers in Dracania!

    To participate in the contest, you will need to write a short story which must have one of the NPC families from the game as main characters. The available ones are the following:
    • The old gods: Fyrgon, Artaya, Oceanus, Fjalnir and Mortis.
    • Mortis, The Dragon, Nefertari, Balor and Agathon.
    • King Harold, Queen Antonia and Prince Aldred.
    • Malyssa the witch and her 4 corrupted council witch sisters.
    • The brothers Sverre the essence merchant and Olaf the Norseman.
    • J'Ibal the atlantean elder and her sister J'Elaell.
    • King Murolosh Sparks and Queen Agrasha Carpenter.
    • Haruxa the essence merchant and her unnamed son (now a spy trainee under Janus Fox).
    • Agelox the armorer dwarf and his deceased wife, Gunilda the scout.
    • Arzlan the Tayaz, new High Priest of Fjalnir and his mother Nantli.
    • Acton the Tayaz and his daughter Canipi.
    • Papalotl the Tayaz and his deceased wife, Nonami.
    • Zahir the magical weaver and his cousin, Basem.
    • Bak the Shadaiqan and his deceased uncle Odi.
    • And of course all the Jullov family. :D

    You can choose any genre you want to base your story around (horror, comedy, love, action, drama, etc.), as long as it involves any of the in-game families provided as a basis/main characters, also you can add other existing characters or create brand new ones as long as the story still revolves around one of the families provided on the list above. Of course the story contents need to abide by the Forum Rules, any overly explicit, graphic or controversial stories will be disqualified, and deleted.

    Don't forget each of these families already has a story in the lore of Dracania. You can quote or paraphrase the original story for the chosen characters, but if it's just an adorned version of the in-game story it won't be valid for the contest either.

    The lenght of the story must range in between 800 and 1200 words, any stories that have less or more words than those established on the limits won't qualify for the contest.

    Rules of this contest:

    If you want to participate, make sure that you are following all these rules:

    1. You can participate with ONE ENTRY per global account ID.
    2. We will only accept texts in English.
    3. How to participate? Easy!:
    • Select one family group that was given above.
    • Write a script for it. Don't forget it needs to be between 800 and 1200 words only.
    • Upload your creativity and talent, and post it in THIS ENTRIES THREAD. Do not forget to write your character's name and server. If any of those information is missing, your script won't be accepted and, of course, you won't be able to get our awesome rewards!
    4. You can use any type of letter/font that you like and/or font colors. Just do not forget that, sometimes, the simpler, the better.
    5. Pictures, fan art, or images of any kind will not be accepted as part your entry post, won't earn you extra score, and will be deleted, same goes for videos and audio files, you have to rely 100% on your creative writing skills for this one.
    5. You can edit your submission post as many times as you want. In the end of our official contest, you should only have one final story, any editions after the entries thread is closed will be ignored.
    7. Any detection of copyrighted content will be disqualified. You can get inspiration from other sources, but do not copy them in any moment!
    8. Do not forget that this contest is meant to be an entertaining one. So, you should remember the difference between being funny and being disrespectful.
    10. This contest is for players who are active on the English Forum, not for those ones who are not actively participating in our community discussions (reserved only for those ones who made 5 posts or more in the last 30 days, no spam-posts of course).
    11. English Moderation Team reserves the right to disqualify and even apply temporary or permanent bans to those accounts that are not following the mentioned rules. Keep our thread focused on topic.

    The jury and final decision

    English Moderation Team is totally responsible for this decision. Each Moderator will give an evaluation to each story. More points, better rewards…, you know the deal. ;)
    You will know if you are one of the winners on 22nd of May.


    • 1st place: 20’000 andermant + 14 days Deluxe + 1000 draken + Obsidian wings (permanent)
    • 2nd place: 15’000 andermant + 14 days Deluxe + 500 draken
    • 3rd place: 10’000 andermant + 14 days Deluxe + 250 draken
    • 4th to 10th place: 5’000 andermant + 3 days Deluxe

    Contest starts: 11th of May, 12:00 CET (UTC +1)
    Contest finishes: 18th of May, 18:00 CET (UTC +1)
    Announcement of all winners: 22nd of May

    Are you ready for it?! Share with your adopted family story!

    We wish you the best of luck!
    Your EN Moderation Team. ;)
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