Hunter's skill mismatches

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by danielcarol3, Dec 23, 2020.

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  1. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Forum Greenhorn

    Greetings to all and have a good day
    First of all, I still don't understand what the new hunters' ability (hornet cloud) is for, it literally doesn't help at all, since it does 450% (45% x10sec) of physical damage in 10 seconds, so with 3 Multi-shot attacks that last less than 2 seconds do more damage, I am useless either with bosses or dungeon monsters
    ps (1): although the effect is applied 3 times and results in a total of 1350% physical damage but in 30 seconds, however, even without resource cost reduction jewels it is possible to do in 3 seconds between 8 or 10 attacks of multiple shot without the marking effect around 1400-1925% physical damage (attack speed was done with an average of 3 points, so with 4 or 5 it is possible to do more)
    Another factor is the talents that increase it up to 2100% damage, however it is not a useful skill for the standards developed by the development team, I reiterate even without the marked effect it is possible to do the same amount of damage in just 4 seconds
    Second, the wolves do not have much life (only the life of the character) and they do not have any resistance or added armor like the tree of life, so in high difficulties they eliminate them very quickly
    third, the hunting net skill that there is not much effectiveness of this skill yet because the monsters have immunity that lasts 3 or 4 seconds so it cannot be exploited to the maximum (it is possible to serve it as a support skill for case two , but the immunity of the monsters breaks this illusion)
    fourth, the explosive arrow is still nerfed not only with time but also that they have removed the breaking of armor by area leaving it individually, after years they have not removed the fact that it has to hit an object to explode, leading to the context of Bad connection or server delay causes the attack to fail and also the skill is consumed with no effect on the target
    fifth there is no domain favorable to the race (domain over poison or other domains in the end is not so profitable because it consumes useful points for other more effective skills and even so at level 100 there are no points left over for all skills)
    Pd (2): the aforementioned corresponds to the nonconformities that I perceive or interpret from the current situation, which may be wrong or agree with your opinion, here it is not contrasted with other races nor is it indicated which was most favored with the CE, simply modesty in the hunter.
  2. jeokaleo

    jeokaleo Forum Greenhorn

    Am I the only one who's not completely into the fact that I have to mismatch my armor to get the best skills? Also, maybe this is just personal opinion but does it feel like they just dumped random skills onto some pieces of equipment of the set.

    Kodi nox
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