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    Invasion of Jarlshofn
    Official Event Guide & Walkthrough

    Quick Overview

    Required levels15-50 (see notice below)*
    Duration7 - 18th of July 2016

    * The event can be completed as single player but we highly recommend teaming up. A maximum of five players can enter the event simultaneously. The general degree of difficulty will be scaled to the number of players joining the event; however, a party of players will be able to control crowds of monsters more easily in general.


    Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag & Balor

    Start: 7th July 12:00 noon CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 18th July 12:00 noon CEST (UTC +2)

    Server: Agathon
    Start: 7th July 06:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 18th July 06:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)

    Server: Tegan
    Start: 7th July 09:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 18th July 09:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)

    Most notable rewards from this event

    Punctual Defender’s Ring


    This ring from the Defender series is a weapon modifier. At level 50 it will grant your character + 25 – 30 Damage, + 8,0 – 12,0% to all Resistance values and +245-305 to all Resistance values. In order to obtain it, you will need to change the War Gear you find during this event at Shady John (read below to know more!).​

    White Wolf (Epic Mount)


    Traverse the countryside atop your White Wolf. It can drop from the Frostwolf leader during the Hogni’s Mine challenge (read below).​

    Starting the event

    In order to start the event you need to speak with the Seer in Kingshill. Hear what he has to say, accept his quest and pay a visit to NPC Thabo, who is nearby.​


    Thabo will tell you that Swaywood Dale has amazing resources of Barricade Timbers and Fieldstones, needed in the defense of Jarlshofn. The only thing you need is to collect Realm Fragments and exchange them for maps to Swaywood Dale.​

    You will need 5 Realm Fragments each time you want to access that map. You will obtain them by slaying worthy monsters across all maps of Dracania.​

    Preparing and collecting defense materials – Swaywood Dale
    This is the preparation map, where you will obtain the Fieldstone and Barricade Timber needed to defend Jarlshofn later on.​
    • You will find the stones by mining the Big Fieldstones with the help of Dynamite Bundles.
    • You will find the timber by chopping down Red Ash trees with the help of Lumberjack Axes.
    *TIP* Explore the map at your own pace to ensure that you do not forget any resources left! You will obtain the dynamite and axes as loot drop in this map and also in the T-Shop and at Shady John’s.
    005.png 006.png

    Beware of the dangers that await you there! These woods are full of Dragon-Brood, Excavating Engineers, Security Towers and even Iron Creepers, among others – so make sure you are ready to rumble! These fighting encounters will give you different items as drop: equipment pieces, virtual currency, Ancient Wisdom, Insignias of Merit, War Gear, Essences, Bundles of Dynamite, Axes, etc.​

    Jumping right into action – Defend Jarlshofn!
    Once you have collected enough timber and stones (you will need at least 30 Barricade Timbers and 20 Fieldstones), talk to the Seer again in Kingshill and get a Scroll of Punctuality. This is your key pass to the city of Jarlshofn, where your next challenge begins!​

    You will see that the map is already full of Norselands mobs jeopardizing the security of the post so make sure you finish with them quickly as you move to the north corners of the map. In this area you have plenty of quests to resolve.​
    • Gunnar Rodstaal – Talk to Gunnar and join him in his war-song. In other words, time to defend him as he fights by your side! You’ll also need to repair the broken barricades that are located next to him.
    • Tarus Dragonslayer – this fierce warrior needs some help with the defender’s camp. In the same way you did with Gunnar, you’ll need to defend Tarus against the icy hordes and also run a search through the town in search of bandages.

    • Alvis Runeseer – Talk to the old man to accept the next challenge: you’ll need to face the gnome Gullov, on the north-west side of the map, and close the door of Greip’s ancestral shrine.

    • Anne Reed – The famous pirate of the town will also ask for your help if you can spare the time. Assist her in her revenge against two angry Norsemen to get some rewards on top!

    *OPTIONAL QUEST* Pip the Builder and his “Ear-Bumpers” – The sympathetic kobold has come to Jarlshofn to assist the Alliance with the help of his particular inventions. In this case, you’ll need to craft some Ear-Bumpers – this tool consists of four pieces and all of them can be found in Swaywood Dale.​

    Fight your way through the map finding the exact enemies that drop those pieces.​


    *OPTIONAL SUPPORT* Calling your brothers-in-arms! – At the south harbor of Jarlshofn you will see four banners with the symbols of the Spellweaver, Steam Mechanicus, Ranger and Dragonknight classes.​

    Should you require further assistance in the event, you can always use an Oath in order to summon a companion of your chosen class. There are four oaths for this event: Oath of Knowledge (summons a Spellweaver), Oath of Balance (summons a Ranger), Oath of Mechanics (summons a Steam Mechanicus) and an Oath of Power (summons a Dragonknight).​

    They can be obtained in the general progress bar and also in the T-Shop and at Shady John’s.​

    Mini-Challenge: Hogni’s Mine under Siege


    Servers: Heredur, Werian, Grimmag and Balor
    Start: 15th July 12:00 noon CEST (UTC+2)
    End: 18th July 12:00 noon CEST (UTC+2)

    Server: Agathon
    Start: 15th July 06:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 18th July 06:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)

    Server: Tegan
    Start: 15th July 09:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)
    End: 18th July 09:00 PM CEST (UTC +2)​

    How to access the map
    Once the challenge is active, you’ll be able to access the Hogni’s Mine, which is also under attack! Each pass to the mine costs 50 Frozen Transport Wind. You will find two entry gates for the mine: one in Kingshill and another one inside Jarlshofn under attack (not the normal map).​

    Here there are a number of quests given by NPCs Skirnir Truthseeker and Torild.​

    The boss leader of the map, Jodurr, has a chance to drop the White Wolf epic mount.​

    Collecting War Gear – Head to Shady John!

    During this event you’ll find loads of War Gear. Keep that and head to Shady John at Kingshill in order to exchange it for either the Punctual Defender’s Ring (costs 200 War Gear) or try your luck and get a Surprise Reward Chest (costs 50 War Gear) which “may” contain that ring.​

    Important items of this event

    IconNamePurposeWhere you can I find it?
    015.jpgInsignia of MeritIt’s the progress item of the main event+ Drops from worthy monsters at Swaywood Dale and Jarlshofn
    + Quest rewards+ T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    016.pngRealm Path to Swaywood DaleBrings you to Swaywood Dale+ NPC Thabo (exchange for Realm Fragments)
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    017.pngBarricade TimberNeeded to access Jarlshofn under siege+ Swaywood Dale
    018.pngFieldstoneNeeded to access Jarlshofn under siege+ Swaywood Dale
    019.pngLumberjack AxeNeeded to collect timber+ Loot from monsters at Swaywood Dale
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    020.pngBundle of DynamiteNeeded to collect stone+ Loot from monsters at Swaywood Dale
    + T – Shop and NPC Shady John
    021.jpgScroll of PunctualityNeeded to get into the invasion version of Jarlshofn+ NPC Sheer (quest exchange)
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    022.jpgWar GearExchange War Gear with NPC Shady John to obtain the Punctual Defender’s Ring or a Surprise Reward Chest+ Drops from worthy monsters at Swaywood Dale and Jarlshofn
    023.jpgOath of KnowledgeCalls a Spellweaver companion+ General progress bar
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    024.jpgOath of BalanceCalls a Ranger companion+ General progress bar
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    025.jpgOath of PowerCalls a Dragonknight companion+ General progress bar
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    026.pngOath of MechanicsCalls a Steam Mechanicus companion+ General progress bar
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John
    027.pngFrozen Transport WindAllows you to access the Hogni’s Mine under Siege map (Mini-challenge)+ Drops from worthy monsters at Jarlshofn
    + T-Shop and NPC Shady John

    Progress bar rewards of the general Jarlshofn event

    RewardNeeded Insignias of Merit
    1x Oath of Power50
    20x Draken100
    5x Amphorae Key230
    30x Draken300
    250x Essences of Combat500
    50x Draken700
    20x Realm Fragments800
    60x Draken1200
    1x Large Gem Bag1270
    150x Essences of Destruction1600
    70x Draken1800
    1x Legendary Weapon1900
    3x Scroll of Punctuality2250
    80x Draken2500
    50x War Gear2800
    1x Polished Gem Bag3200
    100x Draken3300
    200x War Gear3600

    Progress bar rewards of the Mini-Challenge

    RewardNeeded Insignias of Merit
    20x Draken100
    5x Amphorae Key210
    30x Draken300
    20x Realm Fragments470
    50x Draken700
    75x Frozen Transport Wind800
    1x Oath of Mechanics1070
    60x Draken1200
    300x Essences of Destruction1600
    150x Essences of Destruction1600
    70x Draken1800
    1x Legendary Jewelry1900
    1x Large Gem Bag2300
    1x Legendary Armor2500
    100x Draken2500
    100x War Gear2800
    1x Cut Peridot3000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need Draken?
    This is our event currency. You can only win Draken during the event. They are useful in the game, since the event merchant named Gnob has an emporium at Kingshill and sells special items which can only be bought with Draken.​
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