Heredur lvl 17 impossible

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by mierlarosie, Jan 9, 2021.

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  1. mierlarosie

    mierlarosie Forum Apprentice

    Hi people of forum

    I have made a special new character because i kept hearing that at low lvl the game is almost impossible and gues what....they were right.

    I raised my chr to lvl 17 and atempted to beat Heredur. I have also made a video with my third attempt. He is impossible to beat. He is faster than me, he gives a lot of damage and has a lot of HP. There is no way as a new player you can get the items required to beat this boss. If you move too much away from the centre of the map, Heredur regenerates to maximum HP again. This was not the case in 2015, you were able to beat bosses on normal mode without major issues. Yes you needed some training...but it was possible.

    My lvl 100 chr is also a ranger that is why you see a ranger in the video. I wanted a chr that had familiar skills.

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  2. MisterNoob

    MisterNoob Advanced

    Dont be sad, there is no quaranteed legend drop like it used to be. I had to deal with this boss with new war character and drop after a looooong beating time was terrible. On mage char I had to skip all bosses, no chance surviving it.
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What? You thought i am lying? XD
    Actually I killed it relatively fast compared to your pace ... it only took me one week ... playing with 1h XD
    Yeah that is the "friendly game" they are making for the new players.
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  4. mierlarosie

    mierlarosie Forum Apprentice

    The man alone cannot do anything only by working together we can prevail. With the help of a fellow comrade from party (guild) i have managed to farm some very important items and i have done it. Heredur lvl 17 no longer poses a threat to Duria. I have to video as proof. This is the way our great leader from DSO wants us to play.

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  5. JadielS

    JadielS Forum Greenhorn

    do you think this is a problem? wait to see the other bosses at the normal level, I created a new character, because, I didn’t adapt with my main after the CE, when I managed to kill the boss the XP didn’t make any difference, the hard comes even when you need to do the missions between worlds to release the new missions, doing the d is very difficult, because it depends on someone's good will, but when it comes to ghost servers that hardly have enough players, it is impossible, because even in the first difficulties the player needs to have time high game and a lot of experience, the new EC disappointed me a lot, the company only made it clear what we had perceived for years, incompetent and irresponsible individuals ruined a game that had everything to be a success.
  6. mierlarosie

    mierlarosie Forum Apprentice

    Jadiel I totally agree. I just made this chr so i can test this because i was courious. DSO missed a great opportunity this year around christmas...many countries are on lockdown and christmas is a big holiday everywhere....i doubt any new players are still around playing because of these problems.
  7. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    i created a new char - dk aswell since i was curious about how hard Heredur is and i have to say that it's really really really hard to kill Heredur as a dk solo and it takes unreal amount of time ... devs should leave their cave atleast once per year and play the game on a new basic chars themselves to realize why their game died in 2020 .. this can't be real ..
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  8. Kernelly

    Kernelly Someday Author

    Well I leveled a mage from 0 to 100 recently and I didn't skip a single boss, I just bought a lot of health potions for gold and used my red essence. Mind control monsters around the boss when possible and spawn guardian to dmg and attract the boss sometimes. It's hard, I know, but possible.
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Could you please tell me the secret of getting to level 0?
    My new toons are always starting from level 1. :)
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  10. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Veteran

    -giggles- At least they fixed the tutorial Grimmag before releasing r245 on the live servers, otherwise all the new players would quit before they even managed to see the first Urban Area because it would be like playing Heredur normal right now with a new character.
  11. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    it doesn't really matter since players will stop a bit later: when they meet Heredur ... and tbh there aren't any new players since nobody wants to play a dead game so they don't have to bother with fixing anything and just finally shutdown the game

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