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Discussion in 'Event FAQs' started by teddy.bear, Mar 19, 2020.

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    Infested Sewers of Kingshill

    Q: Where/How to get the ingredients (pet parts) for the Death Wink pet (eye boss)?
    A: There are no ingredients for the Death Wink pet. The pet can drop from Mhorblik.

    Q: How to obtain the Valve of Castle’s Seeker (key for worm boss map)?
    A: The key must be crafted by combining the Valve Handle/Stem/Spring and Gate. They drop from monsters in the Event maps.

    Q: Are the progress bars bound to difficulties?
    A: Nope.

    Q: How to obtain the Rat Mount?
    A: It can drop from a Cursed Amphora in the Event maps.

    Q: Does the entire set drop in the Sewers beneath the Crypt of Kings?
    A: The gloves can drop from enemies that spawn from a valve, the helmet can drop from a worm during the mini-challenge Rampaging Worms, the shoulders can drop from infested enemies, the torso can drop from Mhorblik and the boots can drop from the Dead Citizen in the Abandoned Sewer Passage. The weapon can drop from the chest that can be opened after defeating the worm boss.

    Q: Where and when does the Rat King appear?
    A: You have to find the Rat King in Kingshill to see in which sewers dungeon the Rat King monster has a chance to appear. If you are in the correct dungeon you need to open valves and with a bit of luck the Rat King monster spawns.

    Q: Where/how to get ingredients to craft the toxic amulet?
    A: You need Wyrm Poison that you can get from the progress bars of the Rampaging Worms mini-events, Ornery Wild Rose Tuber that can drop from Spit Bulbs in the Abandoned Sewer Passage and a Lesser Rune of Poison Resilience that can drop from the Toxic Death Worm.

    Q: Will there be a buff that allows the "worm boss" to be killed without using antidotal essences?
    A: The only way would be to use the Event Attire.

    Q: Is it possible to drop the Death Wink pet (eye boss) in different rarities?
    A: No that’s not possible.

    Q: Can all ingredients needed for creating the antidotal essences be obtained by farming in the same event map?
    A: No. You have to farm on all three main event maps to get all the needed ingredients.

    Q: Will there be the possibility to craft antidotal essences in their highest rarities?
    A: No.

    Q: Why was the needed amount of Sewer Keys increased?
    A: We adjusted the entry costs to the same amount for all three main sewers maps and additionally, we increased the sewer key drop rate for higher difficulties. So, yes, the costs have been increased per difficulty but the same goes for the key drops during the event.

    Q: Last time the drop chance of the Death Wink pet (eye boss) was rather low. Has this been changed?

    A: As written in the patch notes of Release 229 – the drop chance has been increased.​
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