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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by ..andreas..70, Aug 2, 2021.

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  1. ..andreas..70

    ..andreas..70 Forum Greenhorn

    Hey, it's been a long time since i've played and i don't see any weapons or armor in the shops, so how do i get weapons and armor?
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  2. dkarl

    dkarl Board Analyst

    What level is your toon? How much Wisdom does (s)he have?

    Try to enter previous dungeons below your current level, but at Painful or higher difficulty. Kill everything, then kill the Sentinel (final in-dungeon boss that spawns after you've killed 100% of the mobs). You may drop something useful from mobs, the Sentinel, or the Sentinel's chest.

    If not, take the Key of Prowess the Sentinel drops, go to a boss room you feel comfortable tackling at Painful or higher difficulty, kill him/her, hope you get usable equipment from the boss loot.

    Buying equipment has never been a great use of resources. Spend your Andermant on backpack & locker expansion.

    If you've been playing for awhile and have Draken, the event currency, saved up, you might look at what Gnob or Grima have to offer in Kingshill (though there are more important items to buy from those vendors than equipment). Or, if you've been at level 50+ for awhile and have enough Bone Coins saved up, you can buy some of the Qaizah equipment from a vendor in the city of Hiraja.

    Again, if you're at or above level 50, farm the heck out of the Great Desert … you might even drop semi-usable Real World unique equipment from the giant beetle Sentinel; that might be pieces of the Qaizah unique set, or other random items.


    Many players will instead ask more advanced players to "carry" them through dungeons at higher difficulties than the weak toons can manage by themselves. Even crap equipment from a level 15 or 20 above your toon's current position will most likely give you a boost.

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