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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Fugnuts, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Hello all,

    I'd like to propose a new feature if possible.We all know that we have like 1 million cores that we can farm (why did we need so many instead of keeping these to max 3-4 only BP knows but im not going to argue about this in this topic x).This is the first thing that we can agree on hopefully lol.

    Anyways so ill start by giving the mage class as an example since its my main.The things are quite simple here.If you play with q4 set as a mage you have no use for blazing cores (unless you want to go for q7 gloves in pvp).If you play with q7 set you only need blazing cores for the gloves and nothing else.Same for shock cores for instance.If you dont use q8 ornament or q4 belt you dont need them (since most mages go for kara ornament and kara belt).The mage class is not the only one "affected" by this.Every other class has some type(s) of cores that are useless to them.

    Id like to suggest that a way to exchange them to be possible.Even if its not at the same ratio (1:1 ...1x blazing core for any other core) it will still be better than having useless cores in our inventories.Sure, you can say that if i need a certain type of core, then i should go farm the map that gives me those certain type of cores, but let me ask you, what about these thousands of cores that i/we have farmed already?Why should these thousands of extra cores be nothing than wasted time and not help at all?

    There can be a new NPC in Cardhun for instance who would say something like "Hello there..wanna exchange 10x xxxx cores for 10x xxx cores (BP can work upon making a fair exchange ratio).

    DSO's dev team always said that they want to find better ways to remove grinding.Imo this is good step in that direction.Maybe today this is not such a big issue but imagine in a few years...we will end up with tens of thousands of useless cores and for what?If you look at the new items that are being released, most of them require draken cores for instance.Most of us need these for instance or those soul cores or pristine cores and have a lot of cores that we dont need.Why shouldnt we put those cores that we dont need to good use?

    Just an idea...negative or positive feedback always welcomed...so shoot x)
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  2. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    Ia have the same problem on my tank build i realy need that solid cores that drop random on all bosses.I need to craft my Ken set plus rings. So i need for 5 pieces of equipment and i also have 1.5k blazing core that i can gladly trade for 500 solid cores or for 150 augment cores.The ratio can differ from core to core they can put some core rafiners that you can buy with andermant or drakens if they want to limit the exchange.
    That way you can farm where you like or you need and still get what you want for craft with some extra charge.
  3. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    I don't like the idea even though it would benefit most people, I still think people need to earn their way to rewards for hard work. That includes basic grind work like farming cores.

    I do agree that past certain point, the cores just aggregate in the inventory having 0 meaning.

    Maybe enable dumping cores into Jesters?

    Or exchange cores for gold?
  4. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    I like the idea partially :
    maybe a 1 to 10 trade , could be taken into consideration.
  5. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master


    We need these to be added in the currency bag at least if BP doesnt want us to exchange them for other type of cores.Im starting to drop these as i pick them up or dont pick them up at all, along with blazing cores.Or at least make any legendary chest that can be open once the boss is killed drop different type of cores too along with pristines.For instance they could all drop pristine+soul+solid+augument at a 25% drop rate.

    Also i dont see why people are so against the idea of exchanging some cores for other cores, especially echanging with augument cores since BP likes to add more and more items that start at tier 0 and we need a lot of auguments to upgrade them.By making this happen we could try other setups, test other items, have multiple sets and so on instead of running with q7/q4 because its too expensive to test other items.

    Even if it was 1:5 ratio it would still be better than having to drop these because they are pointless after a certain point.

    The way i see it, allowing us to exchange a type of core for another doesnt come with any minus.As i said it will allow us to test and play with other items, will make the transition between one infernal mode to another much easier and will lower the amount of grinding that this game requires nowadays.

    I agree with u up to a point.Im my case, the "hard work" is not giving me anything in return now xD.Besides if u exchange lets say blazing cores to another type of core that u need it doesnt mean that u get free cores.You still have to farm or had to farm for those blazing cores.Its not like you got those for free.This way your hard work through which u acquired those blazing cores wont go to waste once u get 9999 of them.

    Also if we have the possibility to exchange x core to y core u can farm the maps that you like more instead of being forced to farm those maps which you hate.Isnt this the main goal here? To have fun instead of being forced to do what you dont like?
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  6. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    A this point any kind of alternative use for those cores would be good.
    IMHO ELEMENTAL cores (not soul or pristine cores which can be bought for materi fragments) should be convertable in augment cores (1:10 ratio could be good but I would accept even a 1:20 ratio).
    I would make Soul & pristine cores sellable for gold (actually I would make sellable any core but for pristine and soul I wouldn't implement any conversion)
  7. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Personally I am extremely in lack of soul cores.
    Agathon VI set is extremely expencive + mortis VI + bereach ring VI and go on....
    400 soul each
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