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  1. AkkyVoy

    AkkyVoy Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone, recently ive noticed that it takes a few times of typing O to summon your mount. The timer begins and you have to wait for it to recycle before attempting to mount again. Gorga's secret lair takes you back to town.
    Thanks for reading and happy hunting.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Because all mounts now have cool-down time.
    All maps on TS that are not yet ready are intentionally sending you back to town.
  3. AkkyVoy

    AkkyVoy Forum Greenhorn

    Good Morning everyone, some observations which may (or may not) be glitches. Khalys (normal and painful) appears to develop a similar white swirl effect which renders her invulnerable and skills unusuable. Often ive had to retreat into the neutral corridor to allow her to refresh into a different area, only to then pick a spot where the skills can be used against her. Also, if you get a potion along the way, they tend to take up a slot of your on-hand inventory instead of being added to any of the 4 Letter-assigned spots. Happy hunting to all.
  4. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    @AkkyVoy , I am merging your threads for a last time. In future they will be deleted.
    Do not create identical threads as you please.


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