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  1. TheGR8onE

    TheGR8onE Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    LIVE SYNC, Tuesday 06.03.2014


    12:30 pm (CET UTC +1) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    13:00 pm (CET UTC +1) start maintenance (takes at least 60 minutes)
  2. TheGR8onE

    TheGR8onE Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Connection issues
    • Maps have already been enabled manually for servers Heredur/Tegan/Agathon
    • Balor/Werian/Grimmag work with automated map allocation

    After the hotfix: debugging issues with automated map allocation for servers – switch to manual map server allocation

    Quest Rebuilding from NPC Pip is not repeatable:
    36-39 = Mount Suvius

    We narrowed down the findings and the characters of level 36-39 are affect by this bug.

    Fixed after the hotfix

    Player’s cannot enter Gleaming mountains, they need to be level 41 but are level 40:
    Current allocation of players and areas:
    36-39 = Mount Suvius
    40-43 = Gleaming Mountains

    After the Hotfix – the following areas will be available for the following levels:
    36-40 = Mount Suvius
    41-43 = Gleaming Mountains

    Player’s receive multiple stacks of material at quest Rebuilding from NPC Pip
    kobold barrels drop multiple stacks
    sold material stack brings 2 Gold each

    After the Hotfix: Material will not drop insanely multiplied
    After the Hotfix :Kobold Barrels will not trigger zillion clicks
    After the Hotfix: Material cannot be sold.

    Secret hidden piglets do not reward players:
    After the Hotfix: Piglets/piggies will be rewarding players

    When equipping an item with drag and drop on the character in the inventory screen the wrong item is shown in the storage

    After the Hotfix: display error should be fixed

    A crash has been eliminated that was caused when following these steps:
    • go to jeweler
    • put an item with gems in it in the gem-desk
    • delete a gem from any socket of the item
    • see gem goes to the inventory
    • now drag&drop the item from gem-desk in to a free inventory slot
    After the Hotfix: fixed

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