i reached lvl 55 and did a few things, how do i get OP?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Cuqoe, Jun 18, 2020.

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  1. Cuqoe

    Cuqoe Forum Greenhorn

    there are many things the game doesnt teach and i guess thats cause you gotta teach urself but, i cant figure out what i have to do to actually be able to go in infernal difficulty maps and do a lot of dmg like many people in my guild and friends. me and my pre got carried in a few i3 maps and on dragan to get some progress in and rewards. we got tier 5-6 items but not part of any set, i only have a few dragan set items tier 6. we did the new moon event and we got the celerity runes and we also got plenty of lesser runes from the dragan event chests
    even with runes, tier 6 items, plenty of gems we still are not OP, the furthest we can go is excruciating which we do easily but still get low, and i guess if we try we can do fatal too.
    we've been playing for more than a month and we're really lost and have no idea what else to do to get OP and do more than just 10k damage (which we only get from crit)
    what do we have to do?

    FAALHAAS Forum Mogul

    If you expect to be OP in a short time, then youre wrong

    You allready lucky some people carried you to get some items which should give you better stats allready.

    You should farm wisdom, gems, gold\platinum lines and meanwhile try get uniques from parallel world to get set-bonus. Farming the uniques can take awhile. So meanwhile try get items with good gold-lines by either crafting them or if you lucky you drop them and equip those till you find the uniques you want so you can transfer those lines into your uniques. Later stage craft platinum lines and transfer those.

    It can take a long longgg time if RNG isnt on your side, so enjoy the ride i guess :)

    PS: it does help if you can get atleast 3 items from dragan set, since they boost DMG pretty good. Still a little over a week to try.
  3. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    You can easily get to 15k dmg and 50% crit after a few hours being 55.

    However indeed you'll have to grind to get strong to farm fatal then being able to farm infs.
    We are talking days of farms, not hours (DSO is a very time consuming game).

    1st step: DRAGAN
    It's dragan event so you need to get HEAD + BOOTS + RING
    ( do the great hall quest if you can, you'll drop the whole set for your 1st great hall run which you should do in the higher difficulty you can manage with essences )

    2nd step: CRAFTING 4L leg
    Your aim is to get items with 4 times the same enchantment line with a high value (gold at beginning, plat when you'll be full gold lines).
    The line you are aiming for are:
    WEAPON = 4 x increased dmg on this item = 280-360% increased dmg on this item
    ADORNMENT = 4 x increased crit rate on this item = 108 - 144% increased dmg on this item
    RING & AMULET = 4 x crit dmg = 68-88% crit dmg
    HEAD & TORSO & BELT = 4 x increased dmg = 36 - 47% increased dmg
    How do you make that? Lot of farm to get the lines and the gold to craft
    >> 1: Crafting 3L legendaries
    You need 2 extra with 2 useful gold lines each + 2 extra with 1 gold line each (in slot 3 & 4)
    Craft and accept only if you get a 3 useful gold line legendary (or 4 but it's unlikely)
    >> 2: Crafting 4L legendaries
    You need 2 legendaries with 3 useful gold lines each + 2 random legendaries (in slot 3 & 4)
    Craft and accept only if you get a 4 useful gold line legendary
    > little tip, you can generate legendaries for slot 3 & 4 by using random craft.
    > ex: I need a leg weapon for slot 3 = I take 3 extra weapons + 1 extra adornment (anything except a weapon), I craft and I get 75% of
    > the time a weapon with random enchants, likely to have one or more usful gold lines

    3rd step: FARM SETS
    Mostly go for Q7 weapon + gloves whatever your class is. It can be a pain to drop the weapon but the set is super strong (except for mages for whose it is just strong but far better than bloodmoon with low tier rubies)
    If you are a dwarf go for Q8 set right after Q7 since it's mandatory. For other classes, focus on crafting 4Lines items you'll wear
    Try to get some pauldrons from kara event (the rest of the with seeker set is not that useful yet since you can't craft them) & a black kara adornment for later (except if you are a dwarf / warrior)

    4th step: CRAFTING UNIQUES
    At that stage you have both the uniques and the 4L legendaries.
    Just craft those 4L legendaries on your uniques in this order:
    1/ dragan set + q7 set
    2/ q8 for dwarf // Q1 robe + kara adornment for mage // q8 set or kara adornment for ranger // cube ring & adornment for warrior
    3/ q9 amulet for all (black knight amulet is better for all except warriors if you could get it from dragan event)
    4/ witch seeker set (parts needed depending if you play q8 / grimmag torso)
    You'll need cores for that which you can farm in parallel worlds (materia + pristine) or from events (draken)

    5th step: PLAT LINES
    Same as 2nd thing to do but with plat lines (which are really harder to get than gold lines)
    You need 8 extra 1 plat line (take useful lines with values over 95%max, sot only the best plat lines)
    2 extra 1plat + 2 extra = 1 leg 2plat
    2 leg 2plat + 2 leg = 1 leg 3plat
    2 leg 3plat + 2 leg = 1 leg 4plat
    Then craft the 4 plat on your definitive unique item (ex a q7 weapon with 90%+ base dmg line)

    6th step: ROYALS
    Fam the materials to improve your royal gems.
    Usually done while doing plat lines

    Rune doesn't matter much to you right now, try to farm dragan event as much as you can for the set (if you have it you can keep farming but it might be tedious seeing your low dmg and the length of the bars)
    Then focus on both steps 2 and 3. the gems will come along the farm, the cores will drop from your parallel worlds / event bosses farm.
    Steps 5 & 6 will come much later on.

    Good luck :) . Enjoy the empowering of your character
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