Help im lvl 55 what to do next?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by cloudul, Sep 16, 2019.

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  1. cloudul

    cloudul Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, im lvl 55 Spellweaver, and i dont know how can i get some good gear, is impossible to do Q1 painfull or desert painfull i barelly do any dmg, and people never invite me to any event/groups, any good tips do grind gear as a Solo?
  2. Shine2

    Shine2 Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello cloudul and welcome to DSO EN Forum; good to see you. There have been many useful tips posted by our Members in this forum about ways to improve your new 55 level character. I am sure our Community will get involved in helping you as well but in the mean time you can start by reading this thread. As far as my bit of good advice is concerned... well, try to make some friends and find a Guild.

    Good luck,
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    MENTOL Living Forum Legend

    You can create a group yourself and invite other players by writing in the chat.
  4. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Grind desert on and on up to inf II. Use 2h mana pots if you have trouble. Sell everything, gather gold purchase 1 day premium - though i reccomend 1 time monthly for grinding up as newbie - buy runes to wisdom you want at least 5x medium ones. You may buy as well pet there. When you hit inf I start crafting and concentrate mainly on items that increases your dmg - weapon, adorment, belts, torso, helmet. Rings try either glyphing pink ones with good stats and base crit or using 1 lehaine for armor.
    As beginner use set of dunes - black adorment, blue belt. If you can afford 2h from qaizah its good early pick and you can tier it up with massive cores as it have 50% discount. Hard desert grind makes it possible getting from 0 dmg to 15k avg in 2 days. Not that much but enough for playing yourself low Q. Even if it will take you 2 weeks with casual play still worth it. You not leaving desert besides event stuff until you can grind there inf II.
    Advice from f2p spellweaver with 45k dmg that haven't played in group since 2 years xd
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