Bug Getting kicked outof battle/pvp while not AFK

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by FAALHAAS, Jun 11, 2017.

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    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Today I got kicked out of battle for the 3rd time while im in middle of fight and very sure not afk.

    2 times litterly in middle of fight and just now after a fight and at the exact moment of respawn the game boots me out.
  2. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there @FAALHAAS ,

    Thank-you for your report.
    This is a known issue, already reported and under investigation.
    Could you please tell us your server and PvP mode that's happening?

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Server Heredur
    And i think it only happens in 5x5 CTF mode (yea im 99% sure it only happend in 5x5)

    A little unrelated question that you might be able to answer me: In PVP (also mainly in 5x5) sometimes I encounter players that are able to regenerate soo much HP per second, that my dmg gets completely canceled. I'm pretty sure these are people who are playing allot longer than me, but HOW do they do this? Myself also have items that give regeneration, but farrr farrrrr away from the amount they do. (tbh: i never see my regen work)

  4. Arx_X

    Arx_X Advanced

    as an answer to your extra question:
    Dragon Knights have skills granting them mass regeneration. they also have items (1h hammer) that do the same
    Steam Mechs have also a skill that allows them to regen using steam
    Rangers have the wolves that can heal when they deal dmg
    Mages..well they're sc%§&ed when it comes to regen

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    Ah ok, guess i got lots to learn still :\
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