Bug Freezing and delay when playing.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by dteuchmann, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. dteuchmann

    dteuchmann Forum Greenhorn

    Hi. I am having this problem since some days ago (not sure of the specific day), playing with different computer and on different browsers (Firefox and Chrome).
    First when I am hunting on diverse maps, suddenly the game freeze (freezing the browser) 15-30 seconds, usually I get killed, then it comes back to normal by itself.
    Second, I have a lot of delay to see some monster too (they hit me and I can not see them), and delays when I open shops (What is more weird is that I've opened those shops just minutes before without any delay), also after picking dropped items up you are no able to see then into the inventory for 30-60 seconds.

    Using Asus G53S i7 8GB RAM. Windows 7. Internet speed 30mbps. Updated Firefox, Chrome, and Java.

    Hope to help to solve this problems. Nice game. Thanks.
  2. Hi dteuchmann.

    ~ Have you scanned your computer for viruses and other malware?
    ~ Have you cleared your cookies, i-net cache, Java cache, etc?
    ~ Have you run some general speed and stability tests on your i-net connection *while you are experiencing game lag*? Your ISP may well claim that your i-net connection speed is 30Mb/s, but that ain't necessarily so.
    ~ Have you run some ping tests between your computer and servername.drakensang.com *while you are experiencing game lag*?
    ~ Have you checked that no major background activity is going on at the same time e.g. applications updating themselves or an antivirus application scanning?
    ~ Have you monitored your CPU and graphics card for over-heating issues?
  3. dteuchmann

    dteuchmann Forum Greenhorn

    Computer clean of virus or malwares. Scanned with Kaspersky, Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner.
    Temporaries files, flushed DNS, cookies and java cache cleaned.
    I did internet test during playing and I was wrong, my internet speed is not 30mbps, it is 50mpbs, using some test usually give close to 47mbps.
    Ping to tegan.drakensang.com give me around 70ms, playing from Florida.
    The computer is not running any background application, not even an antivirus.
    After playing 1 hour, CPU temperature is around 66C, and GPU 78C. It is not using the fan faster than the regular speed.

    Playing this morning I had some of the same problems like slow item loading. How I told you, this is happening lately. I am playing this game since 1 year ago or maybe more. Thanks
  4. Okey dokey. Thanks for that. Grouping bug (Varholm) + lag on Tegan has been reported.
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