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Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by keomanchie, Sep 7, 2018.

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  1. keomanchie

    keomanchie Forum Greenhorn

    I need some serious advice. I am level 55 spellweaver but seem extremely weak when compared to others, including lower levels. I am doing 1805 - 1957 base damage: I played around with my wisdom points, but am certain it is more an equipment thing. Doing the great desert for days on end is beginning to seem pointless. What and more importantly where should I be looking! Running the event is dreadful as I can not survive and thus would spend exuberant amounts to re-enter.
  2. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    Try to get a Belt and Armor with "% increased damage". Helmet with "% increased critical hit rate" is a must when beginning. Try a 2H weapon with lines of "increased damage on this item" as much as you can find.

    You can try to farm Asar in normal difficulty to get the Whirlwinds set or buy the 3 pieces by collecting Bone coins in the Depths of Demise, you can buy the Cloak too.

    If you have some Ander to spend you can buy the 2H staff in the in-game shop (I don't remember the exact price but is near to 2000 andermants), you can wait for weapon sales. Your weapon should be filled only with rubies.

    Try to get rings with critical hit rate/health points over HP/resistances as base stats. For the magic stats (the blue ones) try to get critical damage/health increased over block strength as this bonus is useless while using a 2H weapon.

    I think this is pretty much I have to tell you to begin with. You should care for other people's advices too. Good luck!
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  3. wildmonkey

    wildmonkey Forum Apprentice

    Ok i was here aswell i had 1k dmg i moved to double handed staff and my damage atm is 7700-9000 try to get a really high increased damage on your staff max % is somewhere 290-299% depends on what diffuculti your playing on if tier 1 it will be lower but just try . The most important things are staff adorment then just depends on what good enchants you get from belts robes u. c c
  4. ShamisSabri

    ShamisSabri Forum Apprentice

    how long have you been playing?
    this game needs time unlike many others.

    at the same time, the amount of time you put in has to be put in smartly.
    *crafting is the key
    *PW farming and finding the right Set is another crucial area
    *a lot of time is wasted in just figuring out your style of play, so, have a go at the popular sets (although at lower levels) to figure out what you enjoy playing with the most and works well for you
    *gems - yeah, they rock. but they come with farming or using the farmed ander from time to time on discount days
    *lastly, wisdom - this again takes time to accumulate but is a strong deciding factor as well, though, for SW i feel 122 LVL is where all important upgrades

    furthermore, try and check on wiki to find a list of what attribute gold lines are best for which equipment slot - not all gold lines are useful
  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Offensively you need damage, crit rate, and attack speed. Damage as high as you can go, crit rate should be at least 50% if not 80% on fatal and below. Attack speed should be adjusted to the closest attack speed breakpoint. Crit damage is basically useless if your crit rate is below 50%, so consider it a luxury offensive stat to be worked on after you've built crit rate. Frequently forgotten offensive stat is mana/mana cost reduction. SWs are a real mana hog, so building mana or cost reduction is worth your time.

    Defensively, you need at minimum HP and armor. You do not need block rate or block strength. Resistances are optional but highly recommended unless you plan on dodging everything for the rest of your life that deals elemental damage.

    Your wisdom point distribution should reflect this. First focus on %HP and a combo of %dmg and %dmg for [weapon type], while adjusting your attack speed to a break point. Then you can choose where you want to put the rest.

    As for equipment, it is as Hetsunian said above. At first, you will just have to use whatever you find. ID all the items you get and look for appropriate gold lines to craft with. Consult the DSO wiki if you have questions about how the crafting system works. Then find the appropriate uniques to transfer said crafted lines onto.

    That's the basic formula for becoming OP in the game right now. That said, don't just farm Desert only. It's kinda boring to be only on one map. So farm other maps like Foxarrific Burrow of Investigation or Stonekeep (or even others if you're bored enough). In addition to collecting Keys of Prowess, you have a chance of getting wisdom runes, which will boost your progress a little.

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