I feel cheated by BP! (PvP-event)

Discussion in 'Event Questions' started by Theusen, Jun 2, 2019.

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  1. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    OK, so this is where Im comming from: I enter this new PvPevent, that BP has advertised and prepared for months, with the following thoughts:
    -Why make a PvP-event, when PvP currently is broken 2 a point where people have given up and dont even want 2 play it? (even U admit in Ur Q'n'A-post that people had abandoned PvP)
    -Why not FIX PvP first and THEN make an event 2 celebrate that fact?
    -Why is the final reward in PvP-event a frikkin must-have-PvE-item?

    So once starting on this event, I realise its doable, but I will have 2 poor a lot of work in2 it, well in my mind thats allright, farming is farming, and all that, right?
    -But I soon discover that the brand new event is so riddled with bugs, that even a big ant-hill will go: "Woah dudes! Chill!"

    The bugs I encountered was the following:
    -The progress math is all wrong!
    -The buyable buffs dont work!
    -The progressrewards has this nasty tendency of dissapearing especially upon mapchanging (like gems and stuff)

    Well im told that not only will this be fixed on June 3rd, but we (the players) will also get compensated 4 the bad programmingskills BP had pulled on us players! So Im thinking: "Maybe I wont get cheated by BP at least this time!" -so I didnt get discouraged, so I bought a few eventbuffs, only 2 discover that they dont work as intended either!!!

    But then I read the "compensation"-post, and heres my rub: "How does that help me, who have allready finished the event?"
    -Wheres my compensation for supporting BP invane?
    -Wheres my lost gems?
    -Wheres my lost andermant?
    -All I got left is frustration! -But of that I got plenty 2 go around! (PLS lemme know if U are in dire need)

    U devs have both internal and external testservers for new events, all U gatta do is test this stuff out, and then U would find out that the game wasent programmed properly!!! It couldnt even count the right amounts FHS!!! The progress also drops in inventory, and when inventory-progress and progress-bar-progress is 2 completely different numbers, U devs GATTA REALIZE U DID A TERRIBLE JOB!!!
    According 2 a recent YTvideo, U actually have a guy, whose job it is 2 play the game and give feedback! -personally I think that guy gets payed 2 much! (I dont know his pay, but let me say that a monthly salery of 1 Euro is 2 much!)

    -At LEAST have the decency 2 take those faulty buffs off the shelves, once U realise they aint working, so U dont sell stuff that dont work!!!

    ...yeah I know! BP dont read forums!
    -They dont listen 2 feedback!
    -They dont care about their community!
    -Or the happinesslevel of said community!

    ...But hey, I gatta vent my frustration somewhere, so why not here?

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