For some bright mind (the proof that something is wrong)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by kavekanis, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. kavekanis

    kavekanis Forum Apprentice

    I have become a dwarf: without investing any money without spending andermates or any other resource at all (just in a costume so that my poor team of low levels is not seen) I have reached level 55

    Just enter and offer me a group to go to fatal or hell and there I get high quality equipment while I continue without spending any money or gems andermates (very low level I take my gems but now go up thanks to the farm level fatal or hell )

    I have already outgrown many who pay and have been playing for years. My friends rangers and magicians are like statues waiting in the city for someone to group them for some map that like normal or medium .. players much better than me who are rejected by their class while I with my sad dwarf (in which I have not spent anything) I can even choose which groups I go to (almost no one notices that I do no harm or just lie about it like many others ... there are always 2 o3 very good that help not to see my weakness) Use my skills and move well is all what i do

    This is the living proof .. I :) that something is wrong in the game and that two classes are excluded from the game just by being rangers or mages

    It can be said that with a dwarf if it is totally free the game with a dwarf is true! Drakensang is a free play to game: D thanks developers moderators team in general and all who collaborate in continue this way

    I repeat: without investing anything without spending almost nothing,,I write this so that someone will realize it I write it because it is unfair for my friends magicians and rangers I write it so that big point realizes that it loses money and nobody does anything that does not matter to me but perhaps if they see it fix this
    Traductor de Google :)
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  2. Ren_Alanera

    Ren_Alanera Someday Author

    It is clear that Dwarves are OP class at the moment, with Infernal mode giving them even more advantage (infernal mode reduce Critical hit... oh well dwarf's turret doesn't need it)...

    But I'd like to see not a nerf, but instead a power-up of the mage and ranger class.

    Not something gamebreaking, just a reason to be in a group

    Not something gamebreaking, just a reason to be in a group
    not som
    Not something gamebreaking, just a reason to be in a group.

    Still waiting for a miracle to happen...
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  3. napoli-sniper

    napoli-sniper Forum Apprentice

    dwarfs are weak in pvp bro...... you just can't see that ??.... tehy can't hold flags enymore and they get 1shot from rangers and mages :) some strong free 2 play mages hit 40-50k per shot with lazer skilled with a1 set
  4. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    So they can't run flags as easily... but they still own 6v6 when it comes to taking down towers and the objective targets. They still own 1v1 where they can run/heal while their ultra high damage mechanical turrets take out their opponent for them, and ditto for 3v3. Tell me again why I should feel sorry for SMs in PvP for not being able to flag carry as a DPS class as easily?
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  5. stary95

    stary95 Forum Greenhorn

    One of the top players in dso has a folder with dsobot on desktop, anyone bother to check the account?

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  6. Nalros

    Nalros User

    Hello @stary95, if you think you have proof a someone botting, please send what you have to the Support team.

  7. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Next time post a pic of your toon so ppl know which dwarf player NOT to group with. The fact that you get away with lying in game doesn't solidify your anti-dwarf argument. Not even close. You have a leech toon is all it is and the fact you refuse to improve it makes you that kind of player no one wants to ever group with. You'll get caught one day, but until then be the group sponge and pat yourself on the back.

    There are two kinds of dwarf builds. Damage or not. And while there are quite a few high damage KNOWN dwarfs on the servers, most are not as ppl do not invest cash into building them and that is the difference berween f2p and p2p. All classes. Most built SW's and RA's can one or 2 shot a damage build dwarf with ease. Those who complain about dwarfs should learn how to better play against them. Dwarf has the definite disadvantage over all other classes. They are restricted to a very small operating radius for turrets and evading others leads more often than not to turrets being dismantled as the dwarfs have to move out of those areas to survive.

    This witch hunt against SM class is getting old. A DK player who thinks he/she should be allowed to just walk up to a dwarf in pvp and one hit kill it with ease needs to face reality. DK is the most spoiled class of all four with non stop heal in multiple skills. Can't take a hit from a mech turret? Then armor up, gem up, avoid the mech turret but to cry about the unfairness of it is hilarious. Any DK who can't avoid a mech turret needs to go back to school and learn how to play his/her toon again. DK has the most lethal attack to dwarf, groundbreaker where they don't even have to come close to a dwarf in pvp. But it's easier to whine about the dwarfs because real life ego often distorts the reality of fantasy roles in these games.

    So grab your pitchforks and torches and keep finding more reasons to rail against the SM class. Wish they'd put damage meters in game during boss battles so the leech players of ALL classes outside of designated tank would be exposed for the effort they do or do NOT put into being a helpful, integral part of a group.

    Guess you could delete your useless dwarf then, couldn't you?
  8. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    Nobody cares about PVP. Problem is PVE. Rangers and mages should be as efficient on PVE as dwarf(especially on bosskills). This needs to be fixed NOW.
    Now 1 year old crappy stones dwarf with semi decent gear is FAR better at PVE and bosses than 4 years old mage with lots of money behind and with TOP gear.

    nobody gives EDIT about pvp right now.

    PS. I'm not asking to nerf SM, you know...
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  9. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    If you think some mediocre dwarf build is better than an invested SW or RA build then you are mistaken lol. This is as usual demanding that other classes be given more than another. Considering maybe less than 1% of the player base rants on forums about how weak their class is and boohoo nobody likes me tells me personally these players do not look for strong guild ties or are somehow offputting in game towards others. That's the key to grouping in this game. Guild up with like minded individuals who are willing to help everyone, any class and have fun doing it. And be nice to others. Get a good reputation in game, use the right essence when it is required, always have revive stones for boss battles to bring fallen back to life if you can, don't sponge off everyone else. Simple steps to always being asked to group no matter what class you are.
    And one would think having an actual damage dealing dwarf in group would be a good thing but apparently in the op and your opinion it is not.

    BTW, NONE of these accounts belong to the player and people forget that. DSO could shut it all down tomorrow and no one could say or do anything about it. Even the new CM gave everyone a giant <insert text here> by shutting down the Ask the CM thread. Why then take the game so serious? The game is evolving into pure pay to do anything and the future will be just pay pay pay for the game. Chinese business models are built on squeezing out as much money as they can get while giving mediocre product/service in return. Anyone who still has premium subscription is throwing money away for absolutely no ROI.
  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I play both a mech and a DK. Nearly every gear on my DK is objectively better than my mech except my amulet and 2H weapon (231% and 1069 crit 2H axe at level 54 versus 237% and +109 damage 2H gun at level 54; level 47 seal of death versus level 50 dragonsilver amulet). My DKs gems were/are an order of magnitude better (sacred/flawless on dk, flawless/radiant on mech, plus more event gems and 2 extra cloak slots on the dk)

    Despite these differences, in solo mode my mech cuts through everything and does it faster.

    Mechs are getting too powerful in the pve game and it is mostly because their builds ignore crit. The gap is widening as my mech is getting more done and able to easily farm tier II/III gear solo.
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  11. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    DSO is no longer my main game, but I also have a DK and a SM. My DK is heavy in gems (radiant and better) and crafted items yet despite that, the SM can go through the same maps much easier and faster.

    With my SM, I don't need to consider crit, speed is an afterthought, no major concern with armor or resist. All of my gems are polished and not all the slots are open. The turrets do the work for me. Drop and run, rinse and repeat.

    If I had put in the time and money into my SM that I did with the DK, I wouldn't even consider using anything else. However, I don't really care for playing that type of character despite it being easier to build. Just not as much fun for me. I love jumping into a mob and standing toe to toe with bosses.

    I do not believe that SM's need to be nerfed, I do however think that they should need to use crit to balance things out.

    However all the wishing and wanting in the world isn't going to make DSO change what they want to do. Players can present the facts, complain all they want, and generally hope that someone will listen, but in the end, you either deal with it or move onto a game that suits your gaming needs better.
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  12. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    For some , imbalances seem to be impossible to admit if they are on winning side.
    I do play with guild and personally play with both chracters so I DO know what i talk about. Several times I've calculated time to kill some boss with DK&SM and DK&SM... guess which is at least 4-5 times faster with same ess and much shittier gear and gems.
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  13. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    .... when I can make a team outside guild (and these days it happens really rarely) I'm always polite, I try to chat with party memebers 'cause I hate when none writes in a team... we're person, not AI.
    Then, coming to bosses fights, even if the boss is near to die, I get killed at least once (don't ask me why, because I don't know) and when it happens, most of the time I have to wait a lot before someone gives me a stone, while when any other dies I'm giving them asap.
    After all my kindness etc I've never received a group invite from those players...

    [ oh. About SMs being too strong compered to other classes when talking about PvE, there is one of my guild mates that has got a dwarf with 17.something K dmg with greens (and his weapon has not even maxed yellow stats). With Herold set bonus he can get to ~26k dmages...
    How can I compete with such damages? Without set bonus his tourrets lands an average 10k damages per hit, while with an explosive arrow I do like 70k, direct + explosion, (with just 2 and 5 points talents) but that's not enough... ]
  14. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    so, SMs CAN be op even with low to no funds invested (other than time...)
    maybe that was what BP was thinking when they created the new class ..a cheap yet strong char for everyone.
    what keeps you from creating your own SM? and lvl to 55? with how things are atm you can get to 55 quite fast..way faster than we needed back when farming Gorga was the way to go.

    I started with a RA, got to 40, made a SW , got to 40. Then i felt like trying a DK and got him to 40. when SM joined the party i got one of those too. in the meantime i have a 48 RA, 50 SW and 42 DK , and the main (altho last created) SM at 55. Why? because i noticed playing the SM i can use the little time i have while playing and actually make decent it crafting or just farming PWs.

    If new changes bring SW and RA in the front line again, i'll focus on them, what keeps you whiners from doing the same?
    Or are the ones crying " OP OP OP" so young that they didn't yet learn you can't please everybody at the same time... be it real life or a game.. each class has it's advantages and flaws.

    Long story short... yes, SMs are OP atm, but they are overpowered for everyone. so go get your own
  15. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    It's to late. No more sapphires to create OP dwarf. No more scaling dmg lines when crafting mortis rings.

    And you are missing the point. There should not be OP class. Everyone who invested years into his char should be able to enjoy it and be on par with other classes, and beat the hell out of 6mo little ugly skillless runners.
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  16. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    There's no such thing as an OP class anymore. A toon can be built OP with enough cash. And the last line of your message states "and beat the hell out of 6mo little ugly skillless runnners" so you mean three classes should be the same and the SM class weaker lol.
    It always reverts back to PvP and some DK who got stopped by a dwarf lol.
    So my little ugly skillless dwarf that I bought gems for bringing my base to 8k no ess or pet needs to be punished right? But it's a low base. I know SW's with base over 9k, rangers too. Look at youtube and watch the vids of seriously OP toons and just about all are NOT dwarfs lol.
    Here's a refreshing idea. Why don't the DK's then STOP ASKING DWARFS TO GROUP? Ask the SW's and rangers. Plenty of them do as much or more damage than the average dwarf.
    If people are mad because they don't get asked to group, don't get mad at the dwarf player, get mad the DK's who WANT dwarfs to carry their boss kills for them lol.
    Oh and maybe, just maybe BUY GEMS. Get some royal rubies equipped, convert your saphs to runes for added speed and open up 5 slots on your weapon adornment and put 5 ROYAL RUBIES THERE on top of the 5 ROYAL RUBIES on weapon equipped to add that much more damage to your toon and become "OP" lol. Get the damage % torso, belt and helmet and really get OP by pushing your base to 10k or higher. Stop blaming dwarf players for lack of grouping. It's all DK's and their choice of which class they want to group with. DK's love dwarfs until they face them in PvP, then the love affair turns sour and they get mad.
    This is why I won't group outside of guild. Pretty sure many of the players on my server are here railing against my class of toon so when they ask me to group in game I pretty much ignore all of them lol.
  17. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Man, you are blind or you just reject obvious. Dwarf will outclass any char on bosses, yet it also protects tank and himself from stuns. And sometime dmg.

    Majority of groups doing bosses only have tank and dwarfs. Dwarfs want to play with other dwarfs only. Lots of them will leave the group if there is an archer there.

    I have nothing against the players that play dwarfs. I have though, against dwarf as a class and the way BP designed it. I have 12k plus dmg, 75% crit, *3.5 crit dmg. Yet, dwarfs will still outclass me in terms of dmg on boss. It makes no sense at all.

    I'm forced to do solo everything. Fortunately I can solo heredur, bear, Sigi infernal. Not mortis though. But dwarfs will make it much easier, with much less resources and he will always have a tank. Because of his freaking 'skills.

    Dwarfs already have all uniques they need. Mortis rings, q7, q8 etc.

    Dwarfs are designed to ignore the crit, so they are the only class that can ignore onyxes and enjoy they both sapphires and speed runes.

    It's not your issue, or other dwarfs' issue. It is a class issue, a big balance gap created by BP.
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  18. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    1H DKs love dwarves because the skills are complementary - 1H DK can use taunt to hold boss in place for dwarves 2 machine guns which delivers the most damage over time and delivers it at a low ess cost, dwarf can use tesla turret with immunity talent to protect dk and deliver some damage to boss.

    Rinse, lather, repeat. Very simple. Throw a shrapnel shot every now and then.
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Not just bosses and PvE ... but PvP too.
    Take a look at this one:

    He only hit me twice ... one was lethal and the other one was not.
  20. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    False and true at the same time. While it's true because of the infernal debuff, it's false because dwarf HAVE to ignore crit related enchantments on 1/3 of the equipment making it HARDER to get good equipment (what ANY class could do if it wasn't that crit/crit dmg is a BETTER multiplier than dmg% and ASPD).
    You think that ONLY harcore player play this game while they're a mere 1% (or less) fraction of the actual population, the other 99% when making a 3/4 leg or just grinding for the best to use gear, will have to trash anything that has not optimal enchantments.
    Do you know how easy is to get a 4/4 ASPD adornament? A weapon with Crit dmg can be used someway by any class other than dwarfs, rings and ammyes with crit dmg for dwarf are useless, helms, belts and offhand are on the same boat.
    Do they have a skill which is reliable to use with crit? NO.
    Heavy shot is a total joke, with his cooldown the faster you attack the better quick shot is (DPS wise and support wise), bombs are cool but their explosion delay makes em useless in a fast farm scenario (so noone ever uses em), quickshot it's there just for the resource regen (and dmg buff) but they have one of the LOWEST base dmg of any autoattack and one of the highest ASPD breakpoints (no wait: it's just the highest), if not used with a 2h weapon it's also the shortest range but all of this cannot be seen if you don't use a dwarf. The ones that keep saying: I have both classes and blah blah seem they haven't really seen the flaws of the class nor where the real power lays in.

    Their skill % multiplyer are the real edge of the class, leave away that crap about crit which is just a con and not a pro.

    250% dmg multiplier on machingun turrets where most of the classes do have barely the same multplier on a non-spammable skills (300% on exp Arrow that you can cast once every 8.33" or once every 5.41" if you have both a longbow AND Grimmag torso): this is the point of the question.

    But things are changing: RA are getting that Q7 set which is UNBELIVABLE, SW will have Q8 set to spam Frost Shere or Lighting strike (if they chose to not follow the Q7 path as well).

    Aboth DK I never though I had to spend a single word about em. The class that can solo any content in this game (remember those incredibly hard mini event during Winter Solstice? Guess who was soling em?), is really mandatory in ANY boss fight (while you can do any T4 fight without a Dwarf, it's impossible to do em without a tank and none of the other classes can cover this role) and AT THE SAME TIME rule in PVP is here to whine as well?

    Probably the problem lays SOMEWHERE ELSE.
    Why we have to think that boss fight must be the core of the game? This isn't WOW. Those bosses with all the love we can put on them will never require the organizationg a real MMORPG can bring.
    Just make them A PART of the game.
    Real Hack & Slash are based on slaying MASSES of mobs the faster and larger you can.
    Diablo 3 has this kind of rule (and don't tell me that this game doesn't copy a large part of that game mechanics).

    Make farming the maps worth as much as much those crappy bosses. There, the SM aren't better than any SW or RA or 2h DK.
    There' SM bring nothing other thatn DMG. Poor CC, poor debuffs, non existant buffs. Any other class can do a lot more in the party and Machingun turrets aren't that effective either because you need to reposition em multiple time, they don't corver large areas as an Explosive Arrow would and the transition from a spawn to another gives time for those classes to refill resources.

    The team is ALREADY doing a step into this direction.
    You can get end-game gear only farming materi fragments and doing 1 single run into to highest difficult to buy the uniques you need. All the gears/gold you need can be farmed in lower difficults IN THE MAPS.
    Make some decent unique drop from the maps, increase the drop rate of materi fragments in maps and the SM can have all the boss fights they want, it will be simply a loss of time.

    Since you won doing half his dmg, it seems that you 1-shotted him twice which he wasn't able to... so why whine when your screen proves that RA are even more OP that SM in PVP?
    Which of his skills 1-shotted you? Heavy shot? The skill that has 1" channeling and you have been cought twice? Or he was able to 1-shot you with mechanical turrets or autoattack (that deals 75% base dmg)? The only times I've been 1-shotted by a dwarf was when they were using random heavyshots out of screen but they are far less frequent than the times I've been 1shotted from RA randomly spamming EA out of screen (which is the 95% times I lose against a RA)... and when a RA uses DSO cam it isn't even randomly shooting.
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