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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by MrProton, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. MrProton

    MrProton Forum Greenhorn

    So I've been playing a Ranger for 3 days now, never played before so I need to ask a couple of questions about possible groups and dungeons.

    I've just got lvl 20 and see the group tab presumably for group activities like dungeons, but what dungeon should I do at 20?

    I've seen very little about grouping and dungeons on the forums so I'm a little lost, I don't want to join an appropriate level group only to be completely lost and let the group down.

    Any advice on what dungeon I should do and how should I act in a group? I understand I'm a second line attacker so what should I be doing?
  2. BritainBeaver

    BritainBeaver Padavan

    It's not a problem. You can invite any player into the group, the maximum number of group members is 5. At this stage of development, you will not be able to lead the group, as everyone makes the storyline. Feel free to join the groups, this will help farm quest items faster or kill the necessary number of mobs in certain locations.

    There are no important battles at local locations, you will understand when you raise the maximum level.
  3. MrProton

    MrProton Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks for your reply, I'll just jump right into some then.
  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Let me clarify.

    Dungeon in this game = location where you can't meet other players unless you're in one group with them
    (in other location types, like Wilderness, you can meet other players)

    In the group tab, you see the groups that are in the same region as you - or rather leader of which is in the same region as you.
    You see the level of group leader, the name of group (if not set - leader's nick), the amount of people in the group and the map in which the leader of the group is. This can be a city, a wilderness, a dungeon or whatever.
    Occasionally, it glitches and then you see some groups that have just moved to a different region in the group tab, too.
    All special event maps count as the Kingshill region.

    On your level, grouping doesn't really matter - unless you can't kill a boss or have problems doing a quest alone... or you want to go to an event map or a higher mode dungeon. Of course you can do it just for the sake of playing with others. It's an online game for a reason, after all.

    You have to develop your playstyle alone. It's like... we can't really help you with this.

    Since we still don't have the subclass system (and we don't know if it ever happens), you just do whatever you please. As a ranger, you can go melee using your melee skills, and you will often have to in order to heal yourself using the Deadly Blow with the 5p. talent (heals 30% hp when you kill a marked enemy).
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