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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Aslandroth, May 4, 2020.

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  1. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Advanced

    Could you just please do the right thing and autoloot every event related or quest related drop? Nobody decides to NOT pick these items up. You are either too lazy to code it, or you are intentionally injecting slowdown. Either of the two is inexcusable. Just make this minor change once and for all, for existing and future events. At least pretend to respect your player base.

    While you are at it, do the same for gems and essences. Nobody ever chooses to leave those behind. You know this.
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  2. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there. Similar requests have been made numerous times in the past. We collect such requests and include them in our reports. I will include this request/suggestion in my report ( again) ;

  3. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    The usual argument against auto-pickup is that it feels good to pick up the loot manually. It feels like you are gaining maybe even more than you really are gaining.

    I don't really agree with that. I've played games where the player is picking up lots of things that are just pulled towards the player's character at a certain distance, and picked up automatically. And it felt really good, especially if there was some visual effect to it, in a similar way to DSO's audio visual effect when a healing sphere is picked up - it actually looks really nice.

    So yes to auto-pickup the things you're talking about (event things, ess, maybe gems, etc. ...).

    But what should get updated along with that is the design of the way the game tells you about the things you've just picked up. What do I mean? When you open mystic cubes or daily login chests and similar containers, it is displayed on screen what items you've just received, right? But it gets displayed one after another, one by one, and so if you receive like 20 items by opening a few such boxes, you have to wait for a long time till all the items are displayed one by one, and since not all of them go to your basic inventory, sometimes it is not immediately obvious what all the received items are.

    So, while opening boxes and when auto-pickup is happening, it would be much better if all the picked up items were displayed as a list of icons, perhaps horizontally at about the same spot where it's happening now when opening boxes, but with the difference that it should display about 10 most recently picked up items and each item is displayed for 8 or 10 or so seconds, and perhaps with a nice visual effect so the whole touchy feely psychological effect of picking up stuff is preserved :3
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  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Baron

    Another solution would be to have a "Pickup list" over in the chat that is a running log. Then one could just switch over to that "log" and see the list of what was picked up, just like you can scroll back in the text (All, Group, Guild, Region).

    Catch there is the "Pickup List" wouldn't display in the "All" group.
  5. taunia

    taunia Forum Greenhorn

    auto pick up would be good. New mob spawning or group movement causes much to be missed.

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