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  1. BAXMAMU77

    BAXMAMU77 Guest

    hello my race is a magician and because they made us the nasty race I have a 2 month premium offer you pay here to buy [EDIT] and get the nerves back with this [EDIT] gamebecause they did not stop being adopted and justified by the fact that we are the only ones to pour money into one hero can not kill you from the other end of the map 5th of 5 I am referring to the dwarves without adding detailsand the other kills you even without shooting arrows in directions only here I see the archers for the tanks I do not have words Uh would not have regeneration in the arenas Maya was only for the mages I know I can and I'm wrong but watch that all regenerateonly without the magicians and all the above now and their damage reduced because we were very dangerous do not comment on it do not think [EDIT] is only the price for a two-month premium you pay in draxansang and no such problems
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    Hello BAXMAMU77 and welcome to DSO EN Forums. Please be advised that offensive, vulgar language will never be accepted in this Forum and please when you find a minute get yourself acquainted with and adhere to Our Forum Netiquette;

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  3. Aslandroth

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    I can't even read this post. All those words and no punctuation. Did you pause between words in your head as you were typing? BP has many faults worthy of complaining about, but when you make these kinds of unintelligible posts, you make all malcontents look bad.
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