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    Official Walkthrough:


    Defeat boss Sargon to get parts of the new level 45 armor-set. Figure out what’s behind Dragan’s plan to steal the eggs from mini boss Arachna – the monstrous spider bandit. Maybe you can find a hint in Sargon's Shadowfort?

    During the course of the event you will witness and be part of Dragan of the Damned’s plan and his betrayal against Sargon the Terrible. This time, Sargon’s big plan is to capture the monstrous spider bandit Arachna. She and her unborn spiders are meant to become Sargon’s obedient minions. But instead of following Sargon’s orders, Dragan decides to plot against Sargon! You will encounter Dragan and his vanguard, the black knights, in Arachna’s lair. There, Dragan reveals to you the plan to manipulate Arachna's spider eggs in Sargon's Shadowfort to weaken the strength of Sargon - The Terrible and his minions. Ultimately, you and Dragan will join forces to take down Sargon once and for all.


    Easter Themed Rewards
    An Easter event without Easter eggs? Think again! After all you and Dragan will work together and search for eggs! Well, maybe not your traditional and colorful Easter eggs but instead you will be looking for oozy spider eggs, yum!
    Of course, Easter wouldn’t be the same without the Easter bunny! During the event you have the chance to obtain not only one but even two kinds of bunnies, representing good and evil alignment:

    The Hoppy Bunny is a new pet and available at Grizmek’s, the tamer’s store, and can also be purchased from the in-game store (hotkey: T) in exchange for Andermant. Note: this fluffy companion is only available during this event!
    Enchantment: + 5% more hitpoints


    You probably spotted this freaky fellow already on the artwork of the event where he’s in Sargon’s arms. If you progress far enough through the event you might get the chance to steal Sargon’s private pet, the
    Goth Hare and become its new owner.
    Enchantment: + 3% critical hit rate


    Shadow Minion Costume
    Each time you defeat Sargon you get the chance to receive parts of the Shadow Minion costume. To get the full shadow minion costume you simply combine all shadow minion parts on the workbench.
    Workbenches can be found in every major city of Dracania.

    Event progress

    You will receive a notification about the start of the event. It will appear on the left hand side of the screen. From that moment onwards, all worthy monsters in the game world have a chance to drop:
    • Essences of Light (are needed to harm Sargon. Without them, he is immune to damage)
    • Coffee Beans (which are needed to enter the first event location – the Troll Canyon by Night)
    Worthy opponents/monster: All monsters that are your character’s level plus/minus 5 levels

    Quest overview
    The following quests can only be accepted during the event:

    Main Quests
    • Web of Lies (1/3)
    • Web of Lies (2/3)
    • Web of Lies (3/3)

    Sub Quests
    • Terrors of the Night (1/1)
    • Terrors of the Night (repeatable quest)
    • Sargon's Shade
    • Vigilance
    • The Key to Happiness
    • Where the wild shadows roam

    The Event:
    How to start the event
    In order to start the event you need to approach “Sir Hardy” (pictured) who stands in front of “King Harold” (Kingshill). You can find Sir Hardy in every major city of Dracania except Grimford. Sir Hardy will offer you a series of quests which you will need to accept to participate in the event.
    Enter the first event location (Troll Canyon by Night) by clicking on the blue arrow which is located close to “Sir Hardy”.
    Starting Location:


    Troll Canyon by Night
    In the first event location you will need to fight against several monster types; you will face many monsters attacking you with long ranged attack, therefore keep moving so that the monsters cannot hit you. They are not easy to defeat but if you continue fighting with a strategy, you will surely manage, even more so in a group. It’s worth slaying all monsters, keep in mind that all of them bear the chance to drop progress items (shadows) and the following items:
    • Shadow Portal: Upon activation via right click this item allows you to teleport directly to the location Sargon’s Shadowfort.
    • Mighty Shadow Portal: This item will teleport you directly to the location Sargon’s Shadowfort, however, the difficulty degree of this map is higher than usual.
    • Shadows (event progress item): These items have the shape of a trophy. Collect them and you will fill the event progress bar.
    • Essences of Light: You will need these essences to be able to harm Sargon during battle. Essences of Light will drop from every worthy opponent anywhere in Dracania, but monsters in the Troll Canyon by Night drop a higher stack size than elsewhere.
    If you have finished the tasks, congratulations! Now go back to “Sir Hardy” and speak to him.

    Final location:

    Sargon’s Shadowfort
    Once you survived the journey through the Troll Canyon by Night, you will see a portal that is being guarded by two knights. This is the gate to Sargon’s Shadowfort, the final destination. To access Sargon’s Shadowfort you will need an item called the Shadow Portal. You need to go to Jon Sunlair, who you can find in every city except Grimford and complete the quest Web of Lies. Once you have the Shadow portal in your inventory, you can activate the portal with the right mouse button and enter Sargon’s Shadowfort.

    In Sargon’s Shadowfort, you will start an alternative kind of Easter egg hunt; you will be searching for Arachna’s spider eggs. These eggs will become a vital weapon in the battle against Sargon. Once you have located a spider egg you will need to activate it by filling it with Essences of Light. When activated correctly, the spider egg will start to glow vividly. The light that the egg radiates is an aura which will weaken all enemies in range. Bear in mind that the aura will disappear after 5 minutes. Playing solo? Do not worry! Dragan will send one of his vanguards, a black knight, to assist you during the journey – but only if you use the horn which you receive after finishing the third quest of Web of Lies.

    Carry on with the easter (spider) egg hunt until you encounter the end boss, Sargon the Terrible.

    The End Boss Fight

    If you have never ever seen Sargon the Terrible before, you will recognize him by his big size and his purple tag (pictured below). The ill-humored master of shadows will not be pleased by your visit and will start to attack you immediately. Beware, hero; a long fight is ahead of you – count in 10-30 min for the battle against Sargon. During the battle, Sargon will summon several minions to keep you busy.

    Sargon is a tough enemy. Like a proper nemesis, Sargon will resurrect and become stronger after the first time you have slain him. In total, Sargon will undergo four phases, which also means you have to defeat him four times. Be extraordinarily vigilant during the last phases; Sargon will conjure extremely deadly meteor showers. You can predict their impact; whenever you see a purple flame on the ground it is time to leg it! Those of you who defeat Sargon have the chance to pry valuable drops from Sargon’s colder and deader than usual hands such as:

    • Sargon’s armor-set
    • Sargon’s weapon-set
    • Sargon’s costume
    • Unique emotes

    Good to know

    • During this event, you can finish 9 quests.
    • You can visit the event locations for the complete runtime of the event.
    • You receive a reward every time when you cross a checkpoint on the event progress-bar.
    • Notification package – Once a day you will get a package when opening the event notification. This package contains:
    Item Amount
    Coffee Beans: 5
    Ordinary Essences of Light: 250
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I still have the quest ‘Entering the Shadow Kingdom’ open from the previous ‘Terrifying Shadows Event’. The quest states that I have to kill Sargon 999 times. Is the quest still active for this Terrifying Shadows Event?

    Yes it is! Whenever you defeat one of Sargon’s four phases the counter of the quest is updated. Thus, one whole battle against Sargon will add four counts to your quest counter.

    In the previous ‘Terrifying Shadows Event’ I could accept the quest ‘Entering the Shadow Kingdom’ (defeat Sargon 999 times). Which NPC is offering this quest now?

    Unfortunately, this is a unique quest and was only available during the previous Terrifying Shadows Event. None of the NPCs is offering this quest during this event.

    Wait a second, if Sargon will be defeated once and for all, then how am I supposed to defeat him 999 times and complete the quest ‘Entering the Shadow Kingdom’?

    Sargon may not be able to materialize in this world anymore ... for now. But his spirit remains, banned to the Anderworld, waiting for his chance to have terrible revenge.

    I have found a strange object whose name consists only of question marks (??????), what is this?

    Congrats, that would be one of the actual “easter eggs” that Drakensang Online has. You may refer to them as piglets. During every event you can find these hidden piglets scattered around the maps. Click on the piglet and receive a small surprise.

    We hope that you like our Easter event and teach Sargon a lesson!!!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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