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  1. As previously announced, the Drakensang Online team is already working on the logistics of a Lvl 50 expansion. They are seeking creative input from you, the players. So here is your chance to help shape the future of DSO.....

    Ideas the team is looking for:
    • What the new areas should look like. Theme(s) and overall mood.
    • Types of monsters - mobs, mini bosses and main boss(es)
    • Quest themes
    • Any other ideas/thoughts re. the cap expansion

    Please note:
    • Off-topic posts will be removed
    • This is not a thread for complaining about current content - it is for creative ideas
    • Please make your suggestions comprehensive
    • Ideas will be forwarded for consideration at the moderator's discretion and not all forwarded ideas will necessarily be implemented.
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  2. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    [My idea for the level 50 expansion environment is a subterranean city and surrounding rural area, many leagues underground, in vast caverns and tunnels]

    The adventure begins as our heroes learn from Alfred in Werian Sanctuary that Artaya, the Goddess of the Hunt, wishes to speak with them:

    Upon meeting with Artaya, she informs our group that the trees all throughout the forests of the realm are dying. Some of the younger trees have already expired and the ancient giants are weakening and dropping their foliage. This is making it difficult for her people and creatures to carry on the cycle of the hunt. As their homes and shelter disappear with the death and sickness of these trees, many of the animals are migrating out of the realm.

    The Goddess of the Hunt tasks our band with determining what may be causing this catastrophe. Our heroes head into the forest to find out:

    Spotting an ancient cave opening - surrounded by the fresh webbed tracks of some unknown creature - and having no other leads on the cause of the tree trouble, our group descends into the depths under Dracania. As they travel deeper along the tunnel they discover the roots of some of the trees penetrate deeply into the earth, even through some stone layers, and these roots are not looking well. They appear to have many pieces missing and raw wounds oozing liquid. What look like teeth marks are apparent in many places.

    Reporting back to the Goddess, Artaya, she asks our heroes if they will delve even deeper under Dracania to discover the cause of this damage to the tree roots:

    On their second trip into the deep earth, they meet the mad Gnome, Jullov, and he seems to have had quite a fright. Eyes unfocused, with scratches on his face and forearms, he's babbling about "white-eyed web-foots" and he seems to be drooling (more than usual). Further interrogation reveals nothing, so our band continues deeper into the dark places...

    [At this point I will outline some of the creatures and environments that could exist in the Dracanian Depths]


    Gorphs - blind, amphibious, web-footed humanoids which breed by laying eggs in underground pools. They were driven up from the deepest earth - and forced to abandon their usual meals of mushrooms and toadstools for tree roots - by an entity they refer to as "the Lord of Pain" or "the All-Consuming Fear". Non-carnivorous, they will not attack adventurers unless their territory is invaded or their eggs are threatened. Totally blind, they locate their food sources and enemies by smell.
    [beginning quest chains - but will appear again during later quests deep underground]

    Megapedes - huge, centipede-like monsters, megapedes hunt by sensing the thermal emissions of their prey. They are giant, spiny monstrosities with many legs and feelers all over their bodies.
    [located all over the deeper Dracanian Depths, these relentless hunters pose a constant threat to adventurers]

    Shrew Folk and Mole People - intelligent, crafty mammalian creatures, these are the civilized races of the underground. They wear clothes, use tools and have domesticated some of the other underground animals for use as mounts and livestock. They have built complex cities and towns in the deep places under the earth. They occupy the roles of shopkeepers, artisans, royals and politicians of the urban areas underground. Wary of strangers, especially those from the surface world, they may be convinced to provide their services to the heroes of Dracania if certain tasks are performed for them.
    [intermediate quest chain possibilities - to gain shop owner and quest keeper trust (access) and to assist them with their troubles]

    Undead (skeletons and animated corpses) - brought down from their graves near the surface into the Dracanian Depths by an unknown, evil entity, these creatures constantly harass the adventurer just as they often do on the surface.
    [intermediate quest chain possibilities - discover the source of the undead plague and rid the civilized people of this nightmare (secondary boss fight, probably a Lich or similar creature)]

    The Lord of Pain - a gigantic, amorphous, amoeba-like creature crowned with a cluster of waving, eye-topped stalks. These eyes are always in motion and may be able to see even in total darkness. It moves somewhat slowly by expanding and contracting its body. It can also produce, at will, pseudo-pod tentacles which it uses to attack and hold its victims. In addition, it can extrude many of these tentacles at once and slam the ground with them in order to quickly "jump" through the air and land in a different location. When all victims in an area have been subdued, the creature will sweep the area clean of bodies... absorbing them into itself for slow digestion.
    [final quest chain - the last boss which must be vanquished in order to complete the expansion content]

    Special Attacks:
    • Pain beam - emanating from the center of the creature, a beam of pure mental pain that causes physical damage
    • Jump crush - when the creature leaps it may land on an unsuspecting victim, causing extreme physical damage with its massive bulk
    • Tentacle grab - a victim caught by one of its pseudo-pods will experience physical crushing damage, electrical damage and be shock-stunned for a short time
    • Division - the creature will occasionally split into many smaller, faster versions of itself to pursue victims wherever they may flee. Adventurers caught by one of these will experience physical and electrical damage. After a short time, these smaller versions will gather and reconstitute into the full-size creature
    • Fear waves - when faced by multiple attackers, the creature will occasionally emit waves of negative mental energy which cause a paralyzing fear in all those nearby

    [I have many more monster ideas but I think the above are enough to get a general idea of the theme]


    The areas closer to the surface are basic cave environments. There are a lot of rock and earth surfaces with roots protruding from them. Water sources trickle down from the upper areas to form small streams and pools. In the areas very near the surface, sunlight sometimes filters through cracks and fissures in the rock and earth. Deeper underground, phosphorescent fungi and plant life provide most of the illumination. Various small insects and vermin, familiar from the surface world, also make their homes here.

    Lower in the Dracanian Depths, caves and tunnels open into larger caverns and halls. Most environments are surrounded by rock that has been worked with tools or carved by natural forces. Some areas contain mysterious bas relief carvings on the walls and ancient sculptures in niches. Light is produced almost exclusively by fungi and plants, except where fire-using creatures are present. These societies often employ braziers and wall sconce torches. Underground rivers and pools contain strange fish and amphibians, some of which have their own light-producing properties. Clusters of large toadstools and mushrooms - and carpets of moss - take the place of typical forest vegetation found on the surface. Insects and other creatures, which are typically smaller on the surface, tend to grow rather large in these areas.

    In the deepest areas, some chambers of the Dracanian Depths support life like rain forests and jungles do on the surface. Caverns can reach volumes so enormous that areas can be lost from view by simple distance. The mushrooms and other fungi can be as tall as the tallest surface trees. Fog and "rain" (condensate from cavern ceilings) are common "weather" phenomena. Large lakes and waterfalls are also common. Volcanic activity can occur in these areas as well. Certain uncommon areas contain noxious pools of sulfur and boiling acid. These areas are typically devoid of other life except those nasty creatures who have adapted to the toxic environment.

    The civilized areas of the Dracanian Depths are the home to the Mole People and Shrew Folk. Domesticated reptiles, and other creatures, are ridden and kept as livestock. The folk here use magical, multicolored floating globes - in hues of violet, green, yellow, red and blue - which serve as festive lighting, negating much of the gloom of being so far underground. Their shops and homes are often made from giant, hollowed-out puffball mushrooms or carved directly into the cavern walls. Some still build with surface materials, but this tends to be done only by royalty and other wealthy members of Shrew and Mole society; wood and other materials are very expensive and dangerous to bring down from the surface. In general, the cities and towns of the Depths can have all the comforts of a surface city.

    [This concludes my elaborate tale of what happens under our feet in Dracania]
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  3. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    Lvl 50 Boss : Massive scorpion that spawns minions. Attacks: Spits a poison puddle out of mouth making head on fighting difficult. As the puddle dissipates it creates a poison cloud that stays in place for a few seconds doing more damage. Stinger throws barbs that stay on the map for 6 seconds, but release a poison cloud if player gets too close to them. Stinger contact or thrown barb damage extremely high making even rear attacks difficult. Minions can be smaller faster scorpions that spit short range poison balls. The minion scorpions would keep rangers and SW's busy so a boss kill would have the right amount of difficulty.

    Lvl 55 Boss : Hydra : Attacks: Heads spit tar as traps and then fire balls at the traps causing massive inferno damage to players caught in them. Traps stay active for 6 seconds burning or not. Escape only possible by using jump, Hydra has a spiked club tail that is used in a spinning attack that does massive damage to any player in the radius. Must kill the heads to weaken and eventually kill the Hydra. Heads respawn as they are killed, but let's leave the "one head turns into 2" aspect out of it as it would be severely animation heavy then. It should have 5 heads to make it a challenge. Yes, not a real Hydra per mythology but something Hydra-esque

    Lvl 60 Boss : Dark Wizard/Necromancer. Take all the annoying skills an SW has and amplify them by 100 and create a Boss that has multiple attack options. (without the gazillion HP Destructor has btw) No set parameter ie this attack first then that one then that one so players can't figure a pattern out of it. He can summon minions, but make the minions rogue Rangers and DK's who chose to follow the Dark.
    The Necro can alter a chain lightning to chain fire or freeze which btw is bad for bunched up players as we see in SW 's vs mobs. Between lightning, meteors, freezing amplified substantially added Dark Rangers and DK's, you wouldn't need a Boss with an obscene amount of HP as killing it would be an intense struggle. No horde of minion Ranger and DK like map 4 in Dragan event but 3 of each strategically respawning would create a major distraction for any groups killing the Boss. And it would require a mixed team to succeed. Mortis, 2 DK's tank and the other 3 kill souls, Booooring. Takes 5 mins but it's too easy. Even with Mortis resistance and HP buffed where it is now. But make the reward set from the Dark Necro Sacred lvl gear which comes with four % enhancements, random of course depending on gear piece. But a set minimum per enhancement of 13% to a max of 67%.
    (Also drops a beta key, extremely rare though, for when BP decides DSO is worth expanding on into a new game, DSO Dark World which is a pre-prepared game already with 60 levels in it before release that requires the players to go into a story about the origin of the Dark Necro and the truth about the dark past of DSO. A world that allows the players to choose a side and their game evolves around their choices. But that's another subject, I'm just burnt out on farmville is all and I do, well have, enjoyed the game immensely and wish BP would take DSO into something brand new. But I get a free Beta Key for suggesting this btw :D)

    See I am NOT a fan of lvl 50 raise. I think since it's a new expansion project that won't be released until next year sometime, then make it big and make it a lvl 60 expansion. Lvl 50 is a joke, most will reach it within 2 weeks max and then what? Grind grind grind, at least a massive lvl expansion will keep the players busy for a long time.
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  4. Greekhell

    Greekhell Advanced

    Well my idea for the 50 lvl expansion lies on ancient civilizations like the Greek one
    It's still a little messed up in my head but the main features are these different areas could be based at different major cities like Athens Sparta Thebes etc also a lot of mobs ideas on the same mythology and you can use some of The gods and goddesses as bosses and Zeus or hades as the big one I already know that there is mystras but it is not quite like that I have in mind
  5. razer0101

    razer0101 Old Hand

    hello, my idea for lv 50 :


    dungeon :


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  6. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    [This isn't the full storyline of the content expansion, just some story pieces.]
    Ammon awaits the heroes in Watery Grave. He tells them about their task:

    "High in the sky is a realm where both humans and gods lived in prosperity a thousand years ago. Now the Dragon has awakened and the island is surrounded by it's mightiest servants. You once escaped this island to warn the people of Grimford. It's your destiny to return to that island and slay the Dragon, once and for all."

    After speaking with Ammon, he performs a ritual and sends the hero to the island. They arrive at the city of gods, where it's night.

    The hero meets Ankheia, Goddess of Destiny. She tells that: "Eos, Goddess of Dawn has been kidnapped. When she can't disperse the mists of night, hordes of monsters, that fear sunlight can now act freely. Other gods are fighting against those monsters. Find Eos, quickly! I can't come. I must protect the city."

    The hero travels around different zones of the Flying Island. Eos is kept imprisoned in Grey gardens. To free Eos the hero first fights Keeper of Garden, the first mini-boss.

    After some monsters have been defeated and quests completed, the hero finally faces the Dragon. Ankheia helps in the fight [like mercenary, player can't control her] and the hero gets some help from other gods as well [quest "items" that can be used only in the boss room].

    Phase 1: NPC
    When player enters the room, the Dragon is first an NPC and talks to the player. Ending the conversation will turn the Dragon into unique boss.

    Special Mechanic: Heat
    With every attack, Dragon's heat meter increases. Bigger heat makes Dragon's fire attacks more effective and more longer-lasting. If the heat meter raises to 100%, Dragon wipes out entire team with a massive firestorm.

    Phase 2: 100% Health - Ground
    -Swipes a player with claws, dealing light damage and knocking the player back.
    -Breathes a cone of fire dealing medium damage.
    -Bursts lava from the ground dealing heavy damage (3 seconds cast).

    Phase 3: 60% Health - Air
    The Dragon raises into air, becoming invulnerable. The Dragon can be attacked only when it comes down for a few seconds.
    -Flies around the room and breathes walls of flames that move and deal heavy damage.
    -Pounces on a player and deals heavy damage.
    -(Ground)Summons three fire elementals who heal the dragon and raise it's heat

    Phase 4: 30% Health - Ground
    Dragon's wings are broken so it doesn't fly anymore. It's enraged, so it deals much more damage and its heat rises faster.
    -Roars and makes lava burst instantly from the ground, dealing medium damage for everyone and heavy damage for players who stand on lava.
    -Breathes a large cone of fire that deals heavy damage.
    -Summons three fire elementals who heal the dragon and raise it's heat
    -5 seconds to cast a mighty heat wave, instantly killing everyone who isn't behind a cover. Requires 80% heat.

    [I'll maybe continue this, but it's time for a break now, this post is way too long :D]
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  7. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Hello, I would like to look down into the underground of Dracania, so my idea goes for dark caves, or something like that. ( the darker and more mysterious it´s gonna be, the better - ;) )

    The hero discoveres a hidden passage, that gets him down below the earth.

    FIrst map could be a small cave with mobs like lizards, little dragons, ghosts etc. At the end of this map would be a long bridge with various traps and monsters attacking you.

    After you cross this bridge, you will reach the underground city ( 2nd map, urban area), a city of forgotten civilization ( dark elves, a cult of assasssins, ocultists, or something else connected with shadow magic ).


    Next map will be some kind of labyrinth and on its end will be the 1st big boss - The Minotaur ( huge resistance, AoE attacks - stamp ground etc., so all players will have to be aware and it´s not all about the tank as sigrismar, gorga etc. ;) )


    After you kill him, next map will open up - a wide area with a lot of minibosses - manticore, dragons, chimera, and other monsters from greek mythology.


    Now about the final boss - I have 2 ideas here :
    The first one - a huge dragon ( I mean a real dragon, not those dragon people walking on legs that are in dragon caverns and so.. :p ) - attacking the hero with it´s fire breath, sweep with it´s tail, stunning with it´s wings, summoning little dragons etc.
    It would look somehow like this :



    The second one - Deep hydra, attacking all players around it. The longer you will fight it, the more heads will grow, so the nearer it´s to die, the more difficuilt the fight is.

    Would look like so :



    Also note that I meantioned just a few maps, we need more than 3-4. Don´t make the same mistake as you did with myrdosh ( also I think first you should add more maps for 45 lvls, it´s still not completed )

    Yea, and if you ever add a new class (which I think is coming shortly after the 50 cap expansion :p) it could be a some kind of an assassin, with two daggers and some shadow magic skills - ooooh my, that would fit this dark theme so good :p

    That´s all from me, thanks for reading and I hope you like it ;)

    Edit : Oh, I´ve almost forgotten ! I didn´t write anything about the quests, so it´s upon the devs to show their creativity too :p but .. nobody knows where the dark coins a.k.a "andermant" came from, so my idea is that those people living in the underground cities i mentioned, were the first one who discovered them, as andermant come from those caves. So that´s what the story could be about :)
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  8. Zokin

    Zokin Forum Expert

    Those pics above are from heroes, right? :p Good taste. :)
    Now on topic, the only thing i surely want to see is finally that cursed dragon as a last boss that's mentioned in every corner of game story, for the rest.., idk, my imagination was killed few days ago while farming for new moon set. :cool:
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  9. Slitrobo

    Slitrobo Forum Connoisseur

    I see so many great ideas already posted and I look forward to reading more.

    Here’s my wall o’text for you to read.

    This doesn’t necessarily have to be for level 50 content. It could also be new endgame content.

    I want to build on the Mortis, God of the Dead theme. We have a “God of the Dead” and he’s in the afterworld and he rides a dragon. So I thought about the four horsemen myth and I see we could have three more gods as Drakensang’s take on the Four Dragon Riders of the Apocalypse. Mortis is the pale dragon rider (skeletal dragon) and it visually makes sense in OOB and HOD. The other riders are Pestilence, Famine, and War.

    Pestilentia is Latin for Pestilence and is the white rider so he or she would be on a white dragon and of course this world would be about disease and lots of poisonous and parasite like mobs. You could re-skin spiders, rippers, swamp-monsters, zorlobb, bloody snare plants, and my favorite, the snake people re-skinned into some kind of intestine worm minions. Also, like the sulfur desert, certain areas are poisonous to travel through. The world should look like the inside of a diseased animal that’s throbbing and spitting green goo everywhere.

    Bellum is Latin for War and is the red rider so he or she would be on a red dragon and of course would be about war and violence. Mobs could be re-skinned dragons, the knights from the Dragan event, garbage elementals with blades instead of gears, the robots from Thundercrest, and evil dwarves. This world should be sterile and angry with broken weapons and armor everywhere. You can reuse people being strung up and tortured like in the sulfur desert.

    Fames is Latin for Famine and is on the black dragon but I wanted to think of something different. This rider also represents class imbalance between the rich and poor so it’s about not only greed but also jealousy so how about adding a PVP element to it. My idea is you have two teams that have to fight through mobs and cross each other’s territory to defeat their version of Famine. I’m not sure if DSO can handle this but Team A has a room with an npc that from their point of view is on their side, but to Team B it’s Famine. You can fight and kill the other team, sending them back to the start, or just focus on killing your boss. The team that kills the boss first wins or nobody wins if a timer runs out. My idea for the art is have parts of the map where people are having a party and dancing with large amounts of food everywhere and other parts with people starving but can only watch.

    Why start a story line about an Apocalypse? Just like the dwarf character was released around the time a big movie about dwarves was released, there will be another big movie with a character called Apocalypse. Even though there is no official tie-in you could use this as an opportunity for promotion of the game.
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  10. yangjingchi1990

    yangjingchi1990 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, I would like to see a new crafting experience to create your own unique item.

    So the idea is that instead of drop an item, we get only a part of it with specific stats but the value can be variable.

    For example, in order to craft a helmet, we need 4 fragments. They can be dropped from several monsters like Herald,Bearach,Sigrismarr Frostclaw, Gorga and so on.

    The Herald will drop a fragment that increase the fire resistance(+50-100), Sigri’ fragment will increase hit point(+50-100), Gorga give the armor or the poison resistance.

    You can use either 4 fragments from the same boss or combine different fragments to craft your own helmet. For example if I use 4 fragments from Herald I will get a helmet with very high fire resistance(+200-400). If I use 2 Herald and 2 Sigri I will get +100-200 hp and +100-200 fire resistance.

    If you like this idea we can develop this not only for one type of item but all type of armor and weapon.

    To do this we need some special fragments to identify which armor you get.

    For example you need one fragments from q1 to craft the ring.

    one fragments from q2 to craft shoulder.

    So if you want to get a fire resistance ring you need one fragment from q1 and 3 Herald fragments.

    Hope you like it.
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  11. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Just to remind you that this thread is for your ideas only.
    Don't go off topic and don't comment other people's ideas.

    EDIT: Read carefully the opening post.
    All entries that doesn't meet the criteria will be removed.
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  12. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    There are a lot of good ideas in here. I would hope the developers review some classic games and role play of the past, and spin some of the best ideas into the Drakensang Legends. They would be new to the more recent generations.

    I'm hoping to see more weaponry, usable in either hand. Why can't a champion use 2, single-handed weapons at the same time, when ever the situation arises? Some players prefer to let massive offense be their defense.
  13. Miimi

    Miimi Forum Greenhorn

    I wanna see an air city with big clouds..
    Something like this..
    with this..
    let fly their imagination.. :)
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  14. utgmofoz

    utgmofoz Forum Greenhorn

    Ideas the team is looking for ( my idea :) (HELIOS(sky and sun) and SPACE)
    • Well we have had all types of maps from my opinion from dungeons that go deep beneath the earth crust and once that reach mountain high but we have never had a place above that, so my idea for the new map would be a sky city and that would progress to a thin layer of the atmosphere which would than reach to space where the boss would be at
    • Types of monsters - (lvl 45-48) mobs-birds ! (hawks)(wind elements), mini bosses-(Sky dragons) and monsters that would have a attribute to the sky. (49-50) the thin layer of atmosphere with mobs such that would take the attributes of aliens, but more so have a ancient demon look(like the monster from spirited away the "no face"), and for the final boss we would reach this last part of the black hole which we would than fight a giant star galactic looking boss not exactly in these words
    • Quest themes- for the quest from my opinion i would like a very interesting theme which would involve some disturbance found in the sky which would affect the citizens of kings hill which would than we would have to go to myrdosch and fly of the mountain or teleport through a portal
    • Also have the upgrade level to 55 and have a 2 weapons wield for dragon knights both hands ( and for the SW have 2 glowing orbs which will act as weapons and rangers will have x2 arrows coming out at the same time ) ohh and also lets not forget wings! it would definitely be a great with the new quests and level cap, thank you for this opportunity and hope you take this into consideration and reply for any further questions and ideas :)
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  15. perrush

    perrush Active Author

    my, simple, 2 ctns

    1) you want to listen to the community ? Well, does the community really want a level 50 cap ??

    2) said that. please keep it fantasy. We all were attracted to the world of dungeons, knights and monsters. So don't make an high-tech world like the previous one.

    3) the 2 above were plain simple :) now lets throw something other. Make the new world worth farming. In other words, increase the loot. I know you won't increase it in the whole world so this is my idea :

    make a map (or a few) where you can only enter with a certain coin (same as in mortis courtroom). You can farm the coins (or make a quest for a coin) in the normal (read :eek:pen) world. That special map should have an increased droprate, just like the dragan event. That was great.

    To make it more special. There could be a map for CoT, gems, gold, ander and essence. Or you could make different keys (bronze, silver, gold) each with a corresponding map with increased droprate (+50%, +100%, +200%)

    of course this needs to be fine tuned. But if we need to farm (and DSO is a grinding game) make it a little attractive.
  16. Darth-Vader

    Darth-Vader Forum Apprentice

    -As I mentioned in Greek forum here I suggest the following new areas:

    * Windlands: A region where will face a Guardian Protector in adamant Windlands portal that will give us the specific map to teleport us there.There we will face a unique Boss which gives us unique items of winds and the attack speed will exceed all known arms in Dracania (emote & costumes of winds).
    * Pirate Cove: An area filled with pirate ships will have many pirates and one unique boss, the captain of pirates who will give us unique pirated items (and a special pirate costume and the rustic dance which take passing from the sealed areas of Tairmon or a special emote <<Yo-Ho Yo-Ho>>).
    * Great Jungles: Areas with huge dense vegetation and abundant wildlife that have been corrupted by the magic of the Anderworld and will be filled with traps.In the darkest and deepest part of the jungle it will be a big chimpanzee (Keeper of the jungle ) and a large monkey on a wild cougar(final Boss, rewards unique items of the jungle with a very high critical rate and critical damage and costumes - emote jungleman-like tarzan i mean).
    * Eastlands: These eastern regions have been corrupted by the magic of Ander centuries ago, was once an area of brave heroes of the East but now is a rundown area with great dangers and the area will be surrounded by fast and deadly ninjas of darkness at the end of the area will be 4 samurai of the Elements (air, fire, water and earth) and in the center after we beat them we will face the only boss of Eastern Shogun, the unique items we will offer particularly increased resistance to all(the costume will be a true copy of a samurai and an emote).
    * Desert: This large area will be surrounded by lands full of pitfalls and false idols and a large pyramid with maze that will face a special guard the Minotaur though,after defeat it we move to the basement of the pyramid where we will face the boss of the Pharaoh with increased capabilities of regeneration and strong attacks of light (unique items will give us enormous damage with a costs(e.g. -25%) in anger, mana, steam and concentration, depending on the class).
    * Grecia islands: These areas are scattered small and large islands, to get to these islands will have to finish a particular quest to move on the first residential area safely. We will have to face two powerful sea monsters before, first Scylla and Charybdis after. If we succeed and defeat these monsters will move to the last island of our destination where we will face a unique Boss, a gigantic and powerful Colossus statue in the Parthenon area where we will take unique items of Grecia with increased walking speed and attack speed, the costumes will be the ancient Greek clothing and emote the traditional Greek Sirtaki.
    Selune island: A small area surrounded by the magic of Ander created by the guards Nefertari centuries ago.Whatever light source in this area has turned into darkness. When you get to the center of the island will face a unique boss, Elune which gives us unique items with regenerating abilities, costumes & emote of Selune.
    In each of these areas will have at least one habitable town-village.

    Sorry if you're tired because my text is very large,sorry for my english too.
    Thank you for your time.:)
  17. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Old Temple Ruins Map



    PS: Post will be edited, once I figure out what monsters would be for this kind of a map. :) Hope you like the idea.


    Regular mobs on map:

    Undead Temple Guardian

    Undead Temple Archer
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  18. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Another idea is in the realms of the afterlife.
    You would expect it to be more difficult to destroy something already dead, particularly when truly on their own turf.
    Rules could be very different. And, it would give us another chance at Sargon, and other menaces of the past.
    Perhaps new equipment and features would be necessary, like a special skill against the undead, or a resistance to a death touch, etc.


    One of the new areas could be more primitive or barbaric, away from "the civilized world" of Drakensang. After all, they had to deal with evil, too. Plagues, demons, possessions, evil spirits, there should be lots of opportunities for plot development and unique characters and customs.
    I'm thinking along the lines of the Roman view of the world, thousands of years ago, but it can go in a lot of directions.
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  19. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    My two favorite ideas so far, are the sky island(s) with a story in which we finally get to meet and defeat the boss of all dragons, and the underground theme with dark caves/dark magic in which we learn about the origins of andermant. Since meeting the dragonboss would end the drakensang story, i’d suggest to go with the ander story (and because the dark theme is my favorite :D). That is why i’d like to build my story around the theme described by @shadow-whisper and provide his ideas with background stories (I hope you don’t mind, if this theme is chosen, you can have all the credit :p). Besides this i think i have an awesome boss idea. I’ll describe that too.

    This theme can be easily combined with several stories. I will be telling about:
    - Introduction of the elf race
    - The origins of andermant
    - The end of the nefertari cult – The ways of the Necromancer
    - From a players point of view – Quest series, monsters etc.
    - Bosses and boss system

    Introduction of the elf race:
    The elfs form an ancient society, that used to be known for their ability to control andermagic and for harvesting andermant. You recognize them by their length, long ears, handsome looks and friendly appearance. Because of their long lives they were able to master many professions in great detail, and the ones who kept busy with fighting wars were able to master all fighting styles (i.e. dk, ranger, mage, dwarf skills). However, because of their nature they developed one particular fighting style… using two daggers which they throw accurately at their enemies from a distance, but are masters at slaying enemies with them using melee attacks as well. Besides this, they combine their attacks with darkmagic/andermagic. The elfs live in an underground city, under the desert and mountain in the forgotten lands in the south of Dracania (bottom of the map). They used to live in prosperity, trading andermant and high quality armor and weaponry with the rest of Dracania, until… their leaders made a deal with the Necromancer, the leader of the nefertari cult. They would trade andermant with the Necromancer for high positions in his cult and more power. Ever since, the elfen race bows under the tyranny of the traitors and the nefertari.
    (This story leaves an opening for introducing a 5th earth type, later on.)

    The origins of andermant:
    Andermant are basically white eggs of certain fish (possibly amphibious) that live in underground lakes. These fish have been cultivated by the elfs, and lay their eggs on rocks. In order to protect the eggs, these fish make a pearl like layer around these eggs. After this process, but before these eggs can be fertilized/impregnated, they are being harvested by the elfs. The material inside the eggs, contain a lot of energy and emit a bright light which give beautiful effects.
    After the deal the leaders of the elfs made, they learned of a process to make andermants very powerful and mindcorrupting. This process would involve: Nefertari stealing the memories of the (common) elfs --- memories into white andermant --- magic mojo --- andermant becomes dark blue/purple and powerful (that is the andermant of today)--- andermant are being spread under the creatures in the world and corrupts them --- that’s why there’s so many evil monsters out there --- most (humanlike) races are immune to its effects, but part of the elfs are vulnerable, as well as some individuals of other races.

    The end of the nefertari cult – The ways of the Necromancer:
    A long time ago there lived a simple man with a corrupt mind. A man with an incredible lust for power. As a young man, he tried to work himself up the ladder by making promotions and gaining higher ranks. As a young centurion, he proposed to the daughter of the king back then, but as the princess said, she would never marry a mere centurion. Holding on to his plans to marry into the royal family (for power) he challenged the kings strongest representative. If he would, he would still get to marry the princess. After being humiliated and heavily wounded in the fight, he swore to take revenge on the king, his family, his lineage and all of Dracania. For this threat he was banned to the desert in the south. There he learned andermagic from the elfs and using his hatred as source of power, he grew incredibly strong. But that was not enough, he wanted more and started the nefertari cult. The goal of this cult was to destroy all of dracania by corrupting the hearts and minds of every creature in it. In order to achieve this, the necromancer made a plan: 1. Make a deal with the leaders of the elfs. 2. Teach them how to corrupt andermants. 3. By stealing memories of the elfs, the elfs would forget about everything (including the existence of dracania) and the people of dracania would not be able to remember the elfs or even the lands in the south. 4. Spread the corrupted andermants over dracania. 5. Have his nefertari minions infiltrate into dracania and spread mischief and corruption, using the dead. 6. Strike a deal with the dragons. A powerful enemy, striving for world dominion, so it’s better to work with them instead of against them. 7. Use the dragons greed, intelligence and power in his own favour in order to destroy the human(like) races. (The dragons, however, are using the nefertari for their own goals, just like they did with the dwarfs. This leaves an opening for another expansion where we finalize the story of the dragons.)

    From a players point of view – Quest series, monsters etc.:
    Like the message that a player receives from Ammon upon reaching lvl 30, upon reaching reaching lvl 45 the hero gets a message that he has been summoned by the king.
    Quest series – Sail the seas:
    The king tells him, he had received a letter from Captain Anne Reed. Because of a storm, she had stranded on lands, somewhere in the south. There she found a strange, humanlike creature (elf), heavily wounded and without any memories. Take this letter and sail the seas with Anne Reed to get to the lands in the south. Speak to her again. The series goes on with finding the elf, killing monsters and get materials to aid the elf and get a part of the memories back. This happens in an open wilderness (lvl 45-46), being a desert (perhaps at night). Enemies could be scorpion (rework the little spiders a bit), desert element/minion (like in shagri la), sand vortex, random spots of quicksand (cant kill em, but they deal damage), mindless/insane elfs (After rebelling against the nefertari they have been tortured until they lost their mind + memories have been taken) they should have a combo of throwing daggers + melee attack with 1.5 att speed. Or one ranger type and one melee type.
    Quest series – for finding the urban area
    Leads you through the desert to a mysterious dungeon (lvl 46) in the theme @shadow-whisper described. Perhaps with some white and purple andermants on rocks. At the end of the quest series inside this dungeon, you finally get to the long bridge (idea from @shadow-whisper ) where you meet a guardian (questgiver). He will only let you pass the bridge if you can defeat him and his fighters. Upon accepting the challenge, the questgiver will turn into a miniboss. Perhaps that minotaur some people have been talking about.
    In the urban area, you can get several quest series, in order to help the citizens get their memories back, find out about their corrupt leaders, get rid of them, fight the nefertari etc. Perhaps a quest series about anderfish behaving weird. @ DSO team, fill in the blanks :D

    Bosses and boss system:
    Since getting from lvl 44-45 was one hell of a grind (just as much xp as from lvl 1-40 or even higher) I think there should be a big boss for every lvl from 46-50. Of course giving more quests or more xp per quest would help too, but I need these 5 bosses for my boss idea.
    The elfs have 5 leaders. 4 leaders with the abilities of respectively each earth type (dk, mage, ranger, dwarf) and the 5th with new abilities fitting the fighting style of the elfs (double daggers, ranged an melee attacks, combined with ander magic attacks). The idea is to make them like players (with way more hp, but without the regeneration, unless it s regen by ability). But a bit more effective, and using abilities more often then the bosses in the CoT event. Of course it should be possible with the amount of concentration/mana/rage/steam they can have (equal to players). So these fights would be a bit like pvp fights, but 5 average players vs 1 buffed up, paying, grand marshal idea.
    Now each boss, should have it’s own dungeon leading to it’s own arena/asylum/sanctuary.

    Why five bosses? Because we eventually want to destroy the nefertari cult once and for all, meaning we need to kill the Necromancer. But it shouldn’t be too easy for players to get to the Necromancer. Besides that, we want to be able to have a chance on any unique item in the game, right? So here’s the idea:

    In order to fight the Necromancer, you first need to acquire an amount of frags (100 % frag droprate this time!) At the entrance to the hall of the Necromancer there is a guardian/questgiver who tells you to deliver certain items to him, so he will let you pass. For example, 50 bows from the 46 boss, 40 swords from the 47 boss, 30 staffs from the 48 boss, 20 guns from the 49 boss and 10 daggers from the 50 boss. Meaning 150 boss kills (yes, the necromancer brings them back to life again and again :p)before you get to the necromancer, though as lvl 50 player the lower bosses should be easy. In order to do all these boss kills you d need a few days. After this, you re ready to take on the Necromancer. The stats of the Necromancer should be in a way that It would take a full hour to kill him (yes, it should be really hard, I haven’t had the privilege to fight the black knights when they first appeared, but based on the comments, this boss should be as hard or harder). After killing the Necromancer, you have a 100 % drop chance for getting a unique, but… It will be a random unique drop and it could be any unique that has ever been introduced to the game. So if you re unlucky, you ll get the crappy Heredur unique, but if you re lucky, you could get keen items or equivalent, the final piece of the sargon set, uniques from the new lvl 50 elfen set, etc.
    Eventually it would come down to getting 1 unique, after 151 boss kills. The process would take enough time for even good players to get maybe 10 uniques in a month. From which maybe 2 good ones.

    Now I’m just naming some numbers, so DSO team, you’ll figure it out! :D

    Necromancer fight:
    When you enter, you first need to kill his ‘pet/guard’ whom he got as a present from making a deal with the leader of the dragons. This ‘guard’ will be the hydra dragon described by @shadow-whisper
    After killing him the Necromancer will appear and you ll fight him, possibly in several stages, like Sargon.

    That s about it, i wrote down almost 3 pages of text, I hope I didn’t bore any of you guys and I just hope you like the ideas.
  20. hameas

    hameas Forum Greenhorn

    Hello drakensang online team. thanks for hearing.
    My idea is
    1. weather of elements cover on local area and Aura cover body of charector.
    2. Size and shape have a relation With the ability.
    3. Expansion of views for play to wider and high.
    4. Respect systems .
    5. Offense mode and defense mode button.
    6. Team Systems .
    7. Donation system and a tournament for get Item from donation.
    8. Mount, pet and costume ability.
    9. Guild system and the creation of a little town.Detail.
    10. PVP Rank and NPC follower.

    1. weather of elements cover on local area and Aura cover body of charector.
    New talents is aura cover body of charector Player will select only 1 from 4 element (fire aura, cold aura, poison aura, light aura). Talents of aura have two way, protect or attack.
    Aura have a relationship with a 4 weather( with fire, with cold, with poison, with light)
    Weather in every area change every day or a part of time.
    Crate table show a weather of day.
    Players can know a time of weak&strong.

    Effect between weather and element
    +++ Andermagic is special case +++

    2. Size and shape have a relation With the ability
    Faster travel speed increase 1% per 5 level.
    Not different between female and male

    3. Expansion of views for play to wider and high.
    Expand the screen to wider for appear a difference between the long bow and short bow ,dwarf gun and to support a flying unit, e.g., dragon pegasus griffin or other pet may have in the future.

    4. Respect systems.

    when player get Level 15 He/she can press to respect button for players in friend list among 12 player and this case can be canceled immediately, but after quitting the esteemed honor will have to wait in a day for to click a button of respect again.
    The players who recieve a respect are get 5% defense per 1 player who give respect online but not over than 50% of defense.

    5. Offense mode and defense mode button.

    Add button for switch to Offense mode or defense mode.
    Offense mode is reduce 90% all defense point and increase 45% base damage.
    Defense mode is reduce 90% base damage and increase 45% all defense point .

    6.Team system.

    To make the team system have more attractive. So I want to consider raising these things.
    Leader receive a 5% of defense per 1 member.
    Members can get up to 5% defense only.
    Add a button not receive or receive 50% of experience for help friends in party.

    7. Donation system and a tournament for get Item from donation.

    - Create new NPC for keep legendary Items from donation.
    - add new quest , Tournament knock-out match.
    - Registration in group viz Lv10, lv15, lv20, lv25, lv30, lv35, lv40, lv45.
    - Color items( Improved, Magical, Extraordinary, Legendary, gold) can not use in this tournament (red status).
    -The winner will receive a prize from donated by him/her level.
    - Name of Item awarded is also legendary blade bow of …… or ……'s legendary blade bow.
    - After winning a tournament cooldown one tournament for return to match.
    - Winner choose by himself or herself about button of respect.

    8. Mount, Pet and costume ability.
    plaease add special inventory slot when mount or summon some pet :)

    Gray horse can increase 2 special inventory slot.
    brown horse can increase 3 special inventory slot.
    black horse can increase 4 special inventory slot.
    Epic mount
    Armed Norse Bear can increase 7 special inventory slot or any value.
    Armed Knight Horse can increase 7 special inventory slot or any value.
    Battle Boar can increase 14 special inventory slot or any value.
    Black Bear can increase 14 special inventory slot or any value.

    Cheeky monkey, Diligent Gnome, Cute Doggy, can increase 2 slot etc. :)

    please Enhance costume by add some ability example
    Shadow Minion Armor = + 200 Andermagic Resistence
    Crimson Hunting Costume = + 200 poison Resistence
    Headless Knight = + 200 poison Resistence


    9. Guild system and the creation of a little town.

    When player have a guild who will get anderment when login 1time/day.

    Create Town.
    Use many anderment for create a town. sample of town look like kingshill town.
    Four type of land for create town.
    - fire (volcano).
    - cold (northland).
    - poison (forest).
    - light (desert).
    Where is Guild’s location and how to visit and field of battle.
    - put location of guild near border of old map.In below picture Yellow shield is a guild location.

    - One guild have two map.
    1st map is road to guild for guild war step one . Two guild or more put little base camp for fight
    2nd map is main area of guild when enemy win in 1st map. A main area is very strong by player management

    - put new arrow in map for go to guild This way can block or select player for pass.
    - can create price (toll) for entrance.

    Guild master and officer can manager town viz
    - modify location of town to beautiful and safe.
    - buy building, i.e.,mansion office, wall, Great Wall, Gate, tower, Fortress for Player can come in and control some special building for increase scope and damage for shoot.
    - buy nature building guard ,i.e., big tree for go on and wait.
    - Put NPC(non-player character) only lv1 to town (limited population by rank of all member in guild). NPC can grow to strong by player support.
    All people in gulid can do viz Cooperation with training NPC from lv1 by click on and select follow me (look like wolf or other sommon but NPC can level up)
    - create tournament for everyone get reward and make money for guild in future.

    10.PVP Rank and NPC follower.

    Thank you about data from :
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