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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by saurion, Mar 25, 2020.

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  1. saurion

    saurion Forum Greenhorn

    hi my name is tuols in the game server heredur .game 8 years ago
    my proble is that when i go in group the ms they go up to 500 or more only in group i have done everything to support me and the problem contiues the strange thing is thay one month is going well and the other is notmy internet is fine my video card too and my pc the last thing that suport tlod me is that i'm from latin america and i play on a european server but why does it go well at times and sometimes not help me please i have done everingthing i don't want to stop playing if it isin your possibilities check to see if they can slove it, i assure you that here,because i have already axhausted aall means ... thanks in advance
  2. £AnfeplAde£

    £AnfeplAde£ Forum Greenhorn

    Hi im having ms problems in the game , i redownloaded the game i restarted my internet
    and i thought it about my account and i tried it on another account but it didn pass
    i changed dns and i researched the minimum internet requirements to play the game and my requirements are ok. it isnt happening on other games (ms problem) can you help me ? do you know the solution ?
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  3. Elégedetlenkedő

    Elégedetlenkedő Active Author

    It's one LAG game!
  4. annoyingburak

    annoyingburak Forum Greenhorn

    Hey everyone, i've been using dso forum for too long, i think it is going to be my first negative feedback or text i should say. i've been lagging for 3 days nonstop. idk why, whenever i ask someone about it they say they're laggin too. but i haven't seen a single topic about lagging lately. i want to know the reason. if it's about me or the servers are too full because of the current corona isolation everyone's been doing. if it's about the servers; the game needs a really fast hotfix about it cause it's unplayable. and as i'm typing this we are farming q1 and everyone's been trying to connect to map2 for 4 mins. we connected at the same time. please help the community about it. i got the deluxe from bonus code for 3 days but i can't even play it so it's all been wasted for almost 2 days. please GameDevs, i beg you. please help us out.
  5. vasik221

    vasik221 Forum Greenhorn

    I have a connection problem, the problem has been taking longer. The problem is that when I connect to the server, I have normal ping(40ms) and when I go to another map, ping is after loading above 1000ms and just increases, but the Internet still works. Sometimes it happens the first time you change the map, sometimes after 2,3 change the map, monsters do not appear, the game is frozen, then I always have to turn the game off and on. I've already tried to reinstall the game and clear its cache, and everything in the technnical support. I play on client.
    I would like to know if I can do anything else or is there a problem with the Internet provider?
  6. _ZurG_

    _ZurG_ Forum Greenhorn

    Help! Many players are slow to play, started these "crashes" during dragan event. Now we can't play in a group anymore, all measures have been taken. I even switched my internet thinking that was the problem. I had stopped playing for that reason, I returned because it improved, but now the problem has returned.

    We can't play in a group!!!
  7. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello . I can see that you experienced a similar problem in March last year. It was a high ping issue and you were unable to play in groups. Many players experience lags and problems with logging into the game. It may be due to the lockdown policies implemented around the world and increased broadband traffic. We will do our best to collect and forward such issues to appropriate departament but at the moment it is what it is - sorry about that. I would suggest contacting and reporting it through your Support anyway. They may ask you for some additional information such as latency etc.

    kindest regards
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  8. 9gag

    9gag Forum Greenhorn

    Hello, It is not your system problem only internet problem . Change your ethernet/wifi DNS to the official google dns which is 1st ( and then second is ( , you will see less lag in groups that worked for me ;) also try to use dso client if your on browser:p
  9. BaldHead

    BaldHead Forum Greenhorn

    what country you stay guy?
  10. 9gag

    9gag Forum Greenhorn

    Its bandwidth problem my guy upgrade your wifi or disconnect multiple devices
  11. Ankit8617

    Ankit8617 Forum Apprentice


    My normal ping is between 148 to 170 ms, but since few days whenever I change map or invite some more players in group, my ping goes up from 155 to 292 ms suddenly, and on changing map it returns back to 165 ms (randomly). My internet is working normally, 100 Mbps Download and Upload but still I face rubberbanding and high ping.
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