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Dear forum reader,

if you’d like to actively participate on the forum by joining discussions or starting your own threads or topics, please log into the game first. If you do not have a game account, you will need to register for one. We look forward to your next visit! CLICK HERE
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  1. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro


    Couldnt edit my message in time cause you've already deleted it.

    Could you please move all posts related to our sigi set discussion to one thread in creative corner starting with this one?

    The reason is, many questions and arguments could be avoided since continuity of conversation would be preserved.

    I'd appreciate your help.
  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    I am sorry, it cannot be done.
    The reason is simple, that forum section is enjoying more freedom and less strict rules are being applied there, than the rest of the forum sections.
    Please copy the text from the initial post, no quotes included, and make a new thread in 'Creative corner' section.

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