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  1. Grand_Master

    Grand_Master Forum Greenhorn


    Greetings to all Heroes and Heroines of Dracania ! :)
    I am the Master of Guild Navarro, and am pleased to inform you about the new recruitment to our guild ! =)

    Some pre-history:

    Our guild was established in November 2, 2018. In the beginning it was a very difficult period of time, and I did everything possible for the development of the guild, from zero to the full english based membership ! Currently i am continuing fulfil the duties of guild Master with all responsibility.
    - So i can say that we are at the very beginning of our path, do not expect from us (if You already have strong character) that we will easily kill the most epic bosses in game, but I can definitely say, we will helping You to reach that purpose together ! ;)
    - The guild at this moment has its own community in discord, which is english based and is made for long-term development.

    Guild membership information:
    - The average levels of our guild membership is 30-45, but we have also some players who already reached 45-55 levels !
    - The guild is always under construction, so the overall amount of Members can vary, currently it has 45 Members
    - All Discord community Members understand English well for easy communication without any delay

    Here are our basic requirements of reception:

    Level of character: 6-55
    Online activity: its recommended to be online at least 2 days a week, for 2-3 hours per day. Being offline longer then a week is not preferable !
    - Otherwise inform the guild Administration in our Discord community, how much time will you be absent from the game
    Gameplay direction: PvE - Reaching the maximal (55) level first of all !
    Language: basic knowledge of english is required !
    Feedback: New Candidates Must have active feedback to other Discord Members, if their status in Discord is online

    Connection requirements:

    • The only connection platform for us is Discord, and its required to join our community membership in discord first, before joining the guild
    • For connection in discord we basically use chat system, the voice connection and microphone use are optional, because the most of us understand English well, but have difficulties with speaking
    What we expect from our Members:
    • Readiness to help other Members in game, if Your status in Discord is "Online"
    • To be a good and kind person
    What we offer to our Members:
    • Readiness to help in game, if our status in Discord is "Online"
    • Share with all the advices and information about the development of Your class
    We are not tolerant with those, who:
    • Uses obscene language, rudeness, provocations, incitement and participation in conflict situations, as well as insults towards any other players
    If you agree with all these conditions, please leave information about yourself on the forum, including:

    1) Your nickname in game (clearly and without mistakes)
    2) Current character level
    3) Game experience (when was the first time you met this game ?)
    4) The quality of Your internet connection
    5) Also estimate Your basic level of english: "Satisfying", "Good" or "Excellent"

    Here are a few steps to contact us via Discord:
    1. Register in official Discord website (
    2. Download Discord (from in Your device (both PC or mobile versions are available)
    3. Add Grand_Master#2299 to Your friend list, and wait for response
    4. I will respond to You for a very short time (it usually take from 1 hour to max. 1 day).
    5. After a short discussion in Discord through chat, i will make a decision about Your reception to the guild Navarro.
    - Or you can answer here, your forum requests also will be considered in 24 hours !
    With all respect: Guild Master of Navarro
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  2. Aayu

    Aayu Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Grand Master, I really appreciate your efforts for your guild. find a player with English knowledge its quite difficult and I would love to join your guild. my nickname is aayushigoyal and my current level is 25 and I am playing last three months. :):):)
  3. Grand_Master

    Grand_Master Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Aayushigoyal, and welcome to our guild, send me please Your request in discord, to take You to our community first.

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