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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online


    Do you want to be part of our Team? Find out how to apply here.
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  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

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  3. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    ~ Hall of Fame ~
    Former Moderators

    Moderator name
    CerebusSuper Forum Moderator
    SnakePlisskinForum Moderator
    KronosForum Moderator
    Lord-CreweChat Admin
    PurringCheetahChat Moderator
    Culinary_OtakuForum Moderator
    AstarothForum Moderator
    GrendelBoard Admin
    AstarothForum Moderator
    SyStEm31Forum Moderator
    SylantForum Moderator
    GotenksForum Moderator
    RahhuuForum Moderator
    -Court-Forum Moderator
    AthenaChat Moderator
    -Grimmer-Chat Moderator
    IceGame Admin
    -Evilshot-Forum Moderator
    [Redcard]Forum Moderator
    EagleForum Moderator
    -DarkFairie-Forum Moderator
    VaLForum Moderator
    HellrazorChat Moderator
    1911A1Forum Moderator
    ArtemisKintocChat Moderator
    SyberianGoldForum Moderator
    .Tron.Forum Moderator
    FredBearForum Moderator
    MoonbowChat Moderator
    Lady_LoreleiBoard Admin
    DeadSoulBoard Admin
    DungeonReaperForum Super Moderator
    LilithChat Super Moderator
    WarriorKingChat Moderator
    .Vhailor.Forum Moderator
    .-QliMaX-.Forum Moderator
    DWardBoard Admin
    ViperGame Admin
    The_MorriganTicket Admin
    WhiteUnicornGlobal Team Leader
    AardenBoard Admin
    AdmiralHackettForum Moderator
    MayhemTicket Admin
    AresForum Moderator
    Langford-DoubleForum Moderator
    GwynnapnuddForum Moderator
    .Nightwatch.Super Forum Moderator
    EmeraldflameForum Moderator
    Lord_DraconisTicket Admin
    ParatheonBoard Admin
    LazarusForum Moderator
    -=Parinor=-Forum Moderator
    ThedunkSquadForum Moderator
    BanglaTigerForum Moderator
    -necromonster- Super Forum Moderator
    toby1kanobiTeam Leader
    MarkomanForum Moderator
    ZealotOfAmmonBoard Admin
    -=Callisto=-Team Leader
    BiztartBoard Admin
    CA-Razz-Ma-TazzTicket Admin
    VoldermortBoard Admin
    theDracheForum Moderator
    LionessForum Moderator
    NoelaniAltheaForum Moderator
    AerionForum Moderator
    AllogeneousTeam Leader
    AnykiSuper Forum Moderator
    NalrosForum Moderator
    ErebusSuper Forum Moderator
    YouWinOrYouDieSuper Forum Moderator
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