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    Dear Heroes,

    With the next release, which can already be tested on our public test server, a bunch of critical bugs are going to be fixed. While the “Bugfix-Release” 246 was initially planned for end of January it was decided to apply some important fixes this week already and therefore delay the Release 246 to February! Other reasons for this are that some critical fixes for the upcoming DTU Event were needed and that more time for improving and testing had to be invested to deliver the upcoming Sargon Event in the highest quality possible. ​

    Early and rough patch notes for critical patch 245:​

    Loot improvements
    • increased drop of Wisdom, Materi Fragments, Infernal Fragments and Realm Fragments
    • missing drop of health globes from normal mobs should be fixed
    • (increased drop of higher gem rarity and updated gem drop behavior follows in 246)
    Skills and Talents
    • Several skills and talents are now working correctly
    • Gamebreaking bugs due to corrupt talents in PvE and PvP should be fixed
    • Dragan Set bonus now added correctly
    • Base enchantments of the Cloak of the Undefeatable now matches the item level
    • Missing item drop for some classes is fixed
    • Corrupt crafting achievements and missing recipes should be fixed
    • Fixes for Defeat the Undefeatable Event
    • Bosses now counting for Daily Challenges
    • Missing values from Jewels should be fixed
    • Incorrect spawn of mobs should be fixed
    • Wrong debuff behavior of bosses should be fixed
    • CM Trader not displaying Premium offer even if the sale is active should be fixed
    A detailed list is following with the deployment of the version!

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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