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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Ankit8617, Jun 24, 2020.

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    Keeping aside the lag and high ping issue due to events this month (as mentioned in the other topic of this section), I have been facing rubberbanding in this game since months. My ping has always been between 145 to 180 ms. I have noticed that when my char goes near the monsters the rubberbanding becomes more prominent and there is a 80+ % chance that I wont be able to pass through the gap between the two monsters using my mount and get desummoned. However, when there are no monsters nearby the rubberbanding is much less, and there is less than 30 % chance to get thrown back by few blocks. With this same ping I am able to play other online MMO games and also titles like Call of Duty MW and face absolutely no rubberbanding. I am on a 100 Mbps Download/Upload wired connection with 0 % packet loss to Tried WTFast and other online games optimizer but nothing helped.

    EDIT : Since I play from India, this is the best ping range I am getting.

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