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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Heroes,

    We apologise to those who were affected by the malfunction of the quest Sabotage part 5 out of 8. Our Team is preparing a compensation which will work as follows: Every player who was affected by the bug should get the invested cursed pearls back.

    Please see the following table for the cursed pearl amount that will be refunded:
    Sabotage 1/8 - 200
    Sabotage 2/8 - 200 ( since you only run around in the castle )
    Sabotage 3/8 - 200
    Sabotage 4/8 - 200
    Sabotage 5/8 - - ( since this was not completed and partly erased )

    In addition:
    + a bonus of 340 pearls for every affected player! (as apology from us)
    Every player who accepted the quest row Sabotage – and got it erased and reset after the hotfix will receive at least 340 cursed pearls.

    So a player who finished the first quest (Sabotage 1/8) and was also affected by the a bugged chest would get 540 (200 for the quest + 340 as bonus) pearls as compensation back. A player who finished all quests and had the bug with every chest would get 1140 (800 for the quest + 340 as bonus) pearls back.​


    Tomorrow on Twitch TV – you will hear more details about it.​

    The script is likely to be executed today throughout the day – it will not require a downtime. Please make sure you accept the compensation with the correct character.
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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