Bug I have a problem with the game, I don't know why. Sometimes because when I enter another map, it's d

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by jakiro.25, Nov 14, 2021.

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  1. jakiro.25

    jakiro.25 Forum Greenhorn

    delay entiring in map and also whitescreen, high ms :(
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  2. Chishiya

    Chishiya Forum Greenhorn

    I have same issue, do you solve it ?
  3. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    i cant load any map green screen and freeze client .
    client is broken
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  4. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Hello :) Have you guys tried solutions such as deleting temp folder (then deleting it from recycle bin), flushing dns, etc? ^^
  5. Alex_Thor

    Alex_Thor Active Author

    today I deleted Dso folder, the problem still persists for long time brown/black screen :mad:, many months :mad: server Heredur

    on the test server and Harold I don't have this problem, but I don't play there

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