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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by XxShaco, Apr 17, 2021.

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  1. XxShaco

    XxShaco Forum Greenhorn

    i waned to star playng drakensang after a brake but now wen i try to log in with facebook a window with facebook cookies pops up but i cant click on accept, someone had this issue and solved ?
  2. Lυke

    Lυke Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Facebook is using internet explorer as an external browser for you to login. It's not supported anymore and well.. we all know this browser, let's say it's not known for being stable. It won't let you accept cookies like you said and you can't login at all. However, you can login directly if you use your credentials on drakensang.com site
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  3. XxShaco

    XxShaco Forum Greenhorn

    i get that but how can i play from the site?
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Facebook is a social media platform and it can be used in any browser as long as the browser is on their supported list ... in other words not outdated. On the other hand the DSOClient is a modified IE version only modified to be playing the game.
    The game client is a browser and we made a few threads on the forum where we were browsing the internet with DSOClient .
    If you know your game credentials you can play it from whatever place you want both in browser or client.
    Here is an example of playing from 3rd party website in:
    But you need to know your game username and password ... and you don't know it since FB won't tell you.
    You first need to contact BP support. BP support will give you your credentials and from that moment on you will no longer need facebook to log in or connect. You will be using the very same account you were using in the past via FB.
    When you obtain your credentials from the support you can play the game both via the browser or the client.
    The game can only be played in Internet Explorer 11 ... but you can read this guide on how to play the game with Firefox.
    Playing in browser is not fun anymore because the game has serious leaks and is crashing like once in 30 minutes. But it is worth having that option especially because the browser is portable and you don't have to install neither the browser nor the game. A perfect way to play the game from work, school or when you are on a date in the park or a local pub :D
    However ... like I said playing in browser is troublesome because the most of the technologies used in the game are from the time when Noah was building his ark ... and they haven't been changed because no one in BP is investing in the game for a long time. The browser version is 32bit which was abandoned by DSO devs.
    Therefore ... if you are into serious playing I would suggest you to play in the client (the modified IE browser). The 64bit version is a little bit more stable than the other one.
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