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  1. Marginal013

    Marginal013 Forum Greenhorn

    When lvl 50 came out, I thought it was totally out of the game's proposal, the pvp died, it was the first hit that won, but the old players still resisted holding on to the remnants of the old dso, but 50% of the players stopped, lvl 55 o the game managed to maintain itself, using modern mechanics, like the collector's book, the new players were coming back, getting stronger, the servers had some interaction again, but now with the expansion to lvl 100 it’s over, I’m watching everyone stop playing , beginners can’t even kill heredur, buggy and outdated quests, the warrior class can’t do solo mortal anymore, then some smart guys who didn’t even reach the maximum level will say that the game is for group play, but I ask you and small servers? Already undermined by the other updates, there are not many groups, talking again about the war class, one of the best skills that have been improved in the dark legacy is with very high brightness, I can't play anymore, I almost have epileptic seizures, not to mention that my warrior full spells 98-100%, can’t even farm anymore in the mortal, 8 years of my life dedicating myself to a character so I can’t even play now ?, I lvl 55 was great, just could have implanted more mechanisms, like the new bench . The game is horrible, the events take days to end, and many have become useless, with ridiculous rebuilds, this was the first game I played and I never stopped, I never stopped logging in one day, but I can't play anymore, as I said, this game is no longer the same, I hope that one day we can play the old dso again.
  2. 7Kana

    7Kana Junior Expert

    In fact they should have only improved what the game was, instead they preferred to nerf everything and force the players to start over in a new worse game, I believe that they could add level 100 yes, but without modifying the objects and without changing the command bar as well as graphics and much more.
    In short, they could make a welcome update if only they were careful to respect even those who have been playing here for years.
  3. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Forum Apprentice

    I cant play with warrior to group play because of the brightness , i see nothing. The design team are EDIT really. Try to see where is the mobs to kill them but i only see fire and bight colors, in group play is dangerous to people for seizures and eye damage
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  4. Phelios

    Phelios Forum Apprentice

    Marginal013 totally agree, they have us directly swing level 100 to be quiet without worrying about the players and to modify the game completely, I'm fed up too.
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  5. Talaby

    Talaby Forum Apprentice

    with changes only new players will benefit, as they can enter a normal map with a maximum player level or 50 times more than yours and get better items. that's what's going on.
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  6. ntoritsa

    ntoritsa Forum Greenhorn

    unfortunately as really old players we can not play the game, but also new players face lots of difficulties .they must change the game as you all say as it was before the release and just put new level quests and new sets along with the old ones.the said before the release for new maps etc but almost all maps are just old one if you can remember them.dear BIGPOINT if you really care about the game and people who spent years and money on it just restart this unacceptable release.
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  7. Mifutka

    Mifutka Forum Greenhorn

    1) you can't wear item more than lvl 55 if ur under 55.
    2) without wisdom even 145lvl item is trash but now it is imposible to farm wisdom. Biggest problem from 1st day, ah fkc it lets (maybe) fix it after 1 month. For example i got 16 wisdom lvl, with 2h 55lvl bow i have 2k dmg. 2h bow + 36 points in 2hdamage = 24kdmg gl hf
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  8. ntoritsa

    ntoritsa Forum Greenhorn

    from heroes to zeros
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  9. Lukaseksa

    Lukaseksa Forum Greenhorn

    [QUOTE = "ntoritsa, příspěvek: 757111, člen: 198915"] od hrdinů k nulám [/ QUOTE]

    lépe bych to nenapsal

    THOR_RAGNAROK_ODIN Someday Author

    This game is dying, so thinking about the wallet of the players, they listened to Fernández, the merit does

    not count, only the wallet and the acquaintance that makes you reach the position.-


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