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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ..mirko.., Dec 8, 2021.

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  1. ..mirko..

    ..mirko.. Forum Greenhorn

    Hi I am mage at grimmarg about 2 weeks ago i got mine lvl 100 from there i am lost , from 2 weeks of playing my dmg go from 150k to 170k (both with same essence) , my real ats is 3,5 and with pet it is 4,2. ,another problem that I have is that I am easy to kill from (bloodshe it is about 1-3 hits for me to die).

    what i want to know is how do i get stronger so I can see the difference and how long it took you guys to get where you are . I know that i need specific items like lingering memory items
    kraken amulet and something from gorga q . Anything will help thanks.

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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    You still have very low Wisdom which you desperately need to build up both offensive and defensive statistics through the Wisdom tree.

    As you increase in Wisdom levels, focus on increasing the Critical Value stat first [Decisive Strike skill in the middle of the Attack group], balanced with some Health Points [Rising Vigor on the left side of the Health/Resource group]. I'm guessing you've put most of your initial Wisdom points into Dextrous Smiting and Dextrous Agility [damage and attack speed respectively] within the One-handed weapon group. Consider reworking those stats to pull some of the point out and into Decisive Strike instead for now.

    I also assume you have few, low-level runes. Craft up any Wisdom runes first.

    Wisdom drops occasionally from regular mobs, but dungeon end-bosses are a more consistent source of higher amounts of Wisdom (and Ore for equipment creation crafting; consumable item crafting materials [you'll need a few health and/or resource recovery potions now and then, and can also craft buffs of various kinds, but these aren't super important]; gems; junk items to melt into glyphs for enchantment transfer crafting, or to sell for gold for all other crafting, including rune upgrades; and even runes themselves, as well as the boss' own special item which you can use to craft boss unique items [caveat: for most boss unique items, you'll need a corresponding ring from their parallel world dungeon]).

    For rune farming, any special mob of Guardian or higher status has a chance to drop runes. Get friends to help you fast farm Temple Sector special mobs on Merciless difficulty. Or farm the Great Desert on your own at any level higher than Normal. Running the Great Desert also gives you a chance to repeatedly kill the Sentinel, the giant beetle Khepre (spelling?), for loot and Keys of Prowess which you'll need to farm Normal World dungeon bosses.

    Farm special mobs from Parallel World dungeons as well, hoping to drop the boss unique items and/or the dungeon's ring to craft the uniques yourself. Uniques and rings can drop from special mobs on both the 1st and 2nd dungeon maps as well as from the end-boss itself.

    If you're not already enchantment transfer crafting (you only have 1.1 million glyphs, so probably are just starting out on that tactic), go back to Kingshill to start the crafting quests if you skipped them earlier (see NPCs Matthew Allthings and Petyax initially). Build up your store of glyphs: Get in the habit of melting a portion of your junk equipment loot every time, perhaps Extraordinary and higher quality items. This part is painful, because you'll need tens of millions of glyphs as you experiment with equipment and enchantments, but you'll also need tens of millions of Gold as you grind some gems and runes and jewels into dust then craft up the more desirable gems/runes/jewels, so you'll need to find a happy balance between melting and selling junk.

    This is general advice for any toon type. Looks like you've already got some recommendations on items specific to your class. For further build recommendations, read through the Spell Weaver sub forum within the Character Class Forum. Though I personally hate discord, you might also want to jump over there to the DSO channel and search for the Spell Weaver sub-channel for additional advice.
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  3. ..mirko..

    ..mirko.. Forum Greenhorn

    thank you for this information. I actually put all my wisdom points into critical chance in the photo and what i had left to ats.
  4. Darkness90

    Darkness90 Someday Author

    Are you farming Nefertari's cloak? you can farm boss item from painful (don't care the item rarity) and craft her cloak (it's the better critical item). The base value of the cloak at craft (the most important values) is random, so don't care if you farm painful or blooshed, depend of your luck.Craft this with 145 lvl cloak.

    I don't know so much about mages, maybe could you try to find teams for farm belt and amulet from mechanical set (?). At skills tree you got 2 free pages for differents configurations, use 1 for ice mastery (you can freeze the boss in teams with low damage) and second for lighting mastery (you can break light resistances in teams with good dmg); focus your skills and your play-mode on recharge life (blooshed mage, recharge life with guardian, ice avalanche over peat of monsters, mind control...), vortex and basic attack for freeze boss or accumulate light mastery to reach 50x ressistances break. There's so much team farming Q1 who need skills for ressistances break or teams where everyone is improving and can't farm solo but with all your skills will be much more easy (f.e. warrior full life without dmg, mage with good dmg/skills without life, low ranger with agro tree pet...).
    Other point is undefeteables event, there's so much teams farming, much more easy and faster than PW quests and there you can farm boss items for craft the iteam that you need (asar, osoroc, medussa, arachna, heredur, nefertari...). As Dkarl said, with all the points in offensive and defensive wisdom tree as base, will start to see a difference
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  5. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    I just now stripped off any equipment with Critical Value in base stats, enchantments and/or gems, plus runes related to Crit, leaving only the fully 80/80 units of Decisive Strike in my Wisdom talent tree. Just that crit talent alone gives me 87800 points of Crit, which translates to a 22.15% chance of any hit going critical, resulting in a fraction of a percent less than fully doubling the damage of the hit (against level 100 mobs). You're at about that same value.

    Which suggests to me that none of your gear has any crit stats and/or gems. Start looking to swap out some of the gear which is Damage-focused for gear with at least some Crit stats and enchantments, and swapping in some Onyx (crit gems).

    Several of the Lingering Memory gear will give you very good crit base stats and possibly even bonus crit stats and/or enchantments as part of the unique value of the item. Be patient if you decide to farm for that gear as it takes luck to get a portal ... click on the orange cloud "materi swirls" in Brigavik or Tetaconetl ... in my experience, ~10% will open a portal to one of the randomly chosen Lingering Memory maps. You can drop items from mobs, but definitely open every chest you find, if you have enough lockpicks, as there's a decent chance to drop the unique gear from the chests. No guarantees, of course. I drop a Lingering Memory item ~every other time I clear one of those maps.

    Also, visit the mainly DSO-related site built by @silverseas aka Velveteen Duck ... she has a database of all useful DSO gear there.
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  6. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    Six months to farm the hall Palantinyako....also bossZigrimar ..for the keys, a merciless level...if there are friends..the bosses are a bloody everlost....Aam has a very long way to go...by that time, everything will be changed or everything will disappear..Game


    Very little armor and life..little resistance to the elements...Armor make 50%.... life is about 2 million...resistance 50-60%
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