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    Summer Solstice Event


    12.7 12:00 - 16.7 23:59

    Event Summary
    The Summer Solstice Festival in Helios is about to start,
    but problems occured during the preparations. Aid is needed to ensure a successful festival!!

    Festive Preparations
    Troublemakers are trying to ruin summer solstice festival, Sir Hardy and Phestos request urgent aid.
    You can find them at Kinsgshill’s harbor and fairground.

    Insignia of Helpfulness



    Progress Bars


    Ferry Tickets
    Obtainable from worthy enemies.
    Required to enter the Kalodoro map

    upload_2021-7-8_20-58-2.png upload_2021-7-8_20-58-27.png

    Solar Coins
    Obtainable from event progress bars and quests.
    Are used for buying goodies from Solstice Festival Merchants


    Preparation's Thieving Creatures
    Includes 5 quests from NPC's
    After finishing each of the other 5 quests, there will be a mini-boss spawning

    Summer Solstice Festival
    12.7 12:00 - 16.7 23:59
    Festival Includes 4 mini-games from which you can get Set items , Unique items , Runes , Gems and Glowing Starfish
    In order to participate in mini-games you will need mini-game ticket.


    Underground Chamber

    Choose the chests you would like to open by clicking on the plates in front of them , you can choose as many plates as you want BUT be aware of that if you hit a blank chest the game is over...


    Arena of Endurance

    Enter the arena of endurance and survive as long as you can without using skills , once the time is up reward chest will appear , amount is based on your results.​


    Meanie Rumble

    Enter the arena and try to defeat as many meanies as possible during the allotted time. Reward chests will appear based on your results.



    To access this specific attraction you will need fishing rods , each fishing vat requires 1 of it


    Possible Rewards from Fishing
    Spirit stones , Color bombs (consumable) , Fragments of infernal passages , Gems (low rarity) , Mini-game tickets , Lockpicks , Spirit guard , Customization colors , Solar coins , Glowing starfish (normal rarity)​

    Summer Solstice Tokens



    Premium and Summer Scroll of Equipment

    upload_2021-7-12_15-21-45.png upload_2021-7-12_15-21-49.png

    upload_2021-7-12_15-22-32.png upload_2021-7-12_15-23-29.png

    Event Attires

    For more detailed information, download the PDF file here
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