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  1. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    I want to buy the Black Horse Mount from Mount NPC, but it costs 500 gold.

    Is there any technique to achieve this fortune faster? Is there a method to convert Andermant to Gold or sell valuable loots for Gold fast?
  2. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    There sure is. If you VIP you can easily unlock many equips and see that some sell for more. Well, equips with critical dmg% or things like travel speed will sell for much more than regular equips. If you non-VIP and got lots of COT to spare, go unlock some improved items, mainly boots and left side equips. Amulet and rings already sell a lot.
  3. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    I didn't know that the selling value of an item depends on it's identified attributes. No wonder Premium users get to gather more Gold because not only that they have Auto-loot feature that picks up coppers for them but also free ID of green to purple items.
  4. spiro_spula

    spiro_spula Forum Connoisseur

    You can get over one gold in purple items alone from one run of m2, and that's without identifying items. If you have enough inventory to loot all the jewelry and colored items the figure goes over 3 gold per run. So if you don't have premium invest a bit in larger inventory and loot all the jewelry you find.
    Also, not looking at the top left corner frequently to check your bank makes the progress faster (psychology is weird).
  5. Ralph

    Ralph Someday Author

    Where's M2?
  6. Berotomax

    Berotomax Forum Master

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