How to Get Anacampseros and get to painful and excruciating dungeons.

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Cascadingforce, May 11, 2019.

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  1. Cascadingforce

    Cascadingforce Forum Greenhorn

    OKAY!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I"ve found out where to find those damn! anacampseros {dumbest made up name ever} and how to get different levels of dungeon. No thanx to these so called forum experts or master guides who've just been posting "look in painful dungeons". NO! I've seen the posts from us newbies who have spent frustrating hours going from one dungeon to the other and each one saying 'normal' leaving us asking "where are the painful dungeons". Well I'm giving you the lowdown people from start to finish. So here we go.
    First off, it's best if you're at least lvl 20 with your weapons and armour and have a mount {used to bypass foe you have fought before and you just want to finish the quest}.
    Go to the Werian Sanctuary and start the quest Ambition and Despair.
    You will soon get to the Prison of souls and it's around there you should get a screen saying that other levels of dungeon are open to you now. {But complete the quest on normal}. Now when you go to some of the dungeons a screen will pop up with a slider on it and you can move that slider right changing normal to painful, excruciating,etc.
    So complete the quest Ambition to Despair {this will take a while} and return to Kingshill.
    Now On the left side of the Kingshill map, the quest from Petyax "Disaster to Master" is ready.
    So when he asks you to find 2 damn! anacampseros. go to Lair of Liars. Either go through all the stages or use the Travel stone in the middle of Kingshill near where you usually spawn from.
    Now before you enter Lair of Liars don't forget to change from normal to painful dungeon.
    When you enter check your map, on the bottom right of the map will be an area with about four or five rows of small squares. Head over to there. The foe's are strong so either avoid them or take out one/two at a time. In this area there should be the anacampseros, pick it up and head back to the travel stone at the start of the dungeon and travel back to Kingshill.
    And there you have it. I hope it helps you out everyone. Good luck .
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  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You sure about that?

    As one of those experts, I apologies on all of our behalf's… I'm sorry we only answered the question they asked, not the one you thought they should have asked. They asked "where do find the Anacampseros for the quest," and we told them "Painful Maps."

    If they asked the question "How do I access Painful maps" or "What is the easiest Painful map to collect Anacampseros for the quest, and where is the plant located on the map" then maybe our answer would have looked more like yours... Thing is, we assume the best of people's intelligence and don't engage in needless handholding on simple problems unless it is specifically requested. If this one little quest, especially with the assistance that the forums has provided on this topic, is that stressing for you, I suggest you quit now before you find quests with super low drop rates that take hours, or even days, to finish, or when you have to start considering crafting and building an endgame build.

    Here is the best rule of thumb.... if you can't do something right now, or access what you need right now, keep playing until you unlock what you need.
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  3. randyyhonson123

    randyyhonson123 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello! This was helpful and I found the anacampseros but apparently, I need a multitool to get it. How do I even get that? Seems impossible I tried a lot of things and finally now asking in the forum.
  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Your going to hate this... really.
    Go to the Shop (top center button on your screen).
    In there you will fine the MultiTool for 500 andermant. You will need 2 of them (yes, 1000 andermant) becuase they are one use tools. Every map has 1 each of the first 4 plants. Make sure you clear the monsters. If you get interupted, you will loose your multitool and not get the anacampseros.

    Unfortunately, currently the much needed item for crafting healing potions does not drop from any known monster. And healing potions no longer drop either. New players have only the very occasional healing spheres that sometimes drop from leaders. And without wisdom drops, you'll never get any points into the "healing per second" wisdom "buff".

    Potions cost so much to create that they are not viable. Tonics and Elixirs are in the same boat. And Tonics have been so nerfed that the hundreds I made before the CE are of no use. I hold onto them in the hopes that the mana drop from 100 points for 2 hours nerf down to 9 mana for 2 hours is fixed. 9 mana is not worth bothering with.

    Sorry for rambling. :(
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    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    Don't we all hate it? New players better find something else to play, cus this is a complete waste of time.
  6. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Actually, most of the new Content Expansion is quite enjoyable.

    Plus they undid the r220 mass boss difficulty increase.

    I'm liking it enough that I bought 6 months of premium.

    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    [EDIT]....then again, i see youre a SW player. Most SW seem to enjoy this new update. Havefun i guess!
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