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  1. DSO Production Team

    DSO Production Team Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    halloween contest fb post.jpg
    Halloween meets Drakensang

    Community Costume Contest

    • 1st Winner 1 year Deluxe, 100.000 Andermant, 1000 Draken
    • 2nd Winner 6 Month Deluxe, 50.000 Andermant, 500 Draken
    • 3rd Winner 3 Month Deluxe, 25.000 Andermant, 250 Draken
    • Winner 4-10: 1 Month Deluxe, 10.000 Andermant, 150 Draken
    Jury: A mix between Players, Moderators and Development Team.

    Deadline: Send your picture between 01.10.2018 - 28.10.2018 (CET)

    • Create a costume that is Halloween AND more important DRAKENSANG related. The more it matches with existing DSO-Artwork, in-game monsters, characters or NPC’s the better. Allowed are both bought / made as well as custom made costumes.
    • Make a photo of yourself wearing the costume or any person that wears your costume.
    • The environment or background should match. Do not take the photo on the toilet or in your bedroom etc. For example: in the forest or in front of a castle etc. Be creative. If you got the skills you can also edit the background with Photo Editing tools. Only the costume needs to be REAL!
    • Add a short text (1 sentence is enough) about why this costume is Drakensang related and what exactly was your inspiration from the game.
    • Add your charactername and server to the Mail so in case you won we can book you the rewards.
    • Add this sentence to your mail: I *insert your full name* hereby assure that I own the copyrights of the attached photo and accept the use of this photo for the social media channels of Drakensang Online. I also assure that the photo is free of third party rights and that no personal rights are violated in the representation of persons. (English only)
    • Neither your Facebook/Instagram username nor your real name or charactername will be mentioned when posting your photo unless you want us to. Then please add the information which name we should mention to the mail as well.
    Contest rules
    • Copycats are excluded from the contest. All attempts to manipulate this contest will lead to exclusion.
    • Only 1 costume per participant.
    • You need to be the owner of the picture. NO PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET!
    • The image size and quality should be big and good enough to see the costume in all its glory. Not too small, not pixelated/unsharp, not too dark etc.
    • Once the Jury draw the winners, they will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram channels.
    Happy masquerading and good luck!

    Your Drakensang Online Team

    Terms of participation and conditions (English only)

    DISCLAIMER: By participating, you assure that you have read, understood and accepted the terms of participation and conditions.

    - All persons are eligible to participate. For persons under the age of 18, the consent of a legal guardian
    must be present.

    - The participant assures that he or she has all the rights to the submitted images, that the images are free of third party rights, and that no personal rights are violated in the representation of persons. If one or more people are identifiable in the photo, they must agree that the image will be published. The participant will insure the above in written form upon request. If, however, third parties assert claims for infringement of their rights, the participant indemnifies the organizers from all claims.

    - Drakensang assumes no liability for the loss or possible damage to the images submitted.

    - The author of the content must be named. Each Participant grants Drakensang the unlimited territorial, temporal and contextual non-exclusive rights of use, including the right to edit the submitted photographs for the Contest for the purpose of presentation on all channels of Drakensang Online in the Social Networks and reporting on them (regardless of which media, including print and online).
    - The participant agrees that the collected data (name and e-mail address) will be stored, processed and used by Drakensang Online, insofar as this is necessary for the performance of the contest / for the payout. Any further use of personal data, for advertising purposes, does not take place.

    - The consent of the participant to the use of his / her data is revocable at any time. The revocation must be sent to . The participant agrees that they may appear with photos on Drakensang Online's social media channels
    - The competition is not affiliated with Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook.
    - The picture may not have been published yet. Pornographic and violent acts or other violations of applicable law are excluded from the competition. Each submitted image is checked before publication and only then released.
    - Allowed are both bought / made as well as custom made costumes.
    - In the event of a breach of these Terms of Participation or any other rival game manipulation, Drakensang reserves the right to exclude persons from the contest.

    - Drakensang reserves the right to do this action at any time without notice and without giving reasons to change or terminate, if due to fraud, technical reasons, a proper implementation cannot be guaranteed.

    - The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply.
    - The legal process is excluded.
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