Feedback Event Infested Sewers of Kingshill.

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Apr 11, 2017.

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  1. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    For those who dont know, the challenge is not to be finished in 1 day, also it is not to be finished by farming the maps. The best way to finish it is to enter the boss map. In normal difficulty, after killing the wormsm the chest gives 150 progress min. I tried fatal and i got 300 progress for 1 run inthe boss map. If you also use the buff you take from the progress bar, 15 days to finish the challenge is not as bad as you are implying, of course i dont agree with the way the approached this event, but in the end, i think its "finishable"
  2. estellemarrie

    estellemarrie Forum Greenhorn

    i can not use the rat at the work bench with the bell,mask and rat lure case
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  3. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    So far, after casual play, i finished 10% of chalenge. All on normal.
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  4. Play.4.Fun

    Play.4.Fun Someday Author

    Its 80/120/160... on normal for me.

    And what exactly thay expect us to pay for? Only 2 runes are worth reward in this challange... and runes are not good enought to pay lots of anders to get them.

    We are not kids, do you pay 50$ for slice of pizza? Or 150$ for t-shirt? No, so why they expect us to pay lot of money for something that is not even close to slice of pizza? :)
  5. xxxVenom

    xxxVenom Forum Apprentice

    So, and why don't count my golden dogtags I collected during the main event in the sewer areas not towards the progress for the mini event? I mean the drop rate of the golden tags isn't as big as the drop rate for those normal tags, yet you need approx 2000 more to finish the mini event in a shorter period of time. So, I got 7 already from the main event (yay :D ) and they can't make that wee amount count towards that progress bar? ... Pathetic! :confused:
  6. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Oh, don't get me wrong. The whole price switcheroo fiasco is just an amusing sideshow to this event. The devs shooting themselves in the foot and worsening a bad rep.

    There is no reason to pay anders for anything in this event; either the pseudo-main or the challenge. But players do. You see them all the time with the latest cash mount or whatever in the game.

    My original post in this thread commented on how this event was just a ton of farming. That is still true and since I have done the farming the challenge will be easily completed.

    I had two alts that needed to complete the boss challenges for clovers. About 30 minutes each did 2 runs in Crypt sewers for the 5 champs/ldrs, popped over to Yolotl to kill Balor once and then back to the Castle sewers 3 times for 3 worthy bosses (only 1 out of each group of 9 counts as a worthy boss.)

    The progress for the challenge on each was 585 and 543. So about 1/10 complete in 30 minutes.

    Now these are just alts on this account and I will need to do some more farming if I decide to complete the mini-event with them. But my main, lol, appears to have overkilled the farming so I need about 4 or 5 hours to do the mini at a fairly casual pace.

    So if a player can stand the farming completing this event is no big deal. Also even if the main has not even been started yet progress for the main is still dropping in the maps along with the mini and there is plenty of time left.

    Luck be with ye,
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  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You're running on Painful? So about 480-520 progress came from the Castle, and the other 60-70 from the 2 Crypt runs.

    I'm averaging about 35 progress per Crypt run on Normal, 120 or 160 per Castle run (3 x 120 + 1 x 160 so far). Problem is, Castle runs are limited by how many Valves you can craft, pick up from event progress, or luck into from one of the event bags.

    Special mini-bosses with valve parts show up every 2-3 runs, and tend to drop one of the two parts for that sewer more frequently, so you can't do 4 runs (2 in Harbor, 2 in Crypt) and end up with a crafted valve, more like 16 runs. I have 4 handles, 0 stems, 7 springs and 4 gates (and one of the handles actually dropped in the Crypt, not the Harbor).

    I'm going to guestimate I'll make 1,200-1,400 progress from the Castle ... I need to make about 120 runs combined between Harbor and Crypt (that's assuming Harbor drops the same average of 35 progress per run as the Crypt). Spilt evenly, that's 1,800 keys.

    My runs in the Fairground sewers average about 7 keys dropped (as few as 3 as many as 12) ... that's over 250 runs in the Fairgrounds just so I can make the 60 runs each in the Harbor and Crypt so I can make the 10 runs in the Castle.

    Now, we do get 2 +1 1hr buffs from the progress bar, and 1 +5 10 minute buffs, plus 5 valves. And, if you're diligent and have good eyesight, you can pick up a few keys and even possibly progress from piggies (I got 1 golden plumber's dogtag in the first 8 days or so of the main event :p). So, let's say it takes an average of 10 minutes per run (yes, some of you will be faster, but I'm talking about me ;)), the buffs = about 575 progress or 16 runs ... and the 5 "free" valves = ~20 additional runs ... so, I'll lower my estimate to 84 runs combined in Harbor + Crypt, plus 180 runs in the Fairgrounds + 15 runs in the Castle. About 270 various sewer runs total, or 45 hours.

    So, doable, "only" 3 hours per day, every day, 15 days straight. Ignoring Daily Quests, reading and responding to Forums posts :rolleyes:, and foregoing other leisure activities. (And, yes, I did farm some keys ahead of time, but only ~250, not 1,200-1,500.)
  8. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    The reason they upped the buff prices ????
    How many people used Anders to buy a buff instead of having some patience ??
    Oh so many people wil pay to finish the event fast we will up the prices some will still buy the buffs at exorbitant prices
    I don't pay to play in fact I hardly play at all anymore after 4 years of playing main reason watched them destroy my toon multiple times I actually wish I had the sense to say wow enough of this when they did the 2nd level cap 45-50
    Thanks BP you guys have made me realise how much I was missing in real life :)
    This event was fun up until this move more bad publicity for DSO dig the last few $$$ out of those willing to spend before this goes offline altogether :)
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  9. Unagiri

    Unagiri Someday Author

    Perhaps the marketing team figured that by making the buff comparable in price to the 100 golden tags from the store, people will now actually buy the latter instead.

    The buff only lasts you 10mins, and on normal as noted by dkarl, that only nets you approx 36-40 tags (which is what I got too since I also had to keep running into the toxic areas and run out periodically because I have no lever or any more of the vaccination). For the same price, and without the effort of several rounds of farming for keys to get into the crypt and then more farming - again, perfectly described by dkarl, you get more than triple the tags.

    Put in that perspective, the 100 gold tags from the store at the same price will seem like a good deal now, for the weaker minded.

    I'm not saying it justifies the price. I'm proposing a potential $$ reason.
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  10. Gevilson

    Gevilson Active Author

    Well, if you are really struggling with the progress, Gnob is selling a "Small Sewers Laborer's Bag Stick" for 199 Drakens. In 4 of them I got 1x valve to the castle sewers and 3x +10 buffs. Each +10 is worth 1k or possibly more progress, saving hundreds of keys.
  11. Unagiri

    Unagiri Someday Author

    Isn't that an indirect way of endorsing the exorbitant price?
  12. Gevilson

    Gevilson Active Author

    Depends on how you see it. :p My drakens, not bought. Same if I bought buffs with my farmed andermants, except that I have no use for the drakens atm.
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  13. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    I bought 2 bags at the gnob (for 398 drakens) and I found a slice of Salami Bread :)D:D:D)... so, in two runs at the cryipt i collected 800+ progress, gaining the plumber's bags which gave me other buffs etc... it's quite easy to finish, except for the first "rush" to get the 3 bags (with which you can finish the mini in 1 hour)... (i'm not saying it's a good thing)
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Where are the old community and the old creative players?
    The buffs prices are justified ... if you ask me.
    You don't need no buffs ... you don't need to farm more than just a few runs per day. There is no reason to play in normal difficulty ... except you are playing a twink. These monsters are so easy to kill ... you can all play in at least painful difficulty ... and don't give me that "your ranger is OP" BS because every single newbie I know is having easy runs in painful.
    1. Open your eyes and find the pigs every time you are in m2 and m3. Those pigs can give you everything from essences to keys and Valve of the Castle's Sewer.
    2. You shouldn't play in group... you should play solo
    3. Open the Neat Amphoras ... they can also give you everything
    4. I will share one of my ancient Chinese secrets I discovered long time ago when I was younger ... 1900 years ago.
    All you need is a mount and 30-60 minutes per day.
    Location: M1
    Difficulty: Fatal
    Objective: Farm the closest 3x Neat Amphoras and get the hell out of the map

    This is B3rs3rk3r's legend map uploaded to DSO Wiki ... I just made the arrows for the route.
    All you have to do is enter M1 Fatal and run and farm the amphoras


    Enter -- open 3x -- Exit
    Enter -- open 3x -- Exit
    Enter -- open 3x -- Exit
    Enter -- open 3x -- Exit
    Enter -- open 3x -- Exit
    .... ... ... ... ... ...

    5. Stop whining ...

    There you go ... now you have resources ... and maybe some good gear for crafting ... without killing a single monster.

    After all I have said in this thread ... if you still need buffs ... then ... those people should be justifiably ripped off.
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  15. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Eh, well... the secret's out :D. Wanted to give up at first, but didn't. Guess they forgot to plus that bag Gnob sells to 19900, LOL. When I noticed it, I realized it's a great workaround to the exorbitant Ander prices (or maybe they did intend us to use Draken too... not sure which, but that lil' bag is quite worth the price if you don't mind spending some of your earned Draken) though this does not excuse the blatantly obvious quick-change in buff prices and duration, so people cannot use a modest sum of Ander (that you'd get back anyway while farming an hour) to finish at a great pace. Yeah, in the end you don't even need them - it's just not pleasant being given the middle finger like that (it's not what has been done than how it was done), complete with the intrusive downtime.

    But the bigger thing is the mini progress drop @ the boss map. Finished it on the first day. Surely, nowhere does it say it should drop that (making me wonder if this too is a slip or not), but it's an awesome way of doing the mini... don't even need buffs after all, but you need event essences. So, after all, used the Gnob bag more to get quick essence than mini buffs (LOL, ended up with 10 on my hands... none used xD).

    In conclusion, yeah... all that was really needed for this event is some decent farming for resources. If they leave everything like this, I return to my former opinion that this is a nice event with some flaws, but altogether better than what we use to get. The backfire from some stuff was to be expected, but now the storm subsided.
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  16. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Way to go Trak, give all the secrets away.... I've been doing the front 5 myself. Plenty easy even on fatal.

    I do have one serious question, do the bosses ever show up in the mini? I have seen the maggot boss once but that has been it.

    For feedback, this seems like a typical DSO event.

    1. Plenty of grind.
    2. Nothing truly exciting when it comes to rewards.
    3. Over priced boosts for those who wish to pay.
    4. Way too many inventory spaces taking up space during the event.
    5. Yet another special essence.
    6. Monsters that run away for some annoying reason (this bites when using DK).
    7. Most players are better off running the PW maps.

    For the positive; the art work is once again very good.

    It's just a pure shame that everyone working at DSO isn't as good at their jobs as those working in the art dept.
  17. Unagiri

    Unagiri Someday Author

    Thanks for the tip, Trakilaki.

    I'll be sure to try the runs in Fatal once I get to Level 50 since anything above Painful is Level 50+ only. As it stands, I haven't found Painful to offer subtantially more in terms of time-items ratio.
  18. .Baraba.

    .Baraba. Advanced

    That is not true. Mini-boss is always on the map, every run. And yes, chance for droping part is not 50:50... its more like 40:60.
    And thats ok, if you dont belive me just wait for Undefeatable XI (since similar mechanics) because I guess that chance for doll part will be 20:80

    Main problem with event (and challange) is that is made for lvl50+ players. With lvl54 I can finish how ever you want, my lvl41 toon have decent drop, but lvl34 must farm like crazy to do event. IMO most of post hire is because drop for player below lvl40. So question is what the hell are doing players lvl20-30? If BP want to make event for higher lvls thay could easy put limit to lvl35-40-45.

    EDIT: My only remark of this event is: What are you thinking when you make event items use 14-18 space in inv????? 4 items for ess, 3 part of the valve, and valve, 1-2 for buffs, 2 space for HPots, 2-3 for ess, 1 keys, 1 dogtags (still collected and use space even after finishing event), 1 golden dogtags....
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  19. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Oh C'mon DID YOU ALL really thinks that prices are chandeg due to our forum posts ?
    It is marketing and this is simply the same Bp trap.

    The "main" starting event was a simple introduction to the "MINI" real main event.

    TWO RUNS :
    1st mini run : 14 advance
    2nd mini run : 10 advance

    After 2 mod1 runs I finished mini event at 24/5650.
    Even with an Active bless I 'll be at 240/5650.....
    Seriously ?

    Oh man, we all know it and we all know how newBP works.
    So, why now we all are so upset or incredulous about ?
  20. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I appreciate your suggestion, it just doesn't work for me. I chose the other closest amphora up the NE passage instead of the 2nd amphora up the NW passage across the bridge, as there are way too many rats swarming there. So, I did 3x amphora each run on fatal, for 15 minutes (on a timer, not an estimate): Zero keys. (Not 100% true, as I would got knocked off my mount sometimes and ended up killing some of the mobs, so got 3 keys from rats ... I ran the amphora an additional 3 or 4 minutes to compensate for the time lost during those battles).

    I did get a few other items from the neat amphora: 1 amphora key, 3 draken, 10 Tier 3 green (two of which I'll use as junk for crafting, sold the rest), and 1 Tier 3 exo (melted), plus a few of the event components which will go toward creating more essence. I think andermant dropped once and ancient wisdom several times (which I no longer need at wisdom level 55; CORRECTION: I'm only Lvl53 wisdom, so those drops >are< useful), but I didn't keep track of that. Oh, and one universal health potion, but I ended up net negative as I used several in my few battles with the rat mobs.

    Do the servers get different drop tables (I'm on Tegan)???? Or am I just unlucky?

    Anyway, based on that test, sticking to my 7 or 8 keys per full dungeon run on Normal is the only sensible, if painfully slow, recourse. (EDIT: Just did a full M1 Normal run: 9 keys, none from amphora.)


    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Why is the challenge progress rewards so back-loaded? We get a rucksack and 4 valves (on Normal M4 is yielding between 120 and 200 progress per run) with only about 1,000 progress remaining? Those would be much more useful earlier in the challenge, especially the better rucksack, which might contain a progress drop buff.

    Devs, please, please pay attention to the flow of this event and challenge. I'll end up with 1,000's of extra main event progress, plus multiple main event progress drop buffs and bags (again, containing main event progress and potentially main even progress buffs), all while struggling to manage challenge progress.

    I guess I'll get to be one of those "completed the main event in 3 hours" guys next time around.


    Does the Ambushing Worm only provide the one-time Achievement, but otherwise drop nothing? I haven't seen anything from it, yet.

    Does The Peeler exist? Haven't run into him, yet.

    Finally got the Mother of Maggots a couple runs ago. Her drops were anti-climactic, as I'd already completed the main event a couple of days ago and she mainly dropped the basic Plumber's Dogtags (she did drop one piece of the Castle sewer valve).


    I'm starting to think it makes no sense to kill the poison gas mobs, as they eat up the event essence while only giving a small amount of challenge progress in return. I may just abandon them, farm the mini-bosses & champions for valve parts, conserve my event essences for only Castle sewer runs. At an average of ~135 progress per pass on Normal, I only need 20 more Castle runs to complete the challenge. :( I'm going to run out of event essence well before then unless the Sewer Parasite drops in the Fairground ramp up.

    That's another thing that's ticking me off: I have enough Andermight Powder for just over 1 event essence craft, only 40% of the necessary Sewer Parasites, 2 x required Rat Lures, and 6 x the required Nightglow Lilies ... luck, or intentionally imbalanced drop rates so that we're forced to buy the materials and/or essence?
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