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  1. DSO Community Admin

    DSO Community Admin S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Release 185: enchantment transferring guide

    1. Enchantment Transferring guide

    • Step 1: Choose the unique you will be crafting with (dictates the required elemental cores for the craft);
    • Step 2: Choose the type of crafting you want to do: Pristine vs Soul Core crafting;
      • Step 2.1. - Pristine Core crafting is used if you wish to upgrade an unique with enchantments from a non-unique item;
      • Step 2.2. - Soul core crafting is used to place the enchantments from a lower tier IDENTICAL unique to a higer tier unique;
    • Step 3: Obtain the correct amount of the required Pristine/Soul Cores and Elemental Cores for your desired crafting;
    • Step 4: Place your destionation unique, consumable enchantment source, Pristine/Soul Cores, and Elemental Cores in the crafting window;
    • Step 5: Click craft and receive your unique with changed enchantments.

    2. Additional Info

    For Pristine crafting
    The non-unique item is always the one consumed along with cores
    Make sure to pay attention to the required number of cores as this is required for both the main and elemental cores.

    For Soul crafting
    Gems from the higher tier unique are preserved
    The lower tier unique is the item consumed along with cores
    Make sure to pay attention to the required number of cores as this is required for both the main and elemental cores

    3. Unique items that can be crafted at the moment

    • Parallel World Rings
      • Balor's Ring of Chaos;
      • Mortis' Ring of Death;
      • Fyrgon's Ring of Fire;
      • Fjalnir's Ring of Frost;
      • Artaya's Ring of Life;
      • Agathon's Ring of Order;
      • Oceanus' Ring of Poison.
    • Parallel World Single Uniques
      • Agrasha's Splendid Hauberg;
      • Grimmag's Starry Robe;
      • Cuchulain's Battle Armor;
      • Tegan's Suit of Armor;
      • Avenger;
      • Starlight;
      • Predator;
      • Cloaked Wrath;
      • Mechanicum;
      • Riddle;
      • Beast;
      • Justice.
    • Parallel World Boss Sets
      • Fiery Track's of Grimmag;
      • Grimmag's Flaming Wrath;
      • Arachna's Vigor of the Spider;
      • Arachna's Venomous Revenge;
      • Heredur's Royal Power;
      • Heredur's Royal Shield;
      • Bearach's Instinct;
      • Bearach's Storm (Bearach's Untamed Scorn; Bearach's Tormentor; Bearach's Torturer);
      • The Herald's Blazing Onslaught;
      • The Herald's Burning Thunder;
      • Sigrismarr's Eternal Ward;
      • Sigrismarr's Eternal Wrath.
    • Parallel World Start Sets
      • Visage of the Untouchables;
      • Shroud of the Untouchables;
      • Duty of the Untouchables;
      • Strike of the Untouchables;
      • Path of the Untouchables;
      • Defense of the Untouchables;
      • Resolve of the Alliance;
      • Unity of the Alliance.

  2. DSO Community Admin

    DSO Community Admin S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Cores Types
    How to use them?

    What kind of cores exist, where can they get them, what do they need them for, and how many do they need?
    If you look at the tooltip for the pristine cores or soul cores, it should give you an overview of the recipes for enchantment transferring. The piece of gear to receive the transfer will tell players which recipe and which type of core they are eligible to be used on. The amount of cores needed is the same for all core types: 150 for Tier I and 50 more for each additional Tier.

    Here an additional overview:

    Blazing CoreCrafting Resource for fire based iteme.g. Grimmag Set
    Frost CoreCrafting Resource for frost based iteme.g. Heredur Set
    Shock CoreCrafting Resource for lightning based iteme.g. Bearach Set
    Venom CoreCrafting Resource for poison based iteme.g. Arachna Set
    Dark CoreCrafting Resource for andermagic & fire based iteme.g. Balor's Ring of Chaos & The Herald's Burning Thunder
    Solid CoreCrafting Resource for non-element based iteme.g. Untouchable Set
    Draken CoreCrafting Resource for event itemsAdded with Release 189*
    Pristine CoreMain Resource to Pristine Core craftingTo transfer enchantments from normal items and to upgrade old unique items in this process
    Soul CoreMain Resource for Soul Core craftingTo transfer enchantments between different tiers of unique items
    In future releases we want to improve the explanations at the workbench itself and iterate on the crafting features based on the community feedback.

    • The first opportunity to get them will be by killing The Bloodmage in the upcoming Full Moon Event.
    • After they make their debut at the upcoming Full Moon event, they will start dropping from all future event bosses.
    • The number of cores dropped per boss kill scales with the difficulty level chosen, exactly in the same quantity as the cores obtainable in the parallel worlds (same exact game mechanic).

    Why would people want to transfer enchantments over from lower tiered items?
    Let’s assume you found a Tier 3 “The Heralds Burning Thunder” and like the special ability but hate the enchantments on it. You can use Pristine Cores with that item on the workbench to transfer your 4 golden “Improved Damage on this Item” enchantments from your Legendary Two-Hand-Mace onto the “The Heralds Burning Thunder” to create an extremely good weapon.

    After doing this, you will be so powerful that you go play on Infernal Mode. While playing on Infernal Mode, you find the Tier 4 “The Heralds Burning Thunder”, which has a higher base damage as your current weapon. So now you can use “Soul Core Crafting” to transfer the 4 golden “Improved Damage on this Item” enchantments from the Tier 3 item to the Tier 4 item.

    We want the players to be able to interact with the new crafting options early without being afraid to lose something when they do not apply it to the most powerful version possible. It is a hack and slash game and we intend to add new powerful things from time to time, but at the same time we don’t want to destroy all of the effort players already invested into the game (e.g. crafting the best legendary item possible). So we laid out the system in this content expansion to give players more flexible builds.​
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